50 Kinds of Flooring You Can Have for Your Home

It can be said that the floor is one of the important things when talking about home decoration. It even becomes a focal point of a home especially if you can apply something aesthetic and unique. Also, the floor can bring a design impression sometimes. For example, the wooden floor will have a different style impression from the black and white ceramic tile. It is clear that you can’t be careless when talking about the flooring choice. Besides the material, the floor is also considered by its patterns and the arrangement of the application. Different patterns and arrangements will create different style impressions. This is how the floor could play a big role in your home decoration.

Here we will tell you some considerations when choosing the right flooring for your home. The first one is by knowing the design concept that you have in your house so that you can adjust the flooring choice to make it harmonious with your home decoration. Then, you can also consider the placement. You should know that the high humidity that your bathroom has won’t match the wooden flooring. Especially when there is not enough air and natural light that comes into your bathroom. That will be different with your living room flooring where you can apply any kinds you want. Here are some flooring ideas that you can apply to your home.

Subway Tile Floor from Houseandgard

Black Subway Floor Tile from Houseandgard

Moroccan Floor Tiles from Houseandgard

Concrete Floor from Houseandgard

Grey Wooden Floor from Houseandgarden

Mid-Century Wooden Floor from Homebnc

Reclaimed Wooden Floor from Homebnc

Hardwood Floor from Homebnc

Vinyl Flooring from Homebnc

Patterned Wood Floor from Homebnc

Sheet Vinyl Flooring from Homebnc

Mixed Reclaimed Hardwood Floor from Homebnc

Checkerboard Floor Pattern from Housing

Laminate Floors from Housing

Marble Floor from Housing

Hardwood Floors from Housing

Herringbone Floor Tile from Housing

Ceramic Tiles Floor from Housing

Grey Vinyl Flooring from Housing

Hardwood Kitchen Floor from Realhomes

Engineered Wooden Floor from Realhomes

Wooden Laminate Floor from Realhomes

Bamboo Flooring from Homestratosphere

Stone Flooring from Homestratosphere

Polished Concrete Flooring from Homestratosphere

Cork Bedroom Flooring from Homestratosphere

Laminate Bedroom Flooring from Homestratosphere

Polished Stone Flooring from Homesandgardens

White Engineered Wood Flooring from Homesandgardens

Oak Wooden Floor from Digsdigs

Wood Block Flooring from Hative

Natural Grey Oak Wooden Floor from Hative

Mosaic Inlays Flooring from Hative

Herringbone Pattern Wood Tile from Hative

Barn Wood Flooring from Hative

Hexagon Tiles And Hardwood Floor from Hative

Faux Brick Tile Flooring from Hative

Grey Maple Flooring from Hative

Colored Tiles Flooring from Hative

Pebble Flooring from Stylemotivation

Old Stone Kitchen Flooring from Digsdigs

Grey Brushed limestone from Digsdigs

Slate Flooring from Digsdigs

Natural Stone Tile Flooring from Digsdigs

Rough Stone Flooring from Digsdigs

Black Marble Flooring from Digsdigs

Grey Maple Flooring from Deavita

White Marble Flooring from Deavita

Sleek Concrete Flooring from Digsdigs

Polished Concrete Living Room Flooring from Digsdigs

Brick Floor from Housebeautiful

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