Best and Creative Ideas for Your Dining Room Wall

The dining room isn’t only a place to have a meal. On the contrary, it is more to be a place to mingle and spend more time with family and friends. Thus, dressing up the room becomes an important issue to do. One of the ways is by introducing it with creative and unique wall décor. A proper wall treatment will not only entertain the eyes but also improve the meal served look. Here are some creative ideas to dress up your dining room wall.

1. Photo or Artwork Collections Wall

You’ll love to see your family pictures or artwork, not only one but many, hanging on the dining wall. You only need to mix and match the size and color frames on the entire room wall. Then, with a little help of hammer and nails, you can create your exclusive wall of fame in a dining room. 

No family pictures? Change it with your artwork collections. 

Stick your art collection on the wall to make your dining room look attractive. All you need to do is arrange them neatly on the wall. Using a frame for this painting makes your dining room look more stylish. Combined with white walls will make your room cleaner and brighter. This mid-century style wooden dining table set makes your room more comfortable. Art collection wall dining room from hgtv.

Another great way to style an art gallery wall is with neutral colors. The sketch, watercolor, and painting above work together as they share the same shades of brown, beige, and sienna. You can add a wall to your dining room for a stylish room design and attract the attention of many people. This white color scheme and hardwood floors create a spacious and warm look. Neutral colors wall decor dining room from hgtv.

Sticking to a black and white scheme makes it incredibly easy to combine a variety of art media, from photos to maps to vintage silhouettes. Attaching it to this dining room will provide the perfect focal point of the room. You can combine it with a white wall scheme to create a clean and airy room. The dining table set with rattan chairs also gives the room a natural impression into the room. Black and white scheme wall decor from hgtv.

Combine the size of your old photo collection and stick it to the wall in your dining room. This will be a great idea to make your dining room more attractive and can improve your mood to eat. Combined with the blue walls will make the perfect focal point of the room. This red lampshade adds a bold touch of color and will add a dramatic look to any room. Old photo collection from hgtv.

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2. Drapery Wall

The wall does not have to always be brick or concrete. For open floor houses, curtains can function as walls. Add to the dining room by placing colorful patterned curtains such as those printed in pleasant flowers. Or, if you are a bohemian lover, you can use a woven curtain for that.

Apply beige linen curtains for something simple but can give an attractive appearance to your dining room wall. These curtains can bring a modern rustic feel to your home, especially in your dining room. Pairs well with large windows and a rustic wood ceiling that will add a rustic touch to your room. Linen curtains dining room from countryliving.

Another way to decorate your dining room walls, you can install beige linen curtain ideas. Curtains can make an impact on the decor of your dining room. It can make your dining room look beautiful. In addition, you can combine it with floral wallpaper that will beautify the design of your dining room. This wooden dining table set will give a natural touch to the room. Beige curtain dining room from countryliving.

3. Exposed Brick Wall

To have an inviting and warm atmosphere of a dining room, let the exposed brick wall help you. Its texture and natural colors easily blend to many accessories and furniture, such as hanging chalkboard or wall-mounted planters.

If you want to keep your room a little bit rustic, place a distressed finish dining table along with its wooden bench or sofa. 

Using a brick wall in the dining room will add a warm and comfortable impression to you. Add a depressed wooden table and other ornaments on the wall to make it look more rustic. This vintage chandelier adds a dramatic touch to the room. Complete the look with this classic chair giving the room a warm and cozy look. Brick wall dining room from architectureartdesigns.

The concept of a rustic dining room with brick wall accents and a long wooden dining table combined with traditional patterned chairs. Plus the textured wood floor makes the dining room decoration more attractive. This brick wall is also equipped with framed abstract paintings to complete the look. Rustic dining room with brick wall from architectureartdesigns.

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4. Dramatic Wall

Work with wallpapers for stunning wall results. Dare to mix wallpaper patterns and colors. For example, a thick black graphic pattern wallpaper is perfect for those of you who want to make a masculine look to your dining room wall. Or, wallpaper art is the best choice to meet your children’s preferences.

To beautify your dining room, you can apply wallpaper to decorate the walls of the dining room. You can choose a striped pattern to make the dining room more attractive and welcoming. Choosing this black and white color will give a perfect modern look. In addition to the walls, you can also use black and white line curtains to create a matching room. Black and white striped wallpaper from housebeautiful.

For an elegant dining room wall decoration, black and white geometric wallpaper is suitable for this idea. You can add a mid-centuy style dining table set to strengthen the elegant feel in your dining room. In addition, you can also complete the look with a wooden sofa that will give a comfortable impression to your dining room. Stirped wallpaper dining room from decoist.

See! With a little effort and creativity, your dining room can be an enchanting place to sit and chat with friends and family. Then, what stopping you back? Pick one idea above and apply it to your dining room.


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