Decorating a Rustic Bedroom? Start with These 25 Inspiring Tips!

A rustic style allows you to feel the warmth and tranquility of the countryside. Moreover, this style really suits the bedroom, making it an ultimately cozy escape after a busy day. However, understanding how to create a great rustic mood in the bedroom is not a piece of cake. These following tips should definitely help you to get some inspiration.

1. Insert Lots of Wood Material

To get the most of your rustic-style bedroom, use a lot of wood material both on furniture or decoration. Wood, especially in its natural form, must be your primary option of material. Actually, now we are talking about natural wooden converted into nightstands or ceiling beams, or even a bedside table. 

If you want to get a rustic style bedroom, incorporating wooden elements is a perfect idea. You can use wooden beams to bring a warm rustic feel. Wooden beams from bobvila.

You can use a bedside table made of wood to bring the perfect rustic feel so it looks elegant. Adding other wood furniture will enhance your decor so it looks more perfect. Wooden bedside table from thewowstyle.

Including wooden furniture in the form of nightstands and wooden headboards are the main choices for rustic bedroom decorations. Reclaimed wood pallet walls were chosen to add a warm impression. Nightstands and wooden headboards from thewowstyle.

The rustic bedroom with wooden furnishings provides a warm feel. Green nightstands, wooden beds, barn doors, and hardwood floors are smart options for warm bedroom decor. Green nightstands and barn doors from thewowstyle.

The rustic bedroom concept with wooden side tables and wooden ceiling brings out a rustic feel. The wooden floor accents and classic chandeliers add to the charming and warm atmosphere. Wooden side tables and wooden ceiling from thewowstyle.

2. Choose a Soft Decor Theme

Choose a soft decor theme to strengthen the rustic feel in your bedroom. First, try to combine different types of fabric to soften your rustic bedroom decor. Burlap, wool, or linen are amazing choices, but woven textiles can also be a great alternative for your rustic decor. For example, you can pick different fabric for your rug, curtains, or bedding, to build interesting combinations. 

Modern bedroom decor with rustic touches looks simple but still attractive. You can use jute rugs and a linen blanket for a rustic vibe and simple feel. Jute rugs and lien blankets from digsdigs.

Using a linen quilt is one simple way to decorate your rustic bedroom. You can use wooden floors and animal rugs for a more real rustic feel. Animal rugs from digsdigs.

The selection of woven rugs gives a comfortable impression to your bedroom. Adding a linen quilt will create extra warmth to the room. Woven rugs from digsdigs.

To make a rustic bedroom warmer and more comfortable, the selection of thick blankets and bed sheet accents is the right choice. In addition, a touch of layered jute rugs is a smart idea to add a rustic impression. Layered jute rugs from thesleepjudge.

A thick linen blanket will create a warm touch in your bedroom. In addition, jute carpets and linen drapes make the bedroom look more elegant. Linen blanket from thesleepjudge.

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3. Combine Different Textures

In addition to picking textiles, you can also use this chance to play with texture. Do not hesitate to blend different textures for creating balance and contrasts throughout the rustic decor. 

An elegant and attractive bedroom atmosphere, presenting a touch of distressed wood texture on the wall will bring a strong rustic nuance to the subtle bedroom decor. Complete with lighting will create the perfect decoration. Distressed wood texture from diyncrafts.

To give texture to the bedroom, natural stone walls give a natural touch to your room. Combining with a calm color scheme will present a warm rustic bedroom feel. Natural stone walls from successfulworkplace.

Adding a natural stone texture to a large fireplace will create a natural impression in your bedroom. Pairing it with a wooden ceiling will make the rustic decor feel more pronounced. Natural stone texture from successfulworkplace.

Try pairing it with distressed wood walls and white hues for a texture that can be the focal point of the room. So that it will enhance your rustic room decor so that it looks perfect. Distressed wood walls from successfulworkplace.

Blending textures for a rustic bedroom idea is an interesting idea. You can use hardwood floors and natural stone textured walls for a stunning look. Hardwood floors and natural stone from decoholic.

4. Build a Decorative Fireplace

A fireplace becomes an important part of a rustic bedroom design. It normally displays as a focal point for the room’s decoration. You can surely have the real fireplace or just the decorative one. But still, bear in mind that your fireplace should be covered in natural stone and wood.

To decorate a rustic bedroom, applying a stone fireplace will get extra warmth. Adding a large painting and a chandelier will complement the decor of the room. Stone fireplace with large painting from onekindesign.

Installing a fireplace made of natural stone in the corner of the bedroom can enhance your room decor. The rough texture of the natural stone will create a deep rustic feel. Natural stone fireplace from onekindesign.

A rustic bedroom with a stone fireplace will create a natural feel to the bedroom. You can pair it with wooden material for the ceiling and walls to strengthen the rustic vibe. Stone fireplace and wooden material from onekindesign.

Building a fireplace in the bedroom will provide perfect warmth. You can use a combination of wood and stone fireplace so that it will present a nice rustic feel. Wooden mantel and stone fireplace from beckallencabinetry.

Completing a rustic bedroom with a fireplace made of natural stone is a perfect idea. Because it will provide perfect warmth with a classic look. Wood and stone fireplace from beautyharmonylife.

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5. Invest in Sturdy Furniture

If you’re looking for rustic bedroom furniture, pick one that has a big size and sturdy look. For instance, place a big dresser or wood-framed bed to highlight your rustic-inspired bedroom. 

Using a bed made of sturdy wood will strengthen the design of your rustic bedroom so that it will look perfect. Sturdy wooden bed frame from homedit.

If you want to decorate a rustic style bedroom, you can use wooden furniture. A bed made of sturdy wood is a choice that will never fail and will look elegant. Wooden furniture from homedit.

Wooden furniture in the form of a bed frame and dresser gives a natural touch to your rustic bedroom decor. This method will bring out the distinctive features of an attractive country bedroom. Bed frame and wooden dresser from thesleepjudge.

Choosing wooden furniture is a great option for you to try in a rustic bedroom. You can apply this tip for the bed frame, dresser, nightstands, and also the fireplace. Rustic furniture from thesleepjudge

The wooden frame of the bed is the hallmark of a rustic bedroom. Pairing it with wooden nightstands will create a traditional atmosphere in your rustic bedroom. Wooden bed frame and nightstands from thesleepjudge.

As a standard of coziness and comfort, rustic is definitely an excellent choice for your bedroom. So, apply the tips above to create yours!


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