How to Give Big Statements to Your Home Decoration

The big statement that is applied to your home decoration will give a certain impression that is good for your home. If you want to have an expensive or luxurious home look without spending too much money, then, the big statements are the best choice for you. In case you have a small home space and can’t apply too many things there not to make your home be seen as narrow, you can simply put one big piece of stuff there then your home will be seen as glorious. However, you should be able to pick the right big statement so that everything could really fit based on your home space and condition.

Well, if you are still confused about stuff that could be right for home big statement, then we will tell you more here. The big statement could be provided by applying a big painting, photo, or any other wall art. Or, you can have it from the big vase. For this one, if you can’t buy the expensive one, then there is always the cheap version available. The drapery is also proper that could be installed on your wall. Choose the right color and pattern that fit your home decoration style. Besides, the mirror will also proper to give a big statement in your home. Of course, you should provide the big one. The complete ideas will be provided in the images below.

Geometric Artwork from Home-designing

Carving Mirror Frame from Thespruce

Wooden Framed Mirror from Thespruce

White Floor Ceramic from Shelterness

Textured Floor Vase from Shelterness

Ceramic Floor Vase from Shelterness

Brass Floor Vase from Shelterness

Modern Vase from Shelterness

Luxury Floor Vase from Shelterness

Large Macrame from Mydomaine

Bold Wall Art from Mydomaine

Rectangular Mirror from Homebnc

Large Mirror from Homebnc

Large Wall Art from Decoist

Large Square Wall Art from Mydomaine

Mandala Wall Art from Mydomaine

Potted Tree from Stylemotivation

Real Tree from Digsdigs

Light Grey Drapery from Ofdesign

Yellow Drapery from Ofdesign

Blue Drapery from Ofdesign

Patterned Drapery from Ofdesign

Maroon Drapery from Ofdesign

Floral Drapery from Ofdesign

Brown Large Macramé from Homebnc

White Macrame from Architectureartdesigns

Large Wall Hanging from Architectureartdesigns

Mountain Macramé Wall Hanging from Architectureartdesigns

Extra Large Cross Stitch Art from Remodelaholic

Black and White Art from Remodelaholic

Geometric Shapes Wall Art from Homedit

Black Trees Wall Art from Homedit

Vintage Sign Save Wall Art from Homedit

Black Potted Tree from Homedit

Potted Tree from Homedit

Big Planter from Homedit

Industrial Mirror from Homedit

Rustic Mirror from Elledecor

Framed Mirror from Elledecor

Lighted Large Mirror from Trendir

Wave Mirror from Trendir

Wooden Framed Mirror from Trendir

Hardwood Framed Mirror from Trendir

Large Floor Mirror from Trendir

Black Framed Mirror from Trendir

Frameless Mirror from Trendir

Rustic Floor Mirror from Trendir

Craving Headboard from Trendir

Hand Painted Wall Art from Decoist

Abstract Wall Art from Decoist

Framed Wall Art from Decoist

Patterned Fabric Wall Hanging from Homedit

Ombre Wall Hanging from Homedit

Striped Fabric from Homedit

Ornate Wall Art from Homedit

Brown Fabric Wall Hanging from Homedit

Brown Vase from Littlepieceofme

Striped White Vase from Littlepieceofme

Bohemian Vase from Littlepieceofme

Wicker Rattan Vase from Littlepieceofme

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