Can You Create Mid-Century Décor with Low Budget?

Is Mid-Century décor an expensive choice for a home interior? No, if you know how to creatively find affordable design solutions. Mid-Century style is signified by clean lines, curved embellishments, and geometric patterns, among others. You can create a Mid-Century look by choosing the right design elements under the typical price ranges.

1. Adopting the Style Features

The key to affordable Mid-Century décor is adopting the signature design features but in a flexible way. You can start by perusing through your existing furniture and fixtures (or your family’s storage). The mid-Century design depends on clean lines with curve accents, so you may look for a simple armchair with slightly curved frames.

Another typical design feature is the simplicity of the surface. You don’t need small, unused embellishments to decorate a modern room. A chair or sofa with simple cushion and solid color lends to a humble Mid-Century look.

Having a mid-century style in your living room decoration is an interesting idea. You can use a solid color sofa to make it look perfect. Mid-century living room from formandfunctiondesign

A curved sofa will complement your mid-century dining decor. Pair it with a round table for an attractive mid-century look. Curved sofa from formandfunctiondesign

Complementing your mid-century living room with wooden armchairs is the right idea to make it look attractive. Wooden armchairs from donpedrobrooklyn

Adopting a mid century style for your living room decorating ideas is an interesting idea. You can complete it with a curve chair so it looks perfect but is still cheap and easy. Mid century living room from donpedrobrooklyn

Try using wooden armchairs to decorate your homestead so it will bring out the perfect medieval touch. Wooden armchairs living room from donpedrobrooklyn

A contemporary mid-century modern living room you can add a black armchair to for a stunning look. Add a leather sofa for an eye-catching look. Contemporary mid-century modern living room from donpedrobrooklyn

Adding a gray armchair will complete the look of your living room. This method is perfect for a simple Mid-century look. Gray armchair from donpedrobrooklyn

Mid-century modern living room with flower patterned armchairs will enhance your home decor. Pair it with a neutral wall color for a more striking look. Mid-century modern living room fromdonpedrobrooklyn

This simple blue armchair is the focal point in your mid-century living room. Pair it with a wooden coffee table for an elegant look. Blue armchair from donpedrobrooklyn

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2. Adopting the Right Colors and Patterns

The mid-Century design relies on dark neutral color as the main shade, supported by a softer neutral color. You can add specks of bold colors as accents, but they should not overwhelm the entire look. To create the look easily, you can create the ratio of 60:30:10 for dark neutral, light neutral, and bold colors. Repainting old furniture can also be a cheaper alternative than buying new ones.

Mid-Century Modern also uses a lot of asymmetrical, abstract, and geometric patterns. You can find the cheaper version of items with these patterns. And you don’t need to cover all surfaces with patterns: just put them on easily seen items like curtains, rugs, or sofa pillows.

You can apply dark gray color to decorate your child’s room with geometric wallpaper accents. Then you can pair it with bright furniture for the perfect contrast. Dark gray color from homedit

If you have a medieval dining room, you can apply a wall chalkboard paired with white furniture for the perfect look. You can add several wall galleries for an attractive appearance. Wall chalkboard from homedit

The combination of navy accented with wallpaper and white furniture, will create the perfect decoration. Yellow carpet will warm up the decor of the room. White furniture from homedit

Combining a mid-century living room with perfect contrast, you can apply it to a dark leather sofa and match it with a white wall. This method will create the perfect decoration. Leather sofa and white wall from crismatec

If you want to decorate your living room in the mid-century style, you can use white for the walls and add a dark patterned pillow as an accent so it looks perfect. White walls and dark patterned pillow from crismatec

Pairing a perfect contrast with a mid-century navy dining room and patterned white chairs is an interesting idea. You can combine pendant lights to add a classic impression. Mid-century navy dining room from crismatec

The geometric patterned curtains will add an attractive appearance to your living room. The combination of dark gray tones and light furniture will create the perfect décor. Geometric patterned curtains from crismatec

Gray walls with dark brown furniture will enhance the appearance of your mid-century living room. Patterned curtains will add to the look of interest. Grey walls with dark brown furniture from crismatec

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3. Mix and Match Textures and Materials

The post-war era was a time where Mid-Century design started to gain hold. Because of financial strain, people were forced to mix and match when designing their homes. You can imitate it by eschewing symmetry and adopting a more eclectic look. Don’t be afraid to browse through the store to find an wooden table, chairs with metal legs, and old benches.

A wooden dining table will bring a warm feel to your medieval dining room decor. Add a chair with metal legs for an eye-catching look. Wooden dining table from denvermodern

Dining chairs with metal legs will add an attractive impression to your dining room. Pair it with a wooden table for the perfect decoration. Dining chairs with metal legs from denvermodern

Mix and match textures and materials is one way to get Scandinavian decorations at a low cost. You can use a dining table and chairs with metal legs so they look perfect. Chairs with metal legs from denvermodern

Combining wooden tables and chairs with metal legs will bring a rustic feel to your mid-century living room at an affordable cost. Wooden tables and chairs with metal legs from onekindesign

To accentuate a rustic feel in the low budget mid-century living room decor, you can combine the texture of the furniture. Add wooden chairs with metal legs for a living room decorating idea. Mid-century living room decor from onekindesign

A wooden table with a metal leg chair will create an interesting textural look. A unique chair and chandelier will complement the décor. Wooden table from onekindesign

A perfect decoration in a mid-century living room by combining a wood coffee table and metal leg chair will create the perfect look. Wood coffee table and metal leg chair from onekindesign

You can attach an old wooden bench to your mid-century living room. Dress up the look with a sofa for added comfort. Wooden bench from onekindesign

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Finally, make sure your Mid-Century décor look balanced enough. Even with mixed furniture items, you should keep the entire look clutter-free, and let the individual objects shine.

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