20 Modern Dining Room Ideas Inspired by Fine Dining Restaurants

Want to have the ultimate modern dining room? Take your cues from the world’s best fine dining restaurants. Combining design with atmosphere and delicious cuisine, these restaurants turn eating into an experience. You can get a similar vibe by copying their interior design.

Here are several ideas for dining room inspired by some of the best restaurants in the world.

1. Modern but Cozy (Ciel Bleu)

Amsterdam’s Ciel Bleu Restaurant has an interior that leans to “cozy” instead of “lavish”. The modern element comes from its high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, plush velvet chairs, and crisp white interior. The shutters on the tall glass windows inject a little homey feeling.

The Ciel Bleu Restaurant Amsterdam-style dining room has luxurious décor. Velvet chairs and a chandelier just above the dining table add glamor to the room. Velvet chairs and chandelier from luxxu.

To make the dining room design more perfect, maximize it with good lighting and furniture selection with matching colors. Use crystal decorative lights to get the style of Fine Dining Restaurants. Crsytal chandelier from luxxu.

The dining room is furnished with green velvet chairs by the window to make it feel fresher and more comfortable. Adding a white chandelier and neutral colors makes for an interesting décor. Green velvet chairs with white chandelier from luxxu.

Crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling give an elegant impression, added with luxurious furniture such as velvet chairs and rectangle glass tables. Turn the dining table towards the window to enjoy the beautiful outside view. Crystal chandeliers from luxxu.

2. Mid-Century Modern (The Grove)

Auckland’s The Grove offers a fresh version of Mid-Century Modern dining room. The gold-coated globe chandeliers pair nicely with white brick walls, dark wooden floor, and stylish sconces. Some parts of the walls have nice accents, such as wooden and dark leather panels.

Mid-century dining room design with wooden table looks simple and elegant. You can add a gold-plated globe light that matches the wooden furniture for an eye-catching look. Mid-century dining room from worksheetideas.

You can use a light brush with a brass finish for a glamorous look. Using a round glass table and medieval dining chairs will look more harmonious. Brass light brush from worksheetideas.

Give a touch of gold to the chandelier in a modern medieval dining room, then complete it with luxury dining furniture sets that have bold colors. Finish with a patterned tiles for the overall design of the dining room. Gold chandelier from worksheetideas.

You can check out the spectacular brass lighting design here. This dining room uses mostly a soft color palette and a variety of contrasting patterns and mid-century furniture. Brass lighting from worksheetideas.

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3. Fresh and Airy (David’s Kitchen)

David’s Kitchen Restaurant in Chiang Mai brings the outdoor into the dining room. Wall-to-ceiling glass panels and skylight ceiling are open toward a green garden. The lights consist of vintage Edison’s bulbs hung on a “grass rope” to create a unique look. The simple, modern furniture let the atmosphere speaks for itself.

Change the appearance of your dining room to make it more interesting and different. Use more windows to enjoy open, fresh greenery. Simple modern furniture is highly recommended for this decorating idea. Open space dining room with large window from homebuilding.

Bringing the outdoors into your dining room is an easy way to make the room feel more comfortable. With glass panels from wall to ceiling you can create this sense of comfort. Beautify with hanging decorative lights. Glass panels from wall ceiling from homestratosphere.

Using floor-to-ceiling glass for dining room decorating ideas will give you a fresh and natural feel. Combine modern furniture for a stylish look. Floor-to-ceiling glass dining room from homestratosphere.

This classic dining room is equipped with ceiling-to-floor windows that add a natural feel and the sunlight enters itself. Pair it with a round dining table and classic white chairs. Classic dining room with large window from homestratosphere.

4. Modern Mediterranean (I Latina)

I Latina Restaurant in Buenos Aires brings the warmth and colors of Mediterranean design into its dining room. It uses warm and earthy colors for the interior, such as white, terracotta, and taupe. Splashes of bright colors, like turquoise, red, and blue, exist as accents. The walls are rich with accents, such as exposed brick panels, mirror, and framed illustrations.

To give a Mediterranean impression to your dining room, try applying a red wall with gold accents. Its color and appearance will give it real warmth. Red wall with gold accents from decoist.

White is a great color to decorate your modern Mediterranean dining room. This color goes well with any color like brown. The oval table with thick chairs is the main support for the display. White shades Mediterranean dinding room from decoist.

The Mediterranean dining room design with shades of pink will present a warm natural look. You can use gray furniture to make it look attractive. Mediterranean dining room with shades pink from decoist.

Choosing a square dining table to complement the furniture in your Mediterranean dining room is a great idea. A natural stone wall will create a more perfect decoration. Natural stone wall from decoist.

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5. Understated Luxury (Da Vittorio)

Da Vittorio, a fine-dining restaurant tucked away in Brusaporto, Italy, uses luxury in a more understated way. The molded white walls are accompanied by some gold accents from the chandeliers and sconces. The dark wooden floor and terracotta tiles create a contrast with white tables.

The white color looks brighter when applied in your dining room. Use a wooden table and some classic chairs, add a crystal chandelier to beautify your room. White color dining room from archi-living.

You can add a unique chandelier to your dining room so that it will provide the right lighting. This classic dining table adds a glamorous feel to the room. Classic dining table from interiorsbyjustdesign.

Give sparkling accents to decorative lamps and brass dining tables. The role of this accent gives a luxurious color and has a high appeal. Brass dining tables from bocadolobo.

Walls equipped with wallpaper add a glamorous impression to the room. The classic dining table set with a large patterned carpet and empire chandelier will create a luxurious look. Empire chandelier from veranda.

Clueless about creating a modern dining room? These fine dining restaurants can give you design clues to recreate with lower budgets.


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