23 Inspiring Farmhouse Decor Ideas

If you have lived long enough in the country, moving to a big city can be challenging. You have to adapt to the new environment and lifestyle. Lifestyle sometimes includes the way the house looks. Most houses in the city look the same: modern. Some others also look minimalist. But lucky you! You can create a farmhouse redesigning for your city house. You can start by preparing a few cans of white paint before going with the following ideas.

White Entryway

Hint your guests what’s to come by painting all the entryway all-white. Then put together all warm and inviting décor items like galvanized planters, white-colored rustic bench, and a wall covered in shiplap. You can also get the country-side feel by changing the wall accent into breadboard. Differ from shiplap, breadboard is a type of wooden board installed vertically. The arrangement can enhance the classic look of your entryway.

The white tones and interior made of wood accentuate the farmhouse style in your entryways décor. The wooden furniture used, such as benches and side tables, does not need to be repainted for a more natural and environmentally friendly look. Green plants are decorations that you can get in your backyard garden without having to buy them. White nuances entrances with wooden interior from digsdigs.

Choose and use shiplap walls that have been painted in white to be applied to the entrances of your farmhouse. The appearance of this wall can be perfected with the use of vintage mirrors and indoor green plants to add color to the room so that it is not monotonous and easily boring. This reclaimed wood table can be used to put some small items that you have to keep the room neat and comfortable, of course. White shiplap walls from digsdigs.

An easy way to get a farmhouse feel in your entryways decor is to use white shades which are complemented by the use of reclaimed wooden benches and pallet boxes that are used to put some white pumpkin ornaments. In this part of the wall, you can use it as a storage idea by adding an iron hook that is attached to the wall through a thick wooden board. The wreath design in this room emphasizes the true farmhouse style. White farmhouse entryways with reclaimed wood furniture from digsdigs.

The white breadboard arranged vertically in the wall area is one of the characteristics of the entryways farmhouse style that you can copy on a budget. You can decorate this wall with vintage paintings that are quite large in size. It’s not enough to get here but you can also put indoor green plants as additional natural decorations that can be applied to a transparent glass vase so that the water medium that is currently being used can be seen. White breadboard wall from digsdigs.

White is always the right color choice for a very favorite farmhouse style entryway decoration. To emphasize this style, you can use shiplap walls and cabinets and wooden benches that are painted in the same color. Black splashes on the floor and nightstand provide a monochromatic feel that never goes out of style. Black and white farmhouse entryways from digsdigs.

Paint the walls, doors and window frames painted in white to be a smart choice that you can apply to the entryways farmhouse decoration this year. You can combine it with stone floors and wooden benches that have been re-varnished so that they look cleaner and shiny. The stone material on the floor used is also smoother and very comfortable. Entryways white shades with stone floors from digsdigs.

You can apply a splash of white paint through wall paint and an old wooden dresser to emphasize the farmhouse style in this entryway decoration. A layer of rattan woven carpet is a very suitable footwear idea for this style and of course has a deeper naturalness. Some ornaments such as wreaths and pumpkins are smart ideas that you can try into these entries instantly. White wall paint and wooden old dresser from digsdigs.

If you are getting bored with the completely white nuance in the entryways decorations, then you can try to combine it with other colors that can be applied through the use of rugs and blooming flowers that are placed in rattan wicker containers that are hung on the white molding wall. You can also use the bench as a sitting area that can be used after you travel from outside the house. White entryways with a touch of yellow from digsdigs.

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Make a Statement in the Living Room

After you get success in making your guests wow at the entryway, don’t stop there. It’s time to give them a punch with one statement or two. Statement items are powerful to create a farmhouse impression you don’t want to miss.

If, by any chance, you got wooden beams in the living room, don’t hide it. Instead, highlight it by leaving it bare. So everyone can see their natural texture and color. Hanging some lanterns on the wall also works.

This very thick wooden beams material can be tried to be applied to the ceiling of the farmhouse kitchen as a sturdy and natural touch that never fails. Combine these wooden beams with white paint ceiling as an elegant combination that can blend more perfectly, for the texture and color of the furniture you can choose them with earth tone color as a suitable combination. Wooden beams with white ceiling from goodhousekeeping.

The combination of wooden beams ceiling, brick fireplace and shiplap walls in this living room decoration gives the feel and style of a farmhouse that is increasingly concentrated. Furthermore, for lighting ideas, you can use iron chandeliers which will provide dim lighting so that this room feels more dramatic. The combination of wooden beams ceiling, brick fireplace and walls shiplap from nextluxury.

