19 Minimalist Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas

Although Bohemian style might common with its festive and standout decoration look, you can make it simple if you want. You can do your gorgeous Bohemian decor for your bathroom by minimizing the use of the pattern and the different color application. It will be even simpler if you choose a calm earth color scheme such as white, brown, beige, or even white. You don’t need to be worried to lose the Bohemian impression because you can always manage to have it by pattern implementation.

Well, in decorating the bathroom, the main basic thing you should have is the bathtub, right? Here, since minimalist is the concept you want to apply, then make sure that you choose the simple bathtub design. It means that you can’t have the bathtub with festive colors and patterns. Choose the one with plain white or black to bring simplicity. To give you inspiration, here we provide some proper simple Bohemian bathroom decoration ideas you might love.

Hanging planter designs are very effective at creating a Boho style. You can apply penny tiles for an attractive impression in the bathroom. Hanging planter from digsdigs

The bohemian bathroom design with a black bathtub creates a minimalist look. You can add greenery and a candle holder to decorate the room. bohemian bathroom froom digsdigs

In a brown earthy color scheme, this bathroom not only looks simple but also warm. Then, there is a white plain bathtub provided to add the minimalist impression. Brown earthy color scheme from digsdigs

The wooden elements brought into this bathroom work really well for creating a warm ambiance around simplicity. Adding wall ornaments creates a dazzling display of decor. Wooden elements from digsdigs

White and wood flooring shades give a bohemian bathroom the perfect look. Adding a black bathtub gives a minimalist impression to the room. White and wood flooring shades from digsdigs

This is a very simple bathroom decoration. However, it has a Boho characteristic with the pattern found on the curtains above the window and the carpet design. Bohemian bathroom from digsdigs

The greenery placed here and there gives it a boho touch. Besides that, it is also very useful for creating a fresh atmosphere. Greenery bohemian bathroom from digsdigs

The top of this bathroom wall is designed with wallpaper to bring beauty in simplicity. Then, the greenery perfectly complements the decor. Boho bathroom wall wallpaper from digsdigs

With an all-white wall concept, this bathroom decoration is not boring because it has a patterned floor. Tassel and crochet baskets add a touch of boho effectively. With an all-white wall from digsdigs

The greenery in this bathroom is perfect for dark shades. You can try this idea to create a minimalist impression in a boho bathroom decor. Dark shades bathroom from digsdigs

You can simply use the tiles with the same artistic pattern and plantation concept to create a Boho style. Add string lights and other ornaments to complete the look. String lights bohemian bathroom from digsdigs

The round rug provided in this bathroom really stands out. Paired with a basket and the same color rattan planter so it looks very harmonious. Round rug from digsdigs

The round wall ornament in this bathroom becomes the focal point to create the Boho style impression. It seems to be enough to create the style around the all-white decor concept. Round wall ornament from digsdigs

In a white color scheme, this bathroom has the boho character of the red carpet and boho motifs work great for creating style. White color scheme from digsdigs

Some greenery creates a natural impression in your bathroom. Adding a small white bathtub gives a minimalist look to your boho bathroom. Minimalist boho bathroom from digsdigs

The blue rug with the Boho pattern provided here really useful to bring the fresh and peaceful ambiance in the bathroom. You can put it in a white flooring scheme not to make it looks too much. Blue rug with the Boho pattern from digsdigs

The monochromatic nuance of the bathroom complete with greenery will create an attractive boho look. You can add a white runner rug to create a comfortable impression. Monochromatic boho bedroom from digsdigs

This bohemian bathroom with terracotta shades gives it a luxurious look. This black copper bathtub creates a minimalist impression into the room. Bohemian bathroom with terracotta shades from digsdigs

Look at how the black and white curtain with the tassels match really well with the mat. It seems to be a great idea to create a minimalist Boho bathroom decor. Black and white curtain with the tassels from digsdigs

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Since you have chosen the simple bathtub design, then here you can have a chance to apply the patterns and colors although you can’t do it too much. The easiest thing you can do here is by providing the patterned rug. You can maintain the choosing of the rug design based on the surrounding decoration choice. Here, if you don’t have any detail in your bathroom, you can apply a bright rug color. Otherwise, if you have provided details, then simply choose the soft color rug or better if you white with a simple pattern.

Hence, don’t forget that material is also important to create a Bohemian style. You can get the Boho style touch just by simply providing the rattan basket or rattan pendant light. That will be easy and effective, right? You can absolutely apply it if you really want to create a simple Bohemian design. There won’t be any color or pattern but you can get the style impression that you want which is awesome. Choose one bathroom decoration style from our references above and get your perfect minimalist Bohemian bathroom decoration soon.

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