10 Appealing Kitchen Storage Ideas

Daily logistics and utensils are always in the kitchen. If you do not organize them properly, you will create a hell kitchen. Nobody wants a dirty and messy kitchen in their house. That is why you need decent furniture to help you organize your kitchen stuff. These some appealing kitchen storage ideas help you make the most comfortable kitchen ever.

1. An Antique Model

Antique storage never fails your kitchen interior. It has a vintage and unique touch that will make your overall kitchen look appealing. They can store all your kitchen stuff nicely and neatly.

A vintage interior has strong durability and high value. It usually has detail carvings and ornaments that offer a more expensive look. In this antique storage, the charm of your kitchen can be embraced even better.

An easy way to bring a vintage feel to your kitchen decor is by using an antique kitchen cabinet with the main ingredient of reclaimed wood. The iron chair reinforces the vintage style that is not overwhelming. Colorful backsplash with hexagon tile material adds the cheerful color you want. Antique reclaimed wood kitchen cabinet from thenateshow.

Repainting antique cabinets in dark blue is a smart way to showcase a cleaner kitchen décor. This antique cabinet is furnished with shiny gold handles. Adding greenery and yellow flowers to make your kitchen decor fresher, place these plants near the windows for more effective sunlight. Repainting antique cabinets with dark blue from thenateshow.

If you want your kitchen decor to remain environmentally friendly then recycle wood which is converted into a kitchen cabinet design into a simple storage idea that you can try. This kitchen cabinet design does not cost a lot of money because it comes from reclaimed wood. For a sweet finishing touch, you can add turquoise paint to make your kitchen décor cooler. Try this storage cabinet in your kitchen. Reclaimed wood cabinet kitchen from thenateshow.

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2. Wooden Storage

The wood material is one of the most important things you should consider when you are looking for furniture. They last longer and easier to maintain than other materials. The higher quality material is also perfect to load a lot of stuff properly.

Wooden storage will perfectly pack all your kitchen stuff aesthetically with its calm tone. This kitchen storage idea gives a warmer and natural look to your kitchen interior.

If you have a small kitchen size, wooden hanging shelves are a storage idea that you can apply, wood is very easy to get and has an affordable price. Repaint with white for a cleaner, new look. The more shelves you install, the more you can store. Wooden hanging storage rack from thenateshow.

Create a classic and vintage impression in your kitchen decor with a wooden floating cabinet and leather chairs. The kitchen with the main ingredient of wood makes it more natural and environmentally friendly. No need to repaint storage cabinets to reveal their authenticity and naturalness. The blue kitchen island provides a bright color so that it becomes the focal point in this kitchen. Vintage style floating wooden storage cabinet from thenateshow.

Re-paint your entire wood storage area in mint color for a more modern and new feel. The combination of mint and white in this kitchen creates a color tone that complements the room. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Repaint your entire wood storage with mint color from thenateshow.

3. Mirror Glass Storage

Many people do not care about the mirror glass look and focus more on what is inside the storage. But a mirror glass storage is more than just a functional object. It is one of the furniture items that help your kitchen looks better.

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Glass materials always give an expensive touch to a room. Though you have the simplest kitchen interior, a mirror glass storage can make it even brighter and livelier.

Floating mirror glass racks with black iron supports is a storage idea that gives the illusion of floating goods. You can store only light items to avoid these glass shelves from breaking. One of the advantages of glass shelves is that they are not porous easily. Add frames and sculptures to add to the artistic impression and beauty of this shelf. Hang this glass shelf just above the sink. Floating mirror glass rack from thespruce.

Select and use a mirror glass shelf to display all the glasses you have. These glasses are a great sight and luxurious decoration idea. Multiple glass colors provide a vibrant and vibrant color, hang this shelf on an empty kitchen wall. Don’t forget to use mirror glass which has a smooth and thick texture. Wall mounted mirror glass shelf glass from thespruce.

4. Multipurpose Storage

Multipurpose storage is very useful for those who live in a small apartment. Just like its name, it is more than just storage. It can be used as a mug hanger, sliding trash can, or a place for a mini-fridge.

If you love a minimalist interior, you will also love this multipurpose storage. It saves a lot of space so that your kitchen feel more spacious and comfortable.

Hooks hanging on wooden cabinet doors are a smart additional storage idea you can try. This storage idea does not take up a lot of space and money, you can use this cloth to hang a measuring spoon. Buy and use hooks made of iron so that they are not easily damaged and porous. Iron hook that hangs on the wooden cabinet door from thespruce.

Tuck the shelf next to the refrigerator for hidden storage ideas. On this shelf you can store all food supplies properly and neatly. In addition, this storage also does not take up much floor space so it doesn’t interfere with your activities. Pull it out when going to storage or want to take stock of food, doesn’t it look simple but smart. Hidden standing rack beside the refrigerator from thespruce.

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Fill your kitchen interior with those useful and appealing kitchen storage ideas!


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