25 Gorgeous DIY Country Decor Ideas to Try

A house can not be separated from the decoration. A house without decoration will feel very lonely and boring especially for the living room decoration and kitchen decoration. But, you also can make some DIY projects as a bedroom, and bathroom decoration. The decoration does not have to be expensive, certainly, it must be beautiful. So try to consider decorating a DIY project. DIY project many display beautiful and gorgeous room decorations. Now the concept of DIY decoration is present as a country-style room decor. DIY projects will always be stuck and easy to try. However, you need some consideration.

For making a DIY project you need lots of references and inspiration. So you can easily determine the design and combination of objects that fit your DIY concept. The principle is, you can create an ornament from an old item. In addition, use all your creative abilities to create beautiful and gorgeous new decorations. We have collected some of the results from the enchanting DIY project. Starting from a simple decoration or with a slightly unique design. Not only unique but also attracts attention and inspires.

Dress up your dining table or coffee table with a centrepieces from a used drawer. Absolutely stunning DIY project with blooming flowers. Dining table with used drawer from diyjoy

You can add useful wall decorations for organizers such as the use of weathered boards. Easy and affordable DIY projects are also very beneficial. Wooden wall decorations from diyjoy

Complete your kitchen storage idea with rakes to create a unique hanger. Add wooden planks to show a beautiful natural concept. Kitchen walls with rakes from diyjoy

Highly decorative love sign ideas from the rope are able to create a charming look in your farmhouse bedroom. Add a wicker basket to make the room look natural. Love lettering with rope from diyjoy

Simple vase made of wood, presenting a beautiful natural style. The vase design is simple and very environmentally friendly and easy to make. Vase wood design from diyjoy

This jar gives an authentic feel to DIY country decor. Combine it with a vintage love sign to convey a warm country concept. DIY country decor from diyjoy

Greenery and some dried branches are the most basic way to display a farmhouse style in a room. These wreaths are arranged very easily and the material is on a budget. Twig wreath from diyjoy

Wall hangings with reclaimed wood heart art make for an attractive living room decor. Pair it with some other wall ornaments for an attractive appearance. Wall hangings with reclaimed wood heart from diyjoy

DIY wood tray decoration is a creative idea to present a rustic space concept. You can also add a jar to complete the look. DIY wood tray from diyjoy

This vintage drawer photo frame hanger gives a different look to your farmhouse guest house. Using reclaimed wood planks will create a different look. Vintage drawer photo frame from diyjoy

Applying DIY wicker door baskets will create a rustic feel to any room decor. Blooming flowers added for an eye-catching display. DIY wicker door baskets from diyjoy

Take advantage of galvanizing as a safe side table decoration. A wide enough design can support several objects such as sitting lamps or vases. Galvanizing side table from diyjoy

The wood element always represents a beautiful rustic concept. What’s more, with a beautiful and simple chevron design you can install it on your living room wall. Wood element chevron design from diyjoy

Implementing a farmhouse vegetable stand and wire basket will create a neat kitchen. Add a few other ornaments to complete the look. Farmhouse vegetable stand from diyjoy

Make a wooden board as a modern towel hook for your bathroom storage idea. This decoration is perfect for decorating a farmhouse style room. Wooden board from diyjoy

Applying natural wood planks as a stylish floating shelf is an interesting idea to try in your kitchen. You can use the open shelves to display your plates and mugs. Natural wood planks floating shelf from diyjoy

A wall decoration made of woodcut with herringbone design makes the room decoration even more unique. Place it in the corner of the wall to become the focal point of the room. Wall decoration with woodcut with herringbone from diyjoy

It’s time for you to add your farmhouse collection items to the unique wall gallery. Reclaimed wooden planks and hooks you can apply to store your coat when at the entrance. Reclaimed wooden planks from diyjoy

The room is more welcoming with a warm vintage-style entrance door. Antique theater chairs and a charming wall shelf with wooden basket decoration will add a vintage look to your home. Antique theater chairs from diyjoy

Simple wall decoration in a charming rustic style. The arrangement of several wood cut magnets is very neat and beautiful. Wood slice magnets from diyjoy

Arrange some wooden planks into a pretty wall decoration. Put beautiful writing there for an artistic impression. Hand-painted whitewashed from diyjoy

A vase made of wooden walls with worn brass. The natural color of the wood is a good background for all types of flowers. Wooden walls with worn brass from diyjoy

You can place an antique wooden coffee table in the living room of your farmhouse. Add vintage trays and other decorations to complete the look. Wooden coffee table from diyjoy

Show a simple living room concept with the presence of a galvanized vase. For some reason, this farmhouse-style decor is stunning. Galvanized vase from rustic-crafts

You can easily make this farmhouse wooden pallet as a beautiful wall decoration. Add a complete wreath with ribbons to complete the look. Farmhouse wooden pallet from rustic-crafts

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Since the idea of how to display beautiful unique decorations came out, the room became even more lively. Whatever your home style, make sure you get a charming decoration style. In fact, the decoration is always a fun thing when arranging a room. As a result, the room becomes warmer with the decoration. The country-style DIY project is one of the most efficient and affordable decor styles. So you do not have to spend a lot of money to produce a gorgeous room decor.

Before you start a gorgeous DIY project, you should know a few ways to bring a warm atmosphere into the room. One of them is by presenting antique furniture. Then presenting and covering up using a combination of classic colors like brown, white, and beige. Or you can also combine several elements of country decoration made of wood and metal. Then, start with some easy and affordable DIY decorations. So, you can create awesome things and apply your creative ideas. Through this creative idea, you can display a warm, beautiful, and pleasant atmosphere of the room.

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