How to Use Wood Material as Your Home Ornament

Wood material is something that is really common for home decoration. Wood can be used for many utilization and one of them is for ornament. Well, if you think that the wood can only be proper for the farmhouse or rustic home style, then you should know that the wood can be used for any decoration style and is still proper. For example, if you want to use wood for your modern home decoration, then you can simply give the wood some modern colors like black, white, or grey. Additionally, even when the wood is a solid material, it can be really flexible to be used to make many kinds of home ornaments. Those are the things that make the wood really recommended to be added to your home decoration needs no matter what decoration style you have for your home. Check the ideas below.

Personal Touch DIY Handcrafted

When you have free time on the weekend, just use it to make a craft that can be used as one of the room decorations in your home. Choose and use wood material with a thin enough surface so that it can be cut easily according to the design you want. Change this wood material into a more eye-catching display, for example, you can turn it into a wooden monogram with a size that is quite large and charming. It’s not enough to stop here, but you can also repaint it with a fairly bright color such as light blue so it can look contrasting and bold when hung on the wall which is dominated by plain white paint. In the wooden monogram M, it can be perfected with a blooming rose pattern. Handcrafted Wooden Monogram from @the_pine_canvas

Little Wooden Bee Ornament

The next wooden ornament idea that you can try is DIY bees with a small size so that they can be placed on the floating shelves together with the plant vase. Not only on the shelf, but you can also put it on the console table in the entryway area so that it can be used as an additional ornament that gives a different look. There is no need to repaint the bee wood ornament for a natural look and of course it is more environmentally friendly. This is done to make it easier for you to combine it with other ornaments around it. Look at this bee ornament, doesn’t it look very cute and adorable? Yes, when you can’t make it yourself then you can buy it online at a fairly affordable price. Little Wooden Bee Ornament from @therustedbumblebee

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Vintage Look Wood Table Lamp Stand

Besides being able to be used as an ornament for your home, a table lamp stand made of wood carving is also an ornament that can be used as additional room lighting in your home. Just place it on one of the tables you have, on the living room side table or on the nightstand your bedroom will never fail. This table lamp stand comes with a darker wood color so that it can bring a vintage theme instantly. This smooth and shiny surface can be used as the focal point of the room, you can try to buy it right now. One of the other advantages that you can get is that its existence can be moved to any area of the room according to the lighting of the room that is needed. Dark Wood Table Lamp Stand from @history_of_antiques

DIY Wood Craft for Wall Decoration

One way you can do to make your wall decoration look more eye-catching is to hang some wood crafts that have been repainted with a variety of different color combinations. The colors that you can combine in this wood craft are top colors such as red, yellow, blue, white, and green. Everything will work well together to be made as the focal point of the room. This DIY wood craft also comes with a variety of different shapes, the shape of a kite, rabbit and little ornament for people to give a more varied appearance so it doesn’t seem boring. To make this wooden ornament easier to apply to the wall, you can add a rope accent to hang it so it doesn’t make it easily damaged when used for a long period of time. Colorful Wooden Crafts for Wall Decoration from @kristina_larapixie_christmas

Fall Vibes Wooden Door Sign Design

Don’t let your front door decoration look plain and boring. For now you can hang a fall sign made of wood with a smooth surface. You can cut this wood with a round shape so that it looks more attractive. Don’t forget to repaint with two to three different colors for a beautiful final look, you can also decorate this wooden sign with some ornaments that have a touch of autumn. For example, mini pumpkins, orange maple leaves, and fabric ribbons that have a combination of yellow and black colors. Just attach and paste all of these fall ornaments at the top of the sign in a neater arrangement so that it is enough to attract attention. It’s a good idea to repaint this front door in gray so it looks quite neutral and elegant. DIY Wooden Door Sign Design from @homewithanh

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Wooden Horse Ornament On a Budget

Look at this wooden ornament in the shape of a horse, doesn’t it look very cute and adorable? Yes, you can sculpt it according to the shape or design you want. The current form of a horse is quite an idea that you can do to the maximum. After this wood has been formed into a horse, then you can repaint it with white for a look that is not dull and certainly steals the attention. Make this DIY wooden horse with two different sizes so that it is more varied. Because this ornament has a fairly small size, you can freely place it in any area of the house. For example, it can be used as a wall shelf decoration, coffee table decoration or console table decoration which is usually placed in the entryway area. It also doesn’t require a lot of expenditure because here you only need wood and paint. Repaint Wooden Horse Ornament from @miltonlaneequestrian

Reclaimed Wood Reindeer Ornament

Do you need wall decorations that have a rustic touch in one of your rooms? If so, then you can choose and hang a reindeer ornament made of reclaimed wood without repainting. Deer are one of the important ornaments that are usually used in rustic or farmhouse-style rooms. Let the surface look natural and shabby chic so that it still looks rustic and on budget. Don’t forget to add a rope that you can use for accent hanging on the wall easily and practically. Just attach a nail with a strong enough pressure so that it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long period of time. Here you can simply use reclaimed wood that you already have at home without having to buy it back at the craft store. Reclaimed Wood Reindeer Ornament from @thecraftydiyguy

Shabby Chic Wood Calendar Design

Create something unique in your home by using ornaments that are quite eye-catching. Here you can make a calendar made of shabby chic wood so that it looks more antique and vintage. Now you can make this calendar with a cow pattern for a new idea that you can try right now. The next design you can think of is to repaint it in a color that matches the original cow. Black and white is an interesting color combination that you can try right now. Also adjust the date and month of this calendar with your time so that it can be used as a reminder. So that this unique calendar can be seen by your guests or family who come to the house, you can put it on the side table in the living room decoration. Shabby Chic Wood Cow Calender Design from @victor_ameido

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Craft Little Houses Ornament Design

When you have a wooden table surface that is still empty and there are no ornaments at all, this needs to be considered so that it still looks attractive. Here you can put little houses ornaments with three different sizes so that it looks more varied. Here you can repaint it with a color of choice such as white for a look that looks newer and not shabby. The roof of this wooden little house does not need to be repainted so that it has a color combination that can stay together perfectly. Its manufacture is also quite easy to do because here you only need wood, paint, nails, and sharp cutting tools. Make a little house design according to what you think. Little Houses Ornament for Table Decor from @ourquirkyden

Personalized Name Peg Dolls Design

These peg dolls that are perfected with someone’s name provide a personal touch that will never fail when applied to your bedroom décor. Adjust the number of peg dolls with the letters of your name so that it can be adjusted more easily. Arrange and place it neatly and according to the alphabet of your name so that it can be read clearly and easily. Personal names of these peg dolls can be purchased at the nearest craft shop at a fairly cheap price, or you can also buy them online according to your budget. The head of the peg dolls is also perfected with floral accents that will make it look more beautiful and fun. The series of feathers applied in a vase is an additional decoration that you can try right now. Personalized Name Peg Dolls Design from @poppyspegs


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