How to Make Unique Fall Decoration with Pallet Pumpkin

Since the real pumpkin won’t be durable enough for your fall decoration, then you might need to have a more durable one. From all of the material choices that could be durable and easy to shape into pumpkin, we recommend you to choose pallet wood. You don’t need to be worried because the pallet pumpkin comes in so many different designs so that it won’t be seen as bored. You can also adjust the utilization into varied spots in your house. Of course, not to make it looks boring, besides the pallet wood, you should also prepare the paint color to create a pattern and color the pallet wood to have a pretty impression. In this case, you don’t need to always use the orange color because you can create your own color based on the theme you want to apply there. These creative ideas will surely give you inspiration. Check them out!

Pallet Sign Pumpkins Ideas

If you have unused pallets, then use them as one of the autumn decorations that you can easily try right now. Just change this pallet as a pumpkin ornament of the same size. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add words on the surface of the pumpkin pallet so that it can be used as a greeting that can be done easily. Just write it using white paint so that it can be seen more clearly. Orchid flower arrangements that are applied to bottle vases are a combination of decorations that you can place in a room that is often visited by guests or your family. Pallet Sign Pumpkins Ideas from @thasred

Pallet Pumpkin with Floral Pattern

This pumpkin pallet craft that is perfected with a flower painting features a different design that can be used as a room decoration that never fails. Just use watercolors with a mix of orange, red, pink, and green colors so that they give a more colorful appearance and don’t get boring easily, these paints also don’t fade easily. Now you can put it together with a large pot of plants and sunflowers that are blooming beautifully. Because this pumpkin pallet has a size that is not too big, you can move it to any room according to the needs of the room. Pallet Pumpkin with Floral Pattern from @meganmcchrystalart

DIY Pumpkin on the Front Porch

Decorating the front porch is one of the first areas that your guests will visit so you can decorate it according to the autumn that is currently taking place. Start by making some natural decorations that you can do yourself on weekends. Pumpkin pallets and sign reclaimed wood make a perfect combination. You can make pumpkin accents with three different sizes to make it look more varied, it’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint it with orange and light blue colors which are perfected with a ribbon decoration on the top. DIY Pumpkin on the Front Porch from @hammerandstain

Pop Color Pallet Pumpkin Design

So that the pumpkin pallet ornament can look bolder in this room, then repaint it with several different colors. For example, you can repaint this pumpkin pallet with orange, white, light blue, and a little splash of bright yellow. All of these colors will work well together for a more colorful and less boring look in a room. Not only DIY pumpkin pallets, but you can also make a wine pallet that is repainted in blue easily. A cotton series with a vintage jug vase is a finishing touch that can be placed in contrast to other fall ornaments that are on a fireplace mantel. Pop Color Pallet Pumpkin from @walnuthollow

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Rustic Look Pallet Pumpkins

Take and reuse old pallets that are not in use to be reused as room decorations that will be of good use. Now you can turn your old pallet into a DIY pumpkin accent that you can make yourself in three different sizes. This shabby chic outer appearance is not re-coated with new paint so it looks more rustic and is suitable for placing on the floor area in a neat and orderly arrangement. Now you can place it next to an open shelf so that this rustic pumpkin ornament can stand freely and firmly. Rustic Look Pallet Pumpkins from @touchof_greys.wood.rust

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Pumpkins

The best part about this rustic pumpkin is that it can be placed on the front porch decoration so it can work well to welcome guests who come to your home. Now you can make pumpkin accents in three different sizes, then place them on the floor and the smallest size can be hung on the front door. Just use reclaimed pallet material so you don’t incur a lot of expenses, now you can repaint it in orange so that it has color harmony with the original pumpkin. Reclaimed Wood Pallet Pumpkins from @scrapwoodheart

Various Sizes of Pumpkin Pallet

The pumpkin is an important ornament that must be in your home decor when autumn arrives. Make it with materials that you already have at home, for example, when you have a sufficient amount of pallet material, then use it again for the pumpkin ornament design with a variety of different sizes. Start from small to large. But now you don’t need to repaint to make it more on budget and of course, it looks more natural. Place this pumpkin ornament on the floor area, or rather next to the fireplace in a neat arrangement. Various Sizes of Pumpkin Pallet from @buildandcreatehome

DIY Floor Pallet Pumpkin

Decorate the bare floor of the room with a fairly large pumpkin ornament made of reclaimed pallet material that looks simple. Cut the pallet using a cutting machine so that it can produce neater results in accordance with the original pumpkin shape. No need to repaint for a rustic and simple look that you can get at the same time. Besides that, the smooth surface makes it more child-friendly and of course environmentally friendly too, you can try this idea easily. DIY Floor Pallet Pumpkin from @neely.alyse

Pallet Board Wood Pumpkins

This wooden pallet board material that is turned into a pumpkin ornament is perfect for welcoming the early fall of this year. Now you can make two pumpkin halves of the same size but different colors. When you are going to use it as a home sign, then you can repaint the outer surface of this pumpkin using white paint and then write down the words that match the needs of the room decoration. Its neutral and natural color makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Pallet Board Wood Pumpkins from @craftwarehouse

DIY Orange Pallet Pumpkin

It’s a good idea to repaint this pumpkin pallet with an orange color to match the original color. Just make this pumpkin pallet with three different sizes to put in the same area. You can put them in layers according to the size of the pumpkin so that everything can be seen clearly. Make this pallet pumpkin ornament as a fall fireplace mantel or as a countertop table decoration in your kitchen decor. Faux maple leaves are an additional decoration that you can place on the side of this pumpkin. DIY Orange Pallet Pumpkin from @the.handymans.daughter

