How to Get Pretty Summer Wedding Decorations

Having a wedding celebration during summer can be said as the right time. For this season, you can have it outdoor which will be great because you can have the celebration while enjoying the warm weather. Also, your wedding won’t be distracted by the rain or snow so you don’t need to be worried about the weather. There will be many things that you can concern about for the wedding decoration such as the table serving for your guests, the photo booth that will be surely needed to make some fun, the wedding aisle, and the most important part for all of this which is the altar. You can use some fresh summer flowers as the theme of the wedding decoration and then added with some other summer stuff like seashells, starfish, and other coastal things. Please check on the following ideas to give you such adorable summer wedding decors.


Pay attention to your summer wedding tablescape decor for a gorgeous look that never gets boring. starting from the use of bohemian tablecloths that have colorful floral patterns. Complete the wedding tablescape with a blooming flower centerpiece and a bright pink candlestick. This setting is perfect for bringing out the summer theme instantly. Gold cutlery gives an unmistakable glamour and goes well with any style.

Flower Arrangement

Look at the table number decorations at this summer’s wedding, doesn’t it look glamorous and modern? Yes, you can start this decoration easily. The first thing you can do is use a stainless steel tray that looks shiny, put some candles, table numbers and flower arrangements as romantic table decorations. Just apply this flower arrangement to a glass jar that has been filled with water so it doesn’t wilt easily when made as table decorations for a long period of time.

Wedding Cake

Not only room decorations or wedding venues, also pay attention to the wedding cake decorations that are used. For a more luxurious look, you can choose a wedding cake with two levels that can be applied to a flat surface container with a shiny gold color. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the outer surface of this cake with flower-patterned cream that has a pink color so that it can be seen clearly when combined with a white wedding cake. When everything is as you wish, then prepare it as a complement to the summer wedding event this year.

Wedding Arch

Look at the wedding arch which is dominated by this flower arrangement, isn’t it very suitable for a summer theme? Not only flowers, but you can also combine these flowers with fresh greenery that you can get in the backyard garden. Yes, you can try to apply it together with an initial name with a lamp material so that it looks clearer at night. The initials of the name of this lamp are also only suitable for indoor summer wedding decorations. Make this wedding arch your favorite photo background area with a modern and minimalist touch.

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Table Serving

The dinner party at this summer wedding event can only be applied indoors to make it safer and free from wind or dust. Arrange this wedding venue as comfortably as possible so that the guests present also feel more comfortable when lingering at this event. The table which is arranged lengthwise is covered with a plain white tablecloth which is complemented by a neatly arranged greenery centerpiece. With this, the appearance of the wedding venue will look more elegant, romantic and dramatic.

Festive Lighting

The atmosphere of an outdoor summer wedding can be decorated with beautifully blooming roses. Apply this flower on the wedding venue table to make it a romantic centerpiece design. End this summer’s outdoor wedding with a string light that can be used as the main lighting and also as a ceiling in this table area. The candle holder placed on the table is also an additional dim lighting that can give a warm feel at night, you can try it easily.

Table Set-Up

The layout of the wedding venue also needs to be considered to get a more comfortable room area. There’s no need to use too much to get a larger floor area freeing up guests to move around. This round table is covered with a white tablecloth so it looks more elegant and modern. Don’t forget to end with large white flowers that are applied to a transparent glass vase that has been filled with water so that it doesn’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time.

Wedding Backdrop

Several types of blooming flowers can be used as a summer wedding backdrop which is suitable when applied outdoors. This flower will blend with nature and look more perfect when combined with green grass. You can apply some chairs for guests around the flower as a view that the eyes can enjoy at any time. Do watering regularly so that this flower does not wilt easily and stays fresh when used as a wedding backdrop.

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Wedding Cart

The wedding cart that is used to put some food is one of the pieces of furniture that is suitable for outdoor wedding decoration. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate your wedding cart with balloons and flowers that bloom beautifully. Choose and use balloons with a variety of different colors to give it a fun feel that isn’t boring. Start selecting balloons with pink, yellow, and purple colors. All these colors of balloons and flowers will work well together and perfectly.

