How to Perfectly Recreate a French-Style Country Kitchen

Paris is not the only inspiration you can take to create a French kitchen. Country houses in rural France seem to exude an elegance despite their rustic settings. The kitchen style is warm and welcoming but leans to shabby chic instead of typical farmhouse kitchens. 

How can you recreate this look in your kitchen? Here are several ideas to implement when you are building (or renovating) a kitchen.

1. Distressed Wooden Cabinetry

Wooden cabinetry is a typical part of farmhouse kitchens, but the French one uses distressed wood. It gives even more European vibe if you arrange white ceramic dishware in it. White teapot, cups, plates, and bowls exude simple European elegance, and they look great when neatly arranged in the cabinetry.

An easy way to create a French-themed kitchen atmosphere is to incorporate stressed wood elements into the large kitchen cabinets. For a cleaner look, you can repaint it using plain white. Flowers that are applied on the countertop become a room decoration that looks beautiful and bright. You can try it right now. Repaint distressed wooden cabinet from bhg.

Using wood elements will automatically make your kitchen decor look more rustic. This is very appropriate to use in a French rustic kitchen idea, the use of pressed wood in a cabinet with transparent glass doors makes it easy for you to show off your beautiful ceramic collection. Wooden kitchen cabinet with transparent glass door from bhg.

2. Warm-Colored Stone Tiles

Install stone tiles with warm colors as your backsplash. They can be yellow, orange, or red, with subtle markings or veins on their surfaces. The combination of natural stones and warm colors create a welcoming look, especially if you pair them with a wooden floor.

To add a warm atmosphere to a French country kitchen, it would be nice if you use brick tiles in your backsplash design. By using unfinished brick tiles coated with beige paint that will add to the warmth of your French rustic kitchen. You can combine the beige color on the backsplash with bright white furniture. While the use of brick tiles without finishing aims not to eliminate the natural impression on the backsplash. Bricks backsplash from homesandgardens.

You can also use natural stone with a unique motif on the backsplash to attract the attention of everyone in your French country kitchen. A natural stone backsplash will make your kitchen atmosphere warm, especially if you add an orange hidden spotlight that leads to the backsplash, it will certainly make your French rustic kitchen warmer. Natural stone backsplash from homebnc.

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3. Statement Range Hood

Most French country kitchens have range hoods, which become the main points of the rooms. You can choose an elegant white range hood, a hood with a scalloped edge, or a colored metal hood. Copper, brass, and bronze are popular options for metal range hoods.

Today’s unique decoration that you can apply through a French country kitchen is by using a cooper range hood which has a larger size with a more glossy surface. This material has a touch of luxury that is not excessive, you can combine it with several wooden interiors that are painted in different colors to produce a more colorful and pleasant room tone. Cooper range hood from hgtv.

Another option for the range hood is to repaint it in a more neutral color like white. This color can be harmonized with other interior uses that are around it such as a kitchen standing cabinet that can be used as a complement to the room as well as an extra storage idea that can be used as best as possible. The white marble floor is a very suitable foot surface that you can try. Repaint white range hood from hgtv.

Bronze is one of the right materials for a range hood design that you can try in French country kitchen decorations. This material is very sturdy and does not rust easily so many people like it, for a more unique look then you can add built-in lighting in this range hood area to illuminate the backsplash of your kitchen at night. Bronze range hood from hgtv.

4. Classy Statement Lamps

Installing the right lamps can bring a breath of fresh air in a country kitchen. Choose a lamp that reflects the “European country kitchen” well. For example, you can install a vintage chandelier lamp or several lantern-shaped lamps.

You can also use a unique chandelier as a source of lighting in your French country kitchen. Don’t hesitate to use two or three pendant lamps, because in addition to making the room brighter and warmer, using some lights will also strengthen the theme of your French rustic kitchen. An antique chandelier that is right above the dining table, will warm the atmosphere when you enjoy a meal with loved ones. Pendant lamps from hgtv.

Or you can also use classic and antique chandeliers in your French country kitchen ideas. Use a classic chandelier that has a large size to be able to provide maximum lighting throughout the kitchen area evenly. This lamp will be assisted by the lighting of sunlight that enters the room freely during the day. Classic chandelier from hgtv.

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5. Herb Planters

Many French dishes require herbs to improve their flavors, and herb planters are perfect additions for French kitchens. You can use simple wooden planters to grow sage and rosemary on the countertop. You can use small pots and place them near the window.

To decorate your French country kitchen, then try using indoor rosemary which is applied through a vintage galvanized pot and can also be hung on the top of the countertop. Kitchen cabinets painted in yellow are part of the interior that emphasizes this style. Neutral paint is a kitchen decoration that is easy to combine with any colored furniture around it. Rosemary with vintage galvanized pot from homesandgardens.

You can plant the sage plant that is applied to the countertop through a small clay pot. The more indoor plants that are tried in this French country kitchen area, the more fresh and natural the appearance will be. You can do maximum care to get the growth of plants that are fertile and of course grow according to your wishes. Indoor sage plant from homesandgardens.

The rural areas of France inspire homeowners to build warm and welcoming kitchens. Copy the style in your own French kitchen by incorporating the country kitchen elements.


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