21 Stylish Home Office Design Inspiration for Small Spaces

When space in your house is at a premium, there are always creative ways to maximize all limited spots you have. Excited? Keep reading! This article will uncover stylish home office design in small spaces, which will transform your tiny room into a stylish workstation that grabs everyone’s eyes. Let’s check it out!  

Use a Loft Bed

Do you want to turn your small bedroom into a cozy work and sleep space? Then a loft bed is all you need. The floor space underneath the bed allows you to add a functional desk and storage, making it an ideal option for bedrooms with limited space. The good news is, a loft bed features various designs and materials, so it will match perfectly with different room styles.

You can buy multi-functional furniture to save your small space. For example loft beds are equipped with storage shelves and office work desks. This furniture looks more practical and effective. White loft bed from architectureartdesigns.

Building a loft bed on a work desk becomes an interesting decorating idea. You can use a wooden ladder and floating rack as stationery storage. Wooden ladder and floating rack from architectureartdesigns.

The loft bed that doubles as a home office are suitable for those of you who have limited space. You can paint it in white to make it look more attractive. White loft bed with table work from architectureartdesigns.

Applying a loft bed by adding a work desk at the bottom will save space and more functional. Add a white chair to complete your home office decor. White chair from architectureartdesigns.

To solve the limited space in your home and you need a home office to work in your home, you can costume a loft bed that completed with a functional desk and storage underneath. You can use the desk to work and the storage to store your clothes or another item. Loft bed with storage from architectureartdesigns.

The loft bed is equipped with a work desk to work wonders in your small room. You can choose the iron material to make it stronger and sturdy. Besides this iron is not easy to rust. Iron loft bed from architectureartdesigns.

A loft bed with an additional floating table and transparent chairs is a good idea that can be functioned as a home office at the same time. In this way, it will make your bedroom decor even tidier and save space. Floating table from architectureartdesigns.

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Make the Most of Alcove Spaces

The next stylish home office design in small spaces is by optimizing alcove areas. To do so, you can simply use a small standing desk or, better yet, install a wall-mounted table. As for the storage, place the shelves above the desk to get more valuable spaces for storing your office stuff.

You can use the alcove room as the most comfortable place for your workspace. You can install floating shelves above your work desk. Here you will get peace so you can focus more on working. Floating desk from contemporist.

Due to the limited living space, the wall area can be used as a storage area. The floating work table is the right piece of furniture in this room. Wooden floating work table from contemporist.

If you have an alcove space that not utilized in your home, you can optimize this space for the home office. All you have to do is just installing a floating work desk and floating shelves. To look simple, you can use a wooden bench and add a metal basket for storage ideas. Floating table and metal basket from contemporist.

You can install floating racks to store office equipment such as books. This a smart idea to utilize your alcove for a stylish home office. Floating rack and shelves from contemporist.

This alcove home office comes with a floating work desk and storage. The shelf above the table is added so that the home office looks neat and the greenery will give a natural impression. Wooden floating table and greenery from contemporist.

You can complete your alcove home office with floating shelves for storage ideas. You can paint the floating shelves in white color to look simple. Wooden floating table from homedit.

Don’t hesitate to use the alcove space in your dining room for the home office idea. Just install wooden floating shelves for the work desk and storage area. Wooden floating shelf from homedit.

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Hide the Office Inside a Closet

If you want to make your workstation only visible when needed, then hide it inside an unused closet. Similar to the alcove office, opt for a hanging desk and storage — equipped with a chair that can be tucked away under the table, so you can close the closet when not in use. Keep in mind that this mini hidden office also needs additional lighting that you can install from the ceiling or under the shelves. 

So that your work space is not disturbed, then hiding it in the closet is an idea that you can try. You can open the closet door when you want to use it. Hiding home office from onekindesign.

You can use the bedside space for the hidden home office. You can use brown curtains to create a private space. Brown curtains from onekindesign.

Open the cupboard door when the office will be used to breathe air. Adding a chair and some floating shelves for the work desk and bookshelf idea to create a neat mini home office. White cupboard door from onekindesign.

Hiding the home office in a closet will create a neat and suitable bedroom decor for you to try. Choose a purple Barn Door and match it with the white for the perfect contrast. Purple Barn Door from onekindesign.

This work desk cabinet creates a minimalist impression in your bedroom. By using this chair you can move freely and have fun while completing work. Work desk cabinet from thenavagepatch .

Small home office decorations inside the wardrobes will create a minimalist look and also practical. Then you can add a chair with a soft seat and has a backrest to provide comfort for your legs on your spine. Small home office from contemporist.

An office desk in a wardrobe will make your home office look simple and stylish. Combined with a chair that fits under the table makes it easy for you to close the cupboard door. Office desk from sebringdesignbuild

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Apart from those ideas, you may also try to maximize many possible spots in your house – be it under the stairs, in a dormer, hallway, or attic – and then build your own stylish home office design in small spaces. Feel free to explore your creative approach and good luck!


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