Floral Accent

Of course, summer wedding decorations cannot be separated from blooming flowers that are able to give a fragrant aroma around them. You can use this blooming rose as a centerpiece decoration that can be combined with gold trellis which has a fairly high size. This trellis is able to arrange roses in a neat and orderly manner making it suitable as a beautiful focal point. Use fake flowers so they don’t wilt easily when used throughout the summer wedding event, these flowers are also suitable for application indoors and outdoors.

Boho Style Venue

If you’re planning a boho-themed wedding, you may find plenty of pampas grass inspiration. These dried flowers are a bohemian aesthetic decoration featuring dim colors and small flowers that bloom beautifully. To liven up this aisle wedding decoration, you can put pampas grass along the aisle which can be combined directly with an earth tone colored rug runner. With this boho touch, the aisle wedding area will look more prominent and is suitable for welcoming guests who attend.

Pink Color Scheme

Lanterns placed in this summer wedding outdoor decoration can be perfected with beautifully blooming roses. Only use roses with pastel colors so they can blend in perfectly when combined with other furniture around them. Choose and use lanterns of different sizes to make it look more diverse. Lanterns with a splash of gold can also be used as a focal point for the eye that looks glamorous and is very suitable when applied outdoors because it is not easy to rust.

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Intimate Setup

In order for your summer wedding to be more intimate, a low table wedding venue is the right choice of furniture and is highly recommended to try. Change the use of chairs with bohemian rugs that can be spread on green grass. Don’t forget to add a layer of floor pillows on top of this rug to have a more comfortable and soft sitting surface. Adjust the use of the color of the floor pillow with the rug used so that it blends in more perfectly.

Fresh Venue Decor

Pastel flower arrangements and blooms will never fail to decorate a summer wedding this year. This collection of roses gives a romantic impression that can bring magic on your big day. Not only roses, but you can also combine them directly with greenery which can be arranged and shaped into an arch wedding decoration. This floral arch is suitable for use in indoor or outdoor wedding decorations because it has an attractive design.

Ceiling Lighting

Modern style will never fail when applied to all decorations including summer wedding designs. An easy way you can do is to make the twinkle light a ceiling. This twinkle light can be combined with greenery which can be applied to several ceiling ropes that are applied simultaneously with twinkle light. Additional candle holder lighting around it for a magical feel. Don’t forget to add some blooming roses to be placed in different areas.

Wedding Gate

The combination of white cloth with a series of blooming roses will be a beautiful combination that can be assembled into a beautiful summer wedding arch decoration. In order for this arch to stand firmly, you also need a wooden frame that has a white tone as well. Design as much as possible because this area will become a favorite photo spot during summer weddings. Not only roses, but you can also apply them simultaneously with a touch of fresh greenery.

Beverage Stand

It’s a good idea to apply some drink stands that can refresh you when doing a wedding reception in the summer. This drink stand has several different levels so it looks more varied. Use teak wood material to make this drink stand more sturdy and not easily porous when exposed to changing outdoor weather. No need to repaint these drink stands, let them look more natural and environmentally friendly. Arrangements of flowers and vines are additional ideas that match the decor this summer.

Simple Venue Decoration

If you want to present a summer theme in wedding decorations, then the use of wooden chairs that are repainted in white is one of the initial designs that you can try. Not only painting, but you can also decorate it with flower arrangements that can be hung on the side of the chair. This flower can also be used as a practical aisle decoration that can be used as a decoration at the same time. This is not only easy to do, but also easier to adjust to the desired decor.

Castle Wedding

The hallway to the summer wedding is decorated with flowers, twigs and string lights. Apply all these decoration materials to the ceiling and some walls that are still empty. In addition to being room lighting, this string light can also be used as a room decoration that gives a warm feel and will never fail. You can arrange it as well and neatly as possible to make it look more elegant and can be used as a photo spot with your family or friends while attending a wedding this summer.