10 Fun and Festive Winter Porch Decor Ideas

Christmas and New Year’s Eve might have been passed. However, winter is still here. It’s never too late to turn your festive winter porch decor. Not only to brighten up the mood in your house, but your porch will also look fun and festive.

What is your idea for fun, festive winter porch decor this time? If you still have not decided yet, here are four best examples to choose from.

1. The All-Natural Look

You can make your winter terrace decoration as vibrant as possible while still maintaining its original appearance. Only rely on burlap and wood accents. The only thing that’s fake is a snowflake wreath. Use thick paper and a utility knife to cut and shape it like snowflakes, before gluing a lot on your front porch.

The natural touch that will be tried to this winter porch decoration will never fail to be used throughout the year. The material that you can use is reclaimed wood which is transformed into several different furniture and ornaments. For example, you can make a vintage sitting area and a sled without repainting. The wooden bench is finished with throw pillows and a blanket in a bold color, making the surface softer and warmer. The use of a throw blanket with a plaids pattern also provides a different texture that you can apply. A snowy Christmas tree can be placed right next to the sitting area you are currently using. Reclaimed Wood Dominant Outdoor Furniture from @saved_by_the_smell

If you have high enough creativity, then redecorating the winter porch with a DIY garland is the right choice that you can do yourself. Start by making a snowflake garland using plain white paper that is still nice and clean. Make snowflake ornaments with a variety of different sizes and can be combined with a piece of rope that is quite sturdy. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also cover the wooden floor with a jute rug that has a nice round shape. This front door which is painted in a feminine color can be completed with a white hanging wreath to instantly emphasize the winter theme, finish off the porch decoration with green plants. DIY Paper Snowflake Garland with Jute Rug from @tatertotsandjello

An easy way that you can apply to your winter porch decoration with a natural touch is to decorate it with a few strands of evergreens combined directly with pinecones. Pinecones and evergreens that have been designed to become a wreath can be hung evenly from the ceiling. Don’t forget that you can also use the right furniture, for example, using a rattan chair without paint so it will be more one with nature. This fresh and green evergreen can easily be found in your backyard garden without having to buy it, thus saving your budget. Natural Rattan Chair and Greenery Decor from @the_enhanced_home

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2. The Greenery and Planters

Your festive winter porch decor can be done by this concept. With wood planters, lanterns, and fresh evergreens, you make your porch look lively compared to the barren, snowy land outside your perimeter.

You can place this series of evergreens that are applied to a number of modern-style planters on a winter porch decoration along with a candle lantern that can be used as additional outdoor lighting. Currently, you can use planters in white with a geometric texture that is quite eye-catching. Just place it right beside your front door so that it can be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. This evergreen series can also be combined with several branches that both have a natural touch. Finish the front door decoration with a wreath made from evergreens that you can easily and inexpensively design yourself. Arrangement Evergreen Planters from @makinghouseahome

Planters with a size that is quite large and tall can be placed neatly in the winter porch area to fill in the empty floor. All you can do right now is look for easy and cost-effective ways to spruce up your porch for the winter. The combination of pine branches and trees picked straight from his yard is a smart idea that you can do easily and inexpensively. Apart from that, you can also add snowball accents with a choice of colors that are quite eye-catching. You can try to apply dramatic lighting to the part of the wall that is still empty. Evergreen, Pinecones, Snowball Planters from @stoneleighhomeandgardens

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3. The Simple Upgrades

The good thing about having a nice and inviting terrace is that you don’t need to do extra things. A small and simple upgrade is enough. For example, you can add a pillow that looks good on your patio chair. Has a small Christmas tree beside the chair too.

Winter porch decor works even better when you add some major outdoor furniture. For example, you can add several sitting areas complete with coffee tables. Just use a chair with woven rattan material which can be perfected with a few throw pillows with a choice of different colors. This furniture gives an instant rustic impression. Green plants and pinecones are natural decorations that you can place in this area, you can get them in the backyard garden for free. Add Seating Area and Throw Pillows from @shady_pines3interiors

Upgrade your simple porch decor with the addition of a wooden bench that has been repainted in a solid black color. What you can do here is add a JOY throw pillow and a blanket that has a plaids pattern to make your sitting surface warmer and softer in texture. The blanket that is used also has a bold color like red so it is ready to be used as a statement for this outdoor room. An evergreen Christmas tree with a vintage galvanized pot can be placed right next to a wooden bench so it can be used as an additional decoration that fits with this winter theme. JOY Pillow with Christmas Tree Decor from @homebyhiliary

The two chairs are furnished with throw pillows that have a plaid pattern enhanced by a mix of black and white. This chair can be combined with evergreen garland designs, wreaths and greenery with the addition of birch. Also cover the seat with a chunky throw which has a thicker material so that it makes your body feel warmer when you are outdoors. These two colors that dominate the porch are usually used by modern farmhouse decorations, you can try them now. Double Chairs with Wreath and Garland Decor from @kathrynpackard

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4. The Rustic Winter Porch

Here is another idea for a festive winter porch decor. To make it look rustic, you can use some items that identical to the rustic vibes. In this case, you can use reclaimed wood or upcycled items. To strengthen the winter atmosphere, you can add evergreen and other wintery touches. The porch will look more decked out without putting so much effort into it.

Check out this rustic winter porch decor refined with a vintage twist. Doesn’t it look more attractive and simple? Yes, you can start by reusing milk jug as a vintage ornament that can be placed right on both sides of your front door. Tobacco with a size that is large enough can also be hung on the wall that is still empty. Hanging wreath can be applied right to your front door, if this door has natural wood material then you don’t need to repaint it so it has a quite classic look too. The bench is a sitting area that you can put to good use. Vintage Rustic Front Porch Decoration from @sawdustndaisies

Reuse your old wooden logs as one of the outdoor furniture ideas that can be placed right in the winter porch area. This wooden log with a vintage touch can be used as a coffee table which can be enhanced with some candle holders and fresh evergreens, get these evergreens in your backyard garden area for free. A swing sofa bed covered with cushions and throw pillows makes you feel more comfortable and warm. Usually this swing sofa bed is used in a porch decoration which has a limited room size. DIY Wooden Log Coffee Table from @rustic.porch

There are many ways to make your festive winter porch decor. If you can come up with more ideas, what will that be?


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