50 Impressive Window Decorations

Don’t forget that your window is also a spot that should be decorated well. It is a spot where you can put any decoration just like the other spots in your house. It will be great to see the pretty ornament to your window decoration especially if you have it based on the season. You can see how the harmonious things create such a good mood to spend your free time at home. In decorating your window, there are some main ideas that you can make where we will show you down below based on the categories.

Hanging Ornament

It can be said that the hanging ornament is the most common thing to be used to decorate the window. Well, it is also easy yet varied so that you can surely express your ideas in decorating the window. Here, even the materials are also varied so that you can adjust it based on the style that you want to apply and based on your budget, of course. Let’s say that you can have the garland, wreath, a common hanging ornament, and more. The following references will show you how the hanging ornament can be really varied.

DIY Paper Patterned Stars from homebnc

Greenery Round Wreath from homebnc

White Paper Snowflake from homebnc

Terrarium Greens Ornament from thepioneerwoman

Merry Christmas Banner from thepioneerwoman

Mini Red Berries Wreath from thepioneerwoman

Glitter and Metallic Balls from thepioneerwoman

White Stars Ornament from thepioneerwoman

Paper Cone Ornaments from woohome

Paper Christmas Ornament from digsdigs

DIY Triangle Paper Garland from digsdigs

DIY Small Ornament from digsdigs

Newspaper Ornament Bird from digsdigs

Transparent Glass Ball from digsdigs

Hanging Sequins Sock from digsdigs

Paper Origami Boat from ideastand

Colorful Flannel Window from ideastand

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Window Treatment

What is meant with window treatment here is about how you give the treatment to your window. It can be by painting the window, installing a curtain that can be as unique as possible for sure. Well, talking about the curtain, you can adjust its design based on the style of decoration that you have for your home so that everything can be seen as harmonious. Let’s say that you can have farmhouse decoration, rustic decoration, Bohemian decoration, and more. Then, you can also play with the frame where there will be varied window frame designs.

Artistic Horse Painting from housebeautiful

White Shutter Window from housebeautiful

Folding Screen Windows from housebeautiful

Rattan Roman Blinds from housebeautiful

Art Frame Window Ideas from digsdigs

High Linen Curtain from homebnc

DIY Roller Curtain from homebnc

Farmhouse Window Treatments from homebnc

Ruffle Fabric Curtain from homebnc

Sliding Door Treatments from homebnc

Colorful Block Curtain from homebnc

Panoramic Window Treatments from digsdigs

Stained Window Bathroom from digsdigs

Rattan Weaving and Curtain Window from digsdigs

Burlap Curtain Window from digsdigs

Frosted Glass Window Treatment from digsdigs

Roll Fabric Curtain from digsdigs


If you have indoor greenery, then it will be great to place the greenery on the window so that the plants can get the sunlight. With this fact, you can utilize the greenery to decorate your window at once. However, you should consider having the best planter so that the main function to decorate your window can be done in the best way. Here, you can provide the planter with a certain material or design painting. Please kindly check the following picture references to know how the greenery can be pretty for your home decoration.

Herb and Cactus Windowsill from digsdigs

Windowsill Cactus Garden from balconygardenweb

Aloe Vera and Succulent Window from balconygardenweb

Clay Window Planters from balconygardenweb

Plants on a Panoramic Window from balconygardenweb

Greenery and Flower Windowsill from balconygardenweb

Gold Planter Windowsill from balconygardenweb

Galvanized Planter Bathroom from balconygardenweb

Bookcase and Greenery Planters from balconygardenweb

Succulent Windowsill Ideas from balconygardenweb

Plant Windowsill Garden from balconygardenweb

Succulent Window with Ceramic Pots from balconygardenweb

Green Living Room Windowsill from balconygardenweb

Modern Style Planters Windowsill from balconygardenweb

High Greenery Windowsill from balconygardenweb

Colorful Planters Windowsill from balconygardenweb


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