28 Awesome Modern Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

Troublesome of a kitchen remodeling? Make a smart yet easy start and give the heart of your home a well-deserved upgrade using these awesome modern kitchen designs.

1. Styled with Tile

Two main factors before deciding the right material are durability and function. Ceramic tiles are great, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. They are also available in a large assortment of shapes, colors, and styles.

For a fresh look, you will love to opt pattern tiles on your kitchen floor, wall, or splash back. You never can go wrong using tile. With all the daily messes and spills, cleaning up will be easier than ever.

Choosing to use subway tiles for the backsplash will bring a fresh and beautiful look to your modern kitchen so that it can inspire everyone who sees it. Subway tile backsplash from idealhome.

You can use a hexagon patterned backsplash tile for your modern kitchen so that it will present a fresh and beautiful look there. Hexagon patterned backsplash from idealhome.

This herringbone backsplash tile and the classic patterned floor will be the focal point of your kitchen. The use of matching colors on the walls will get a natural impression of the space. Herringbone backsplash from idealhome.

For a different feel in the kitchen, you can use colorful floor tiles. With these tiles, you will also get a modern bathroom that you should try. Colorful floor tiles from idealhome.

Using white ceramic tiles in the kitchen is a great idea. because with this tile you will have a kitchen that looks unique. White ceramic tiles from idealhome.

Applying marble tiles to the backsplash creates a different look in your kitchen. You can combine it with the herringbone floor to create an attractive kitchen. Marble tiles from idealhome.

2. Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Just because you dressed your kitchen with a farmhouse style, doesn’t mean it can’t be up-to-date. This design is typically bright and airy, and most come with plenty of white colors and wood furniture.

To bring a farmhouse style to your kitchen, try applying white wooden furniture. White wooden pallet walls will create a natural impression into the room. Farmhouse kitchen from countryliving.

The white wall and wooden tables with strong wheels will strengthen the farmhouse feel. This kitchen gives off a warm and dramatic feel. Wooden tables with wheels from countryliving.

Use white in your farmhouse kitchen decor for a neutral and bright feel. Wooden furniture gives a vintage impression that is so simple. Vintage table kitchen from countryliving.

The combination of a white farmhouse kitchen with wooden furniture creates a simple warm feel. The ceiling that utilizes for storage are is an option to save space in the kitchen. Wooden furniture from countryliving.

To get the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen design, try choosing shades of white and complete with wooden furniture so that it will look awesome. White shades and wooden furniture from countryliving.

White shades are the right choice to get a bright and clean impression for your modern farmhouse kitchen design. Complete with wooden furniture so it looks more perfect. White shades farmhouse kitchen from countryliving.

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3. The Stunning Black and Gold

Black and gold are timeless combinations that suit any design theme. For modern design, opting the gold bars are smart, and fancy open shelves are an update stylish you can try. They also perfect with a light-colored floor.

Important tips you need to know; using only two colors for design would be a little tricky as you might using the same color for a few different objects. So, be sure you choose different textures.

Use a combination of black and gold for your modern kitchen decorating ideas. You can use black for kitchen island and gold for pendant light so it looks stunning. Gold pendant light from diynetwork.

The black finishing for the kitchen cabinet and the gold touch for the backsplash add a glamorous décor to the room. Combine with white color to get a contrast look. Gold backsplash from atticmag.

This unique gold chandelier will create a glamorous kitchen look. The black kitchen island combined with the gold touch bench adds to the gorgeous look. Gold chandelier from hopeelephants.

The gold touch for the stool and pendant lights creates a glamorous impression in the kitchen. Hardwood floors and shades of black and white make for a more refined décor. Gold stool and pendant lights from decoist.

Modern kitchen decor with a combination of black and white looks amazing. You can add an open shelf there so that it will look more perfect. Modern kitchen decor from backsplash.

The black kitchen décor with gold touches on the chairs and ornaments gives the room a glamorous feel. The white marble table will be the focal point of the room. Gold chair from photos.hgtv.

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4. Contemporary Kitchen

For good reason, contemporary kitchen trends are highly recommended. They are stylish, incredibly practical, and clean. The design also fits into any kitchen sizes. The best part is they come with innovative storage solutions. All about simplicity and minimalist, all we need in this era. 

Contemporary kitchen design with cabinet storage ideas will make your kitchen look neat and clean. Use materials from stainless steel for an attractive kitchen decoration. Stainless steel cabinet storage from architecturaldigest.

This contemporary kitchen has a clean and spacious look. Adding a white cupboard storage area provides a minimalist decoration. White cupboard storage from architecturaldigest.

Added wooden cupboard storage to easily store multiple kitchen items. This method will make the kitchen neat and not messy. Wooden cupboard storage from architecturaldigest.

This contemporary dark kitchen features an innovative storage solution. A simple and neat design will make the appearance look more minimalist. Balck cabinet from architecturaldigest.

Having an innovative storage idea is the perfect idea for a contemporary kitchen design. You can use lots of drawers for a contemporary kitchen to make it look neater. Drawers storage from architecturaldigest.

This innovative stainless steel storage gives your contemporary kitchen a distinct look. The design is simple and makes it look simple but still attractive. Stainless steel storage from architecturaldigest.

5. Mood Booster Colorful Accessories

Have to cook dinner after a hectic, tiring day? Colorful accessories will instantly boost your mood once you walk in. They could be anything, rainbow-colored napkins, colorful utensil holder, bright color bowls, or a framed flower painting.

Incorporating bright colors in your kitchen decor will give its own charm. You can add bowls with bright colors so that they will look bright. Bowls with bright colors from bhg.

Creating a cheerful feeling when cooking, adding colorful bowls that sit on open shelves. Pair it with white for perfect contrast. Colorful bowls on open shelves from thespruce.

Applying a colorful kitchen decor creates an interesting look for you to try. A pink dining chair and colorful arrangement will be an interesting decoration. Pink dining chair from mydecorative.

Adding accessories in the form of colorful wall clocks to your modern kitchen decor will bring a fresh and cheerful feel to your kitchen so that it looks stunning. Colorful wall clocks from homedesignfind.

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First thing first. When approaching a kitchen remodeling, it is necessary to ask yourself what you really want to be out of the room and why they need to be changed. Whatever your decision, these modern kitchen designs will complete your efforts.


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