20 Do’s and Don’ts to Perfect Your Minimalist Kitchen Set

Simplicity has reached its popularity for the past few years. It is pretty much influenced by technology and globalization that embrace efficiency.

A lot of people these days love to embrace simplicity by applying it to a minimalist house interior. Its low-key yet sophisticated look has stolen much attention. Especially when it comes to the kitchen, people love to keep it simple to make their work easier.

Before you turn yours into a minimalist kitchen set, here is some list of do’s and don’ts that you need to take note of.

1. Do’s

  • Choose the Neutral or Earth Tones

As stated before, a minimalist interior embraces simplicity. That is why you need simple colors to create one. Though it may sound too basic, neutral, and earth tones can give an extraordinary look to your kitchen.

You can use gray color for your kitchen decoration because it is one of the neutral colors so that it will enhance your kitchen decor in a minimalist design. Gray color kitchen from 7desainminimalis

Using beige in the kitchen will create an interesting look for you to try. Combining with wooden floors and wooden furniture will give a warm impression to the room. Wooden floors and wooden furniture from 7desainminimalis

Using earth tones to design your minimalist kitchen will never fail. Choosing shades of chocolate will look simple and provide natural warmth in your kitchen. Earth tones kitchen decor from 7desainminimalis

  • Neat Arrangement

A neat arrangement is a must to have a perfect look. Make sure you do not own any unnecessary stuff that will only narrow the kitchen. A simple and well-organized set will also increase your productivity in the kitchen.

The white color will be a theme throughout this post, starting with this first kitchen. White is an easy way to convey minimalism as it immediately feels clean and simple. Applying storage up to the ceiling will provide you to store your kitchen appliances. White kitchen from home-designing

The neat arrangement of the minimalist kitchen design with the arrangement of the refrigerator parallel to the kitchen set creates a different look. Use white tones for the perfect décor. White tones from home-designing

Here, a minimalist kitchen with a wooden kitchen set will give a neat impression. Best of all, this idea looks clean and tidy. Minimalist kitchen from home design

You can try one idea for decorating a minimalist kitchen with a neat arrangement throughout the kitchen cabinet that installed from the floor to the ceiling. This kitchen cabinet will allow you to get more storage space in your kitchen. Minimalist kitchen with a neat arrangement from home-designing

  • Quality Over Quantity
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Sort out all the equipment you no longer use. Moreover, you do not need any additional items that are only used as a display. They will make your kitchen looks unnecessarily cramped. You just have to purchase items that will be helpful and efficient the most.

Try to store items that are rarely used in a closed cabinet so that it will not interfere with your activities and your kitchen will look cleaner. Clean kitchen from stylemotivation

Leaving your kitchen free from cluttered items will create a feel that is comfortable for you when you’re cooking. Small kitchen from stylemotivation

Applying a kitchen that has a cupboard will provide a neat decoration. You can only apply a few ornaments to create an eye-catching look. Kitchen cabinet from stylemotivation

2. Don’ts

  • A Lot of Bold Colors

You may have a little bit of bold touch just to add a more colorful look. Using too many striking colors will ruin your minimalist kitchen set. When choosing the color, you also have to be careful about which bold palette you want to combine with the neutral or earth tone.

If you want to give a pop of color in your kitchen, you can apply it to the kitchen cabinet. But don’t too much to bring the color because it will make your kitchen looks cramped. Kitchen decoration with red shades from digsdigs

Try to avoid bold colors in your minimalist kitchen decor because it will damage your minimalist kitchen so that it looks boring. If you want to give a touch of color in your kitchen, just apply it on several parts, not for the whole kitchen decor. Green color cabinet from digsdigs

In decorating the minimalist kitchen, it is very important to use a simple color to avoid the exessive look. But if you want a fresh look in your kitchen, you can combine your white kitchen with lime green color for the kitchen cabinet and chairs. Bright lime kitchen colors from digsdigs

Applying a rainbow cabinet provides a bold touch for a more colorful look. Using too many flashy colors will spoil a minimalist kitchen set. Rainbow minimalist kitchen set from digsdigs

  • Unnecessary Ornaments
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You can add one or two cute little ornaments such as plants, flowers, or a vase. Just do not add too much, or you will create a stuffiest kitchen.

Adding greenery to the table makes for an interesting decoration. You only need to add one ornament so that the kitchen is not stuffy. Greenery from thespruce

Greens in a wooden vase on the table will create the perfect decoration. You don’t need to add a lot of ornaments to keep the minimalist nuance. Greens wooden vase from thespruce

Adding greenery in the corner of the kitchen table will create a natural feel into the space. Don’t add too much, or you’ll end up making the kitchen the most stuffy. Greenery corner kitchen table from thespruce

  • Useless Items

Just like unnecessary ornaments, useless items do not fit a minimalist style at all. It will only be ruined big time. Remember that this style always highlights its function.

If you want to decorate your kitchen with a minimalist design, you should not leave items plastered in your kitchen. Try adding storage cabinets then store items that are not in use. Kitchen with minimalist design from housecarty

Decorating your kitchen in a minimalist style, don’t add useless items to get the perfect look. Useless items simply do not fit into the minimalist style. Kitchen minimalist style from apartmenttherapy

Applying several ornaments to the kitchen table is an inappropriate decoration for your minimalist kitchen design. With a minimalist style, you just need to give a little ornament for an attractive appearance. Minimalist kitchen design from thisoldhouse

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Organize your best minimalist kitchen set and thinking about what to do and what not to do.

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