55 Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas for Tiny House

If you are thinking about the right interior design for your tiny house, consider this sleek and adorable farmhouse style. This style offers you a finished touch of wood, natural feature, and rural characteristics. Also, the farmhouse brings warmth and a calm atmosphere so that it provides coziness for everyone. Moreover, the farmhouse style will be friendly for any size of the house, especially the small ones. The followings are some inspiring ideas of farmhouse interior design that fit your tiny house.

Bright Color

What makes the farmhouse style more interesting is that it is simply elegant with its bright color. As we know that applying a bright color scheme for a tiny space will result in a larger illusion. Like these tiny house kitchen, white is applied for the shiplap wall, sleek countertop, and sink. Floor and ceiling, furniture can be chosen in white or cream to give a bright color scheme. This idea surely results in an amazing look for this tiny house.

White Shiplap Wall from futuristarchitecture

Cream Celling from futuristarchitecture

White Wooden Shiplap Wall from futuristarchitecture

Sleek Countertop from futuristarchitecture

White Wall and Celling from futuristarchitecture

White Tiny House Kitchen from futuristarchitecture

White Shiplap Wall and Countertop from futuristarchitecture

Modern Farmhouse Tiny House from futuristarchitecture

White Sink from decoraid

White Kitchen from decoraid

Tiny House Cream Shades from decoraid.

White Shiplap Walls and White Cabinets from decoraid

White Sink and Wooden Countertop from decoraid

Creamy Kitchen from loveproperty

Double Function

Manage your minimal space as well as possible. Go double function for some rooms that are possible to be merged. This idea also lets you be creative and innovative to organize the available space. For example, separate your room into upper and lower parts. The upper part is used as a bedroom. Moreover, the lower is used as a simple kitchen and a small dining room. Thus, you can have some functions at once.

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Bedroom Ceiling from livinginashoebox

Lower Dining Table from livinginashoebox

Gray Sofa in Tiny House from livinginashoebox

Upper Bedroom from livinginashoebox

Lower Kitchen from livinginashoebox

Bathroom and Kitchen Combo from livinginashoebox

Monochromatic Kitchen from livinginashoebox

Downstairs Bedroom from livinginashoebox

Upstairs Bedroom and Downstairs Kitchen from livinginashoebox

Upper and Lower Bedrooms from livinginashoebox

Rustic Kitchen from livinginashoebox

Rustic Bedroom Celling from futuristarchitecture

Bedroom with Red Mattress from futuristarchitecture

Modern Farmhouse Tiny House from futuristarchitecture

Vintage Vibe

Farmhouse design allows you to mix and match with other styles. In this case, vintage goes well with this style to make a perfect tiny house interior design. Just put some elements to beautify your farmhouse tiny house and they will create a good combination of these two styles. For example, put a rocking chair in the living room and old wooden frame to hang a green wreath as an ornament. Also, you can have a wooden ladder to store the blankets.

Vintage Pendant Lamp from countryliving

Vintage Glass Lighting from countryliving

Metal Pendant Lamp from hgtv

Wooden and Metal Stool from idesignarch

Vintage Coffee Table from idesignarch

Vintage Console Table from idesignarch

Vintage Storage from idesignarch

Stainless steel sink from idesignarch

Black Metal Pendant Lamp from newatlas

Vintage metal flower vase from decorpion

White Ladder Storage from decorpion

Metal Vintage Fruit Tray from decorpion

Sconce Lighting from decorpion

Metal and Wooden Coffee Table from hgtv

Give A Touch of Pattern

To beautify your farmhouse interior design, consider giving a touch of pattern. It will give a statement for your bright color scheme decoration. For instances, you can apply a floral wallpaper for a chic look for your bedroom or bathroom, get plaid cushions to balance your white sofa, or put a patterned rug in the living room.

Yellow Wallpaper with Floral