You can use wooden beams for some interior decorations in your living room, for example, you can try applying it to the ceiling and mantel designs that are combined directly with a gray stone fireplace. Re-polish this material for a cleaner and more glossy appearance when exposed to reflected light or sunlight entering the room. Wooden beams ceiling and mantel from nextluxury.

You can try a different look into the farmhouse-style living room decoration, now you can use wooden beams to the fireplace mantel area which is perfected with a fairly large deer head statue. This material has a smoother surface and is certainly more resistant to all weather changes in the room, you can try this idea well. Wooden beams fireplace mantel from nextluxury.

Farmhouse and industrial styles can be combined in one living room decoration for a different look, one of which is by combining a wooden beams ceiling with a brick fireplace that has a shabby color so that it looks more vintage. No need to polish or repaint the wooden beams ceiling for a more natural farmhouse-style statement. Natural wooden beams ceiling from nextluxury.

Wooden beams will work well together when applied to a farmhouse-style living room decor, try this material into a fireplace mantel design with a more natural color and texture. Don’t let the wooden beams of this mantel appear boring, now you can complete it with ceramic flower vases and window frames that have white splashes. Wooden beams farmhouse mantel from nextluxury.

So that these pieces of wooden beams are more useful in decorating your living room, then it’s a good idea to try and use them as a storage rack that can be hung right above your linen sofa. This shelf can be used to put some beautiful ornaments such as sign frames, clay pots, and several other small ornaments that have been arranged neatly and orderly. Floating wooden beams storage rack from nextluxury.

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Work with the Bathroom

Everyone needs to go to the bathroom. Somehow, it is a legal way to check in one’s entire home décor without the need for permission. It is also the second room people see from a house.

Bathrooms usually have little access to light. If somehow your house has so many windows to let in light, then redecorating it can be challenging. Hanging some mirrors over the sink seems unlikely. But you can actually hang them from the ceiling using iron pulleys. Your guests will be so happy about finding a wooden mirror in the space.

If you have a family with a larger number then you can use a double sink in the bathroom cabinet area that is currently in use. The mirror frame which is dominated by wood is the perfect combination that can be tried easily. You can also coat the wooden floor with a patterned carpet for warmer footwear and of course able to give the room a more colorful texture. Wooden frame mirror bathroom from homebnc.

It’s a good idea to paint all parts of the farmhouse bathroom white to give the impression of a cleaner and more spacious room. You can start by using a cabinet sink followed by shiplap walls that are installed vertically. Classic frame mirrors and floating shelves are the finishing touches that seem natural. White farmhouse bathroom from homebnc.

The white nuance combined with wood on the countertop and mirror frame is a smart interior that can be tried into a farmhouse-style bathroom decor. Don’t forget to add room decoration with a transparent glass vase filled with a sprig of green plants, you can fill this vase with water so that the indoor plants that are used do not wilt easily. The nuances of white farmhouse bathroom with wooden furniture from homebnc.

Choose and use some furniture made of wood to be included in a farmhouse-style bathroom decoration. You can start from using cabinet sinks, towel storage ladders and wicker wicker baskets for additional closed storage ideas. The patterned tile floor adds to the texture of the room so that it makes the room feel more elegant. Old wooden furniture bathroom from homebnc.

Standing wooden stairs used to store towels is one of the hallmarks of vintage farmhouse bathroom decorations, you can put this ladder right in front of the bathtub to make it easier for you to take this towel after soaking. Flowers blooming in pink are natural room decorations and are able to give a fragrant aroma to the surrounding area. Standing wooden stairs storage from homebnc.

This farmhouse sink design made of galvanized bucket material is one of the most appropriate interior parts. You can combine it with hanging towel storage ladders made of scrap metal. Don’t forget to use a backsplash with a sturdy wood material and of course not easily porous when exposed to splashing water from the sink. Vintage bucket galvanized sink from homebnc.

An easy way to present a farmhouse style in your bathroom decor is to use an interior that is dominated by teak wood, you can start from using cabinet sinks, frame mirrors and shiplap walls that have been repainted in beige color. Ceiling and countertops that have a splash of white are the color balance of the room that can work well together. Teak wood furniture bathroom from homebnc.

Reuse old wooden window frames that are no longer used as wall decoration ideas that can be applied in farmhouse bathroom decorations. Complete the look by hanging a greenery wreath. This window frame can also be used for storage by installing a towel rack at the bottom and hanging mason jars on both sides filled with cotton badge and cotton. Window frames as wall decoration from homebnc.

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You don’t have to apply all those farmhouse decor ideas. Starting from one room to another room works as well.


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