French Country Dining Room Decor Ideas On a Budget

French country decoration is one of the popular and inspiring decorations. A decoration that is capable of displaying a comfortable, casual side. It was present from the splash of neutral colors country style. After discussing the French country style bathroom, now it is the decoration of the dining room. There are so many things we can review the dining room decor. Decorations can come and be highlighted in various aspects. Like, a blend of color schemes, and dining table designs. Not only that, but the elegance can also be shown from the elegant lighting or the cabinet inside. If you are curious, let us consider one by one from them.

Neutral Color Scheme

Still the same as before, that the concept of the color scheme of the French country style is the neutral color selection. Like the color beige, white, brown, or gray. Why is that? because neutral colors can display perfect elegance. From the color itself, or the support of some furniture in it. Changing the color of the walls is the easiest and cheapest way to display something new.

Cream color is a color that is easy to match with any color. Especially with furniture, this color is almost harmoniously combined with any style of furniture. Like a French dining room this will give a warm and inviting feel to this decor. Don’t forget to add a large gold-framed abstract painting to create an elegant look. Beige French dining room from housebeautiful.

The combination of natural colors on the walls and white shiplap will decorate the ceiling of this dining room. The atmosphere is getting warmer with warm colored wooden furniture. This vintage chandelier with a gold touch makes for the perfect room decor and will steal the attention of many. Show off some of your wall collections by displaying them on open shelves to provide the perfect focal point of the room. White color scheme French dining room from housebeautiful.

Choosing a natural white color scheme and combining it with large French-style windows will give the room a wider and brighter look. This idea showcases impeccable elegance. This combination of a crystal chandelier and an antique chair creates a vintage decor into this dining room. This colorful tablecloth and flowers in a vase on the table display a fresh and cheerful decoration. Natural white color scheme from housebeautiful.

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Antique Dining Table

Do you want a slightly different dining room decoration but still on a budget? well, we have prepared another way to decorate your dining room with the presence of antique dining table sets. The word antique is always synonymous with something old, ancient, but still characterized. Let’s look at some decorating ideas in the presence of the following dining table.

This vintage wooden table provides the perfect room design and makes the room look attractive. This antique chair with floral cushions makes decorating your room more stylish and looks more comfortable. Heavy curtains work great in French country décor. Vintage wooden dining table from shelterness.

The antique cottage dining area with French country style dining table and chairs brings a natural touch to this dining area. Adding this gold accent royal chandelier adds a touch of elegance to the room. Combined with a beige color scheme and some shabby furniture, it creates a vintage room design. Antique cottage dining room from shelterness.

The design of this chair is reminiscent of historic ancient designs. Combined with this vintage round table it gives a matching look and will steal the attention of many. This green and white checkered wall scheme and green blooming flower curtain will also brighten up your French dining room. This antique chandelier with silver accents gives it an eye-catching look. Vintage round dining table from shelterness

Elegant Chandelier

A dining room without a chandelier? it looks like something is missing. The presence of lighting in the room is very important. Especially for a dining room surely hanging lamps are also very important. Hanging lamps are not only a source of lighting. But rather as an elegant and luxurious ceiling decoration. The designs of various hanging lamps come with a unique style. In addition to supporting the decoration of French country space on a limited budget, it is also very useful.

The elegant dining room design includes a whitewashed French table with matching chairs. Added a set of brass polyhedron pendants in gorgeous gold tones that complement the brown romance and warm hardwood floors. Equipped with two white winged dining chairs finish the end of the table which are all set on a brown burlap carpet. Brass polyhedron pendants french dining room from decorpad.

The Aerin 2-Tier Chandelier hangs from the white and brown crate ceiling above this French cottage dining table providing an eye-catching display and dramatic lighting. This vintage wood dining table set brings a different look. Don’t forget to add a large patterned rug to create a warm and inviting room. 2-Tier Chandelier French dining room from decorpad.

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Vintage Cabinet

We are all certainly familiar with the term cabinet. An additional storage space which is also useful as an interior decoration of a room. Almost every room requires additional storage space such as a cabinet. Especially for the dining room. It must also really need, considering so many objects that must be located there. Therefore, one of the best and most appropriate decorations on a budget.

This vintage-style neutral color combination completes the look of your French cottage space. Using wood cabinets and letting these natural colors bring a touch of style to the room. Adding this cabinet will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and your tableware so that your room looks neater. Vintage cabinet dining room from elledecor.

In the French dining room, this cottage features vintage storage on a low budget to this space. Using this shabby wooden cupboard will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and your cutlery easily so that it will create a neat room. The white color scheme, wooden floors and this vintage-style dining table set complete the decor of this room. Shabby wooden cupboard from elledecor.

Well, we have presented several dining rooms decorating ideas. The point is, all the additional furniture for the design of a french country dining room is furniture that has an elegant side. Household furniture such as dining tables or cabinets tends to be natural and without the paint color. The various budget-friendly old furniture is perfect for a french country style dining room design. Because the most important thing is the warm atmosphere that can be created in it. Furthermore, you can also work on creativity, and plan to redecorate. All of that as a goal so that the dining room always looks warm and comfortable.

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