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Modern Look Pallet Pumpkin Design

When you already have a pumpkin pallet with two different sizes then you can repaint it for a more beautiful and unique look. Not only repainting, but you can also decorate it using ribbons that can be purchased at the nearest craft store. In addition to giving a more modern look, this DIY pallet pumpkin is also ready to be used as the focal point of the room. The addition of writing and painting makes it look more attractive. You can put it on an iron dresser in the entryway area as an initial welcome for guests who come to your house. Modern Look Pallet Pumpkin Design from @coleswifey

Fall Floating Shelves Decoration

Don’t just focus on the floor or furniture for you to bring the autumn theme to the room. Currently, you can apply a pumpkin pallet with a size large enough on the floating shelves that look vintage and shabby chic. Not only can you place a pumpkin pallet on these floating shelves, but you can also place a series of dried plants in a small vase. Mini pumpkins are also an important decoration addition that never fails, you can try them now easily and cheaply. Fall Floating Shelves Decoration from @thedowntownaly

Pallet Fall Pumpkin on Budget

Take advantage of unused pallets to turn into unique fall decorations. Pumpkin ornaments are one of the most important and often used fall decorations. You can make pumpkin-shaped decorations that are inexpensive and easy, simply by combining the rest of the pallet to form a typical pumpkin. To add to the festive atmosphere of autumn, you can also pair maple leaves on this pumpkin-shaped pallet in a neat and orderly arrangement. Pallet Fall Pumpkin on Budget from @newcreationartwork

Pumpkin Pallet with Buffalo Lining

Look at the design of this pumpkin pallet covered with black and white buffalo fabric, doesn’t it look more elegant and beautiful? Yes, you can try it and put it on a wooden tray so that it can be moved to any room that needs this pumpkin decoration. Not only a layer of buffalo fabric, but you can also add felt handcrafts that have a beautiful sunflower pattern. Several mini pumpkins placed around this fall DIY pallet craft can be done easily and save energy. Pumpkin Pallet with Buffalo Lining from sandpapersunflowersshop

Fall Vibes Countertop Kitchen Decor

To make your kitchen look warmer to welcome this autumn, try making autumn decorations with materials that are around you. Using pallets to make pumpkin-shaped fall decorations is an idea you can try. Smooth the surface of the pallet so that it will make it look neater, not only that, the smooth surface will make it easier for you if you want to decorate it with passionate words. Just place it in the kitchen cabinet countertop area as an additional simple decoration that emphasizes the autumn theme. Natural Pallet Pumpkin Ornament from @mcnaughtonadventures

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Mini Pumpkin Ornament Wreath

The easiest way that you can do to incorporate pumpkin ornaments into your home decor is to apply them to the wreath design that can be hung on the front door using a fairly sturdy rope. You can make this pallet pumpkin ornament in a small size so that it can be combined with other natural materials to perfect the autumn decorations this year. On the surface of this pumpkin pallet, it is also perfected with the word welcome which is able to warmly welcome your guests who come to the house. Buffalo fabric ribbon is the finishing touch that can make this wreath design more colorful and attractive overall. Mini Pumpkin Ornament Wreath from @creationsbyjimmysdaughterllc

Fall Front Porches Vibes

Do some festive decorations on your fall front porch for a look that never gets boring. Start by decorating the floor with a variety of pumpkin ornaments that have different sizes, materials, and colors. One of the pumpkins placed on the front porch is made of pallet material that has been repainted using an orange color so that it has color harmony with pumpkins in general. Not only pumpkins, but you can also hang a woven planter basket that is dominated by yellow flowers that bloom beautifully. You can also assemble the dry wheat as a wreath design yourself to be more cost-effective. Pallet Pumpkin Ornament from @faithandfarmhouseblog

Pallet Pumpkin Door Ornament

Don’t let the front door of your house look plain and boring, now you can hang a door hanger ornament that you can do yourself using materials you have at home. For example, when you have leftover wood pallets, just turn them into an important ornament that will work well when autumn arrives. Yes, a large DIY pumpkin pallet can be hung on the front door of your house. What needs to be done now is to repaint it with a white color selection so that the glitter ribbon decoration on it can look more bold and beautiful, you can try it right now. Pallet Pumpkin Door Ornament from @renaissancegypsy

Repaint Pallet Pumpkin Decor

The fall tray display is one of the room decorations that can be easily moved to another room according to your home decor needs. Currently, you can make a woven tray that can be perfected with three pumpkin ornaments, one of which is made of reclaimed pallet material that has been repainted in orange. You can perfect the outer surface of this pumpkin with several maple leaves made of wood in three different sizes. Don’t forget to add a rope at the top of this pallet pumpkin so you can hang it when you need it, you can try it now. Repaint Pallet Pumpkin Decor from @biancaann_d

Place it in a Farmhouse-style Room

This farmhouse-style entryway can be perfected with DIY ornaments that you can make yourself on weekends. Fall farmhouse entryway, which is dominated by interiors made of natural materials, can be presented so that it seems more environmentally friendly. With this large pumpkin pallet, the entryway area seems to have a strong autumn vibe. Not only made of pallets, but you can also place knitted mini pumpkins together on an empty floor area. No need to repaint pumpkin pallets for a more vintage look. Wood Pallet Pumpkin Design from @thedowntownaly

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