35 Contemporary Lamps to Complement a Modern Home Decor

The perfect lamp instantly improves home decor, especially if you choose a contemporary model. Many modern home decors have distinctive lamps as their main lighting sources. Whether it is a ceiling, table, or floor lamp, a distinguished design will transform your home look.

Manufacturers are not lacked ideas in designing lamps, but there are several contemporary styles you can consider.

1. Black and White Table Lamps

Black and white lamps offer a contemporary look in any living room. The black adds edge, while the white neutralizes it. Typical table lamps use white for the shades, but you can also find the ones with black shades, which look even more unique.

A table lamp with a black hood will give a perfect living room design. Add a gray armchair for a classic touch in the living room. Table lamp with a black hood from crismatec

The contemporary living room decoration with the addition of a black table lamp will make the appearance attractive. Pair it with a monochromatic tint for the perfect decoration. Monochromatic living room from crismatec

Applying black and white table lamps in the contemporary living room is an interesting idea for you to try. Combine with a classic sofa and table to perfect the decor. Black and white table lamps from crismatec

Impressive contemporary living room with black and white table lamps. Complete the look with other ornaments. Thus giving the appearance of a more chic and stylish living room. Contemporary living room from crismatec

The right and left sofa side table lamps give a contemporary touch to your living room. Strengthen with a neutral color scheme will make the contemporary design more perfect. Side table lamps from sukio

Table lamp with black and glass hood with a contemporary design in the living room. Pairing it with a classic white sofa and a unique coffee table will complete the look. Table lamp with black and glass hood from decoist

The black table lamp shade in a contemporary style features an attractive decor for you to try. A specially made tree trunk coffee table adds a rustic charm to the room. Black table lamp and tree trunk coffee table from decoist

2. Hourglass Floor Lamps

Hourglass floor lamps will spice up neutral home decor. While the basic design is anything but strange, the supporting structure is given a fresh twist in its design. Hourglass floor lamps come in various models that you can choose based on your home design. You can place this lamp in the living room or another room that you want.

Use classic lighting to create dramatic nuances in your contemporary living room. You can add an hourglass lamp and place it next to the sofa. Which makes your room look more elegant. Classic lighting dramatic nuances from homebnc

You can place a black hourglass floor lamp in a contemporary living room. Complete with a black lampshade to get a perfect floor lamp. Also, add other furniture to complement the decoration of your living room to add a more charming impression. black hourglass floor lamp from decozilla

Black hourglass floor lamp looks glamorous to your home. Besides, it makes your room feel more dramatic. Black hourglass floor lamp from ofdesign

Let your contemporary living room stand out from the hourglass floor lamp. Instead of buying this unique lamp, it will complement your room decor. Hourglass floor lamp from ofdesign

The glass hourglass floor lamp brings a contemporary touch to the living room. In this way, it will give an attractive appearance. Glass hourglass floor lamp from digsdigs

Rattan hourglass floor lamp that was chosen to decorate your contemporary living room will an aesthetic look to your home. Rattan hourglass floor lamp from home-designing

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3. Geometric Lantern Pendant Lamps

Lanterns may be parts of classic architecture, but geometric pendant lamps look totally modern. Black coated lamps are perfect for modern home decor, while the brass-coated or gold brushed ones add a luxurious element. This kind of lamp is suitable to be installed in the living room or dining room.

Applying geometric lantern pendant lamps to the classic living room will look special. This lamp is able to enhance your room and work well with your living room furniture. Classic living room with geometric lantern pendant lamp from destinationlighting

A geometric lantern can be made into a pendant lamp for lighting a dining room. Just place it on the dining table for a nice design for a neutral room color. Classic dining room from destinationlighting

Geometry lantern lamp for dining room can brighten up your room. Using gold will add a luxurious feel and serve to make your surroundings brighter. Gold Geometry lantern lamp from hgtv

Applying a geometric lantern chandelier makes your room more elegant. Don’t hesitate to choose a black color pendant lamp for a modern dining room. Modern dining room from alltoplistings

Having a geometric lantern chandelier in black makes your room more modern. Arrange it on top of the kitchen island to make it prettier by adding some accents. Kitchen island with geometric lantern chandelier from alltoplistings

Vintage geometric lantern pendant lamp. This is a great excuse to make dining room decor more dramatic. Place it on the dining table for a vintage style design. Vintage geometric lantern pendant lamp from housebeautiful

Applying a geometric lantern chandelier over the kitchen island will create an awesome glow. This gold colored pendant lamp will create a luxurious look. Geometric lantern chandelier over kitchen island from surface1

The classic dining room will be complemented by adding a yellow geometric lantern chandelier for a dramatic sparkle. This method will also create a luxurious look into the dining room. Classic dining room from decorpad

Geometric pendant lights can be applied to your contemporary living room. A touch of black creates a warmer tone. In addition, add some other furniture to make it look stylish. Geometric pendant lights from decoroutline

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4. Teardrop Pendant Lamps

Teardrop is a hot shape for contemporary pendant lamps. These lamps come in various colors, with options between single and clustered lamps. Some pendant lamps are transparent or having only frames, exposing the bulbs inside and creating a minimalist look.

Use a teardrop pendant lamp for interesting lighting in your contemporary kitchen. So that it will create a warm and attractive modern kitchen feel. Teardrop pendant lamp from homedit

Check out this stunning teardrop chandelier. Place this light over the kitchen island to make the room feel calm and peaceful. This lighting seems suitable for contemporary designs. Industrial teardrop chandelier from homedit

Lighting is one of the things that must be in your kitchen. Choosing to use white teardrop lights is the right idea to provide the perfect lighting when you are in the room. White teardrop lights from homedit

The teardrop pendant lamp is a modern industrial style design. You can try it for your kitchen decoration. Pair with other ornaments and furniture. Teardrop pendant lamp kitchen decoration from homedit

Choosing a teardrop lamp looks great for your contemporary kitchen lighting ideas so that it will highlight monochromatic beauty. Teardrop lamp from insteading

You can use a tear crystal teradrop pendant lamp to bring the light towards the table so you can focus your meal. Crystal teradrop pendant lamp from insteading

5. Tripod Lamps

Tripod lamps are modern and unique but not garish, perfect for people who don’t want excessive decoration. Even with the simplest designs, these lamps draw attention when placed in any living room. They are available in various materials and colors, such as metal, chrome, bronze, black and white, and many more.

By adding a tripod lamp to this living room. The living room will be more attractive and special. Because the unique lamp design gives a different impression and is not boring. Wooden tripod lamp from homedit

Tripod lamp will help improve the quality of the living room more charming. A simple and not tacky lamp concept. In addition, lighting generated on a tripod lamp is good and will be the center of attention. Metal Tripod lamp from homedit

Try using a tripod light for lighting ideas in your living room. A wooden tripod lamp with spotlight will bring an attractive look to your home decor. Tripod light from homedit

The contemporary living room with modern furniture looks attractive and elegant. You can use a metal tripod lamp that can be adjusted to make it more practical. Contemporary living room with tripod lamp from homedit

Choosing to use a white tripod lamp for lighting ideas in your living room will provide the perfect lighting. A unique lampshade will bring a beautiful look to your living room. White tripod lamp from homedit

A black tripod light makes for a very beautiful monochromatic look. You can place it next to the sofa so it will provide the perfect lighting but still save space. Black tripod light from homedit

The living room in white looks clean and bright. You can add a metal tripod lamp to make it look simple but still elegant. White living room with metal tripod lamp from homedit

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Choosing the right lamp is important for decorating a modern living room. Invest in a well-designed lamp to make your living room more interesting.


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