How to Add Wood Material to Your Ceiling

The ceiling could be the focal point of your home if you can treat it in a good way. There are so many ideas for making the ceiling have a special impression. It could be by adding the lighting, wallpaper, or even making the mural there. Well, what about adding the wood material for your ceiling? The wood, although commonly has the impression of a farmhouse or rustic style, it can be made to have other styles like modern, Scandinavian, and more. You can make it by adjusting the colors and the look. Also, the wood is possible to be designed in patterns. You just have to install it with a certain arrangement. The following ideas will show you how you can use wood to make your home ceiling looks different and special.

Add Blond Wood Ceiling

Don’t worry about using a wooden ceiling that will make the room feel too dark. As seen in this living room, the blond wood ceiling is a smart idea that you can apply because it has a brighter color surface. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use brightly colored furniture which is perfected with transparent glass walls that have a thick size so that they are not easily broken when used for a long period of time. This wooden table in the same color as the ceiling will look more similar in one color tone. With this decoration, your living room will be bright during the day so you don’t need any more lights which will save expenses too.

Bright Blond Wood Ceiling from housebeautiful

Add a Touch of Rustic Style

You can combine two different styles in one room for a different look and of course can give a different feel to the room as well. Modern themes and styles with rustic can work well together to produce the best dining room decorations. A rustic touch can be applied to the use of exposed beams ceilings, while a modern touch can use minimalist furniture ranging from glass tables and iron chairs that are repainted in solid black. The ceiling material used will also never go out of style, it gives a natural impression and is very environmentally friendly. You can try it maximally in another room.

Exposed Beams Ceiling from housebeautiful

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Add Unique and Different Ceiling

An easy way to bring a natural touch to your bathroom decor is to use a grand vaulted ceiling made of wood. The existence of this high ceiling makes the bathroom decoration feel more spacious and open. You don’t need to repaint for an eco-friendly natural look. Combine this ceiling with shades of a white bathroom that can blend in perfectly. Furthermore, the use of glass windows that are large enough to provide an outdoor view that you can enjoy whenever you want.

Grand Vaulted Ceiling from housebeautiful

Strike a Balance With Soft Color

The balance of the color tone of the room can be paid attention to as much as possible to produce bathroom decorations that are as desired. Start by using a wood-based ceiling, then you can paint it using a natural brown color that looks shiny. Wooden ceiling arranged vertically looks more neat and orderly. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with bathroom tiles which are dominated by white so that they can blend well. The presence of lights in this room is also very functional at night as the main lighting.

Brown Color Wood Ceiling from housebeautiful

Combine With Other Materials

To give a different appearance to the bathroom decor, then you can make a few changes to the interior. One of the decorations that you can do is use a ceiling design that has a unique pattern with two of course with two different materials. The recommended material that can be used is stained wood shiplap with hexagon tiles which have quite contrasting color differences. The combination of dark brown and white is a color combination that can blend perfectly in the same room. Do painting and re-varnishing to make the outer appearance more shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight or the lights around it.

Stained Wood Shiplap with Hexagon Tiles Ceiling from housebeautiful

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Repaint Wood Ceiling

White is one of the colors that can be applied in any room and for any interior because it is neutral and of course easier to combine with other furniture around it. Now you can apply white to the use of ceiling wood for a rustic or farmhouse look instantly. The wood material used is also very appropriate because it has a material that is quite sturdy and does not require repeated renovations. The use of this ceiling repaint is also able to brighten the room as a whole. To emphasize the rustic theme in this room, you can combine it with a stone fireplace which has a natural impression and of course has a material that is stronger and not easily porous.

White Paint Wood Ceiling from housebeautiful

Kitchen Wood Paneled Ceiling

Another home decoration that you can maximize its appearance is an open kitchen that blends with the small dining room area. When you want to use a modern and edgy but classic look, you can combine three different interior materials. Starting from the use of a wood paneled ceiling combined with a concrete floor to a neutral colored plaster wall. The wood material used for this ceiling provides a balance to the overall color tone of the room. In addition, the wood material also gives the impression of a more natural room and of course brings the feel of nature into the room instantly.

Natural Wood Paneled Ceiling from housebeautiful

Create a Patterned Ceiling

To add texture to the room in this master bedroom decoration, you can make the right ceiling arrangement. You can try this 3D herringbone ceiling pattern for a different feel. No need to repaint for a more natural and environmentally friendly look. To be waterproof, it must be treated with a special solution. Sunlight that enters the room also gives extra strength to this wood because it makes the surface not easily moist and porous when used for a long period of time. Teak wood is a recommendation that can be used right now because it has a harder and stronger surface.

Herringbone Teak Wood Ceiling from elledecor

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Use Modern and Sleek Panels

The combination of black and white that is applied in one room can bring a monochromatic theme instantly. You can apply the black color itself to the ceiling and stair rails. Furthermore, for a splash of white color you can apply to the use of wall paint. These two colors will bring a touch of modern style that never goes out of style. The ebony black wood used is very popular for its high quality, durability, and spectacular appearance. And also they are known for being quick and easy to install, this idea is highly recommended to try.

Ebony Black Wood Ceiling from elledecor

Arrange Panels Horizontally

Do you have a small kitchen decor with limited space? If so, don’t worry about dealing with it. Start by considering installing rural wood ceilings horizontally. In addition, the rural wood ceilings used are also able to present a natural and rustic touch at the same time. Another way to give a spacious effect to a room is to use shades of white which are perfected by the use of glass windows and even glass doors that are quite large. Sunlight that enters the room will also minimize the wood material used is moist and easily porous.

Rural Wood Ceilings from elledecor


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