45 Interesting Pinecone Crafts for Home Decor Needs

Not only cheap but the pinecones are also really easy to be found here and there. It is also interesting to know that pinecones can be created into varied crafts for your home decoration needs. Another fun fact about it is that you can express your imagination and creativity by doing your own DIY pinecones. It will be really fun to do the projects since you can put your own effort and heart to decorate your home. Trust me that this small thing can give a certain pretty effect to your home decorations. But, make sure that you have your special designs for the projects!

Now, let us talk about the possible projects that you can make by using the pinecones. The first one is the pinecones that you can use to beautify your furniture. Here, you can decorate your chairs with pinecones for the winter or Christmas touches. Then, you can also decorate your storage that could be for your storage surface decoration or you can hang it to the storage. Well, make sure that the decoration won’t give you difficulties to open the storage. Additionally, you can also have the pinecone ornament. When talking about the ornament, there will be so many choices of it with so many interesting designs. We will give you the references from the images below.

Pinecone Kissing Ball from Homebnc

Decorative Mason Jar Candle from Homebnc

Lighted Wreath from Homebnc

Mantel Garland from Homebnc

Door Hanger from Homebnc

 Joyful Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornaments from Homebnc

Pine Cone Tree from Homebnc

Red Santa Wreath from Homebnc

Mini Pine Cone Tree from Homebnc

Mini Pine Cone Garland from Homebnc

Cabinet Garland from Homebnc

Candle Holder from Homebnc

Wall Wreath from Homebnc

Star Ornament from Homebnc

Natural Pinecone Hung With A Bow from Homebnc

Snowy Pinecone Wreath from Icreativeideas

Glittery Pine Cone Candle Holder from Icreativeideas

Painted Pinecone Wreath from Icreativeideas

DIY Pine Cone Door Hanger from Agirlandagluegun

Snowflake Wreath from Agirlandagluegun

Purple Door Hanger from Agirlandagluegun

Potted Pine Cone Tree from Sortra

Colorful Painted Pine Cone Craft from Sortra

Mantel Garland from Sortra

Snowy Pine Cone Arrangement from Sortra

Glittery Pine Cone Craft from Sortra

Colorful Pine Cone Garland from Sortra

Decorative Utensil Holder from Sortra

Green Mini Tree from Sortra

Candle Holder from Sortra

White Paint Pine Cone Wreath from Sortra

Pine Cone Lighting from Naturallivingideas

DIY Pine Cone Topiary from Naturallivingideas

Snowy Pine Craft from Notedlist

Mirror Frame and Candle Holder from Notedlist

Pine Cone Chandelier from Notedlist

Pinecone Chair Tiebacks from Notedlist

Pine Cone Flower Arrangement from Notedlist

Burlap and Pine Cone Wreath from Notedlist

DIY Pinecone Reindeer Trophy Head from Notedlist

Blue Wall Hanging from Sustainmycrafthabit

Pine Cone Tree from Ofdesign

Curtain Tie Back from Ofdesign

Glass Cloche Pinecones from Countryliving

Framed Pine Cone Wreath from Countryliving

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