55 Unique Lamps You Can Fit in Farmhouse Dining Room

A ceiling lamp instantly “binds” the whole dining room and creates the perfect theme. A farmhouse dining room should have a unique lamp reflecting its design. When a regular ceiling bulb no longer does the job, consider finding one of these unique lamps to adorn your dining room.

1. Black Brass Pendant Lamp

A brass pendant lamp offers vintage elegance that befits a farmhouse room. Add a modern twist by finding a black brass lamp. The black coat draws the eyes and adds a moody atmosphere in your rustic dining room. It also looks timeless, perfect for homeowners who don’t like changing appliances frequently.

Black and Brass Chandelier in Farmhouse Dining Room from drivenbydecor

Black Hanging Lamp with Gold Accents from drivenbydecor

Black Brass Pendant Lamp in Dining Room from bhg

Black Brass Pendant Lamp from dwkinteriors

Vintage Pendant Lamp from bhg

Black Drum Chandelier from homebunch

Single Black Pendant Lamp from homebunch

Black and Brass Pendant Lamp from renoguide

Corner Farmhouse Dining Room with Vintage Pendant Lamp from renoguide

Metal Pendant Lights With Glass Bell Jars from homebnc

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room with Pendant Lamp from decorologyblog

2. Drum Pendant Lamp

A drum pendant lamp is often associated with Mid-century Modern design. To make it fit your farmhouse dining room, find the one made of wood or you can find it with other materials that suit the farmhouse style. A drum pendant lamp usually has a rustic feel, perfect for a modern farmhouse room.

Metal Drum Pendant Light from 1stoplighting

White Drum Pendant and Round Table from decoist

White Drum Pendant Light from decoist

Curved Pendant Lamp Drum from decoist

White and Brass Drum Pendant Light from decoist

Drum Shade Chandelier from evolutionofstyleblog

Patterned Drum Pendant Light from madebymood

Drum Pendant Light with Metal from homestratosphere

Classic Drum Pendant Light from homeluf

Contemporary Drum Pendant Light from madebymood

Neutral Colored Shade Drum Pendant Light from homedesignlover

Black Drum Pendant Lamp from homedesignlover

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3. Metal Lantern Pendant Lamp

Lantern-shaped lamp is the ultimate design option for farmhouse lighting. You can find this vintage design in various shapes and sizes. Many are equipped with old-school bulbs like Edison bulbs, while others have candle bulbs that make the vintage look even more prominent.

Shabby Chic Lantern Pendant Lamp from farmhousehub

Metal Lantern Pendant Lamp from homebnc

Brass Pendant Lamp from hgtv

Lantern Pendants from farmhousehub

Lantern Pendant Lamp with Glass-Box from farmhousehub

Linear Open-Frame Farmhouse Lantern Pendant Lamp Design from farmhousehub

 Black Pendant Light Frames from farmhousehub

Black Lantern Kitchen Island Lighting from farmhousehub

Gold Metalwork Pendant Chandeliers from farmhousehub

Metal Candle Bulbs Lantern from crismatec

Paragon Hanging Lantern from alltoplistings

4. Basket Pendant Lamps

Many basket pendant lamps have artful look from the intricate pendant shapes. You can find such lamps with rattan, wooden, bamboo, or metal pendants. They have rustic elegance that you cannot get from modern metal lamps. For a more environmentally friendly option, find one made of recycled or reclaimed wood.

Bamboo Pendant Lamp from apartmenttherapy

Rattan Pendant Lamp from apartmenttherapy

Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp from apartmenttherapy

Geometric Lines Basket Pendant Lamp from cityfarmhouse

Bigger Basket Pendants Lights from countryliving

Farmhouse Dining Room with Rattan Basket Pendant Lamp from homebunch

Modern Woven Basket Pendants from decorpad

Sinnerlig Basket Pendant Lamp from decorpad

5. Country Chandelier

Another great option for an elegant farmhouse room, a country chandelier is unlike the typical expensive chandelier. The model is often less intricate, but with beautiful, elegant curves. Many of them are made of coated metal, like brass, nickel, or bronze. For a more old-school look, find the one made of repurposed wood or distressed metal.

Weathered Iron Chandelier from homebnc

Copper Chandelier from homebnc

Crystal Chandelier Triad With Wooden Ladder from homebnc

Metal and Brass Empire Chandelier from kathykuohome

Empire Chandelier from kathykuohome

Candle Chandelier from photos.hgtv

White Empire Chandelier from photos.hgtv

White Candle Chandelier from maisondecinq

Vintage Candle Chandelier from maisondecinq

Rustic Chandelier from curatedinterior

Cottage Candle Chandelier from hellolovelystudio

White Children’s Chandelier from countryliving

Black Metal Chandelier from countryliving

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A farmhouse dining room should look cozy and welcoming. Choose the right lamp to create a perfect look for such dining room.

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