16 Artistic Rug Designs for Your French Country Home Decor

Rug serves to provide comfort and warmth at home. The soft surface of the rug gives you more comfort than walking on ceramics. Besides that, with the use of a rug, homes become more luxurious. Indeed, the use of rugs is becoming a trend at this time. The use of rugs can be applied to any stylish home decor. Likewise with french country home decor. The rug is a way to distinguish certain areas in a way that is more flexible. There is no limit to beautiful rooms with rug decorations. You can install it anywhere, both in the living room or kitchen.

Besides considering comfort and warmth. You also have to consider the motives and designs. The design and motif of the rug also need to be considered when you determine the best rug for your room. Moreover, if your house has a french country style. Beautify the look of your french country style home with an artistic rug. An artistic rug can be seen from the motifs and lines on its surface. Mostly, artistic rug displays a unique and meaningful ethnic style. Beautiful motifs display a more stunning style. So that the room becomes more beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable.

Creating a different atmosphere with matching carpet and sofa colors will bring out a warm atmosphere. You can combine it with other wooden furniture. Matching carpet and sofa colors from elledecor

Choose a dark rug in the den that you can match with a pink velvet sofa. In this way it will give the room a luxurious look. Dark rug from elledecor

The soft color of a rug is perfect for a rustic living room. Pair it with some wooden furniture for an eye-catching look. Soft color rug from elledecor

To create a room with more character. Soft carpet motifs match perfectly with sofa arm motifs and other antique furniture. Soft carpet motifs from elledecor

First, the beauty of the living room is enhanced by a bright red rugs. The spacious rug makes it easy for you to put down a large sofa. Red rugs from elledecor

Artistic carpet designs for French dining room decor give a warm impression. You can place it under the dining table for the perfect look. Artistic carpet dining room from veranda

In a different way, a rug comes as a beautiful decoration in your luxury dining room. soft colors harmonize with wooden walls and floors. Soft rug from veranda

The color harmony creates a warm and calming atmosphere in the room. The combination of dark carpet with geometric motifs is perfect for you to apply in a French dining room. Dark carpet with geometric motif from veranda

You will be able to eat comfortably with the addition of a rug on the dining table area. The dark colors on a knit rug can make a beautiful white dining table. Dark knit rug fromm veranda

Calm colors radiate from the pink dining chairs and soft, artistic white rugs. You can pair it with a blush dining room feel. Artistic white rugs from veranda

Place a rug under your dining table. Using cream and navy blues will create the perfect contrast. Cream and navy rug from veranda

Using a rug under the dining table will create a warm impression. This red rug gives an eye-catching look. Rug under dining table from veranda

To provide more comfort, Cover the floor with a rug at the dining table area. Red looks attractive in a French dining room. Red rug dining table from veranda

Combining a red and beige carpet will look great in your French living room. This rug looks great with a white sofa. Red and beige carpet from apartmenttherapy

Comes in matching colors with soft and charming motifs. A patterned rug accentuates the elegant concept of this French bedroom design. Soft patterned rug from julieblanner

The combination of beautiful colors brings good room harmony. A red rug adds warmth to a French country-style living room. Red rug French country-style living room from housebeautiful

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As we know, the rug is the simplest way to display room decorations. The result is the room becomes more beautiful. By adding a sheet of the rug, the appearance of the house will be very different. In using a rug, you can organize it. Do you want to use the rug in the entire space or create a rug area? For example in the design of the living room, you can create a rug area and add a sofa above it. This method is done to emphasize an area.

The color and motif of the rug will be the main key when you have applied it. So you should pay attention to the motifs and colors with the furniture around it. Thus, the existence of the rug will unite the other furniture into a beautiful decoration. Usually, artistic rug displays fine lines and motifs. In addition, the colors are firm colors that are elegant. The fine lines displayed by the rug add a strong character to the room. With an artistic rug, it becomes a unique and inviting style.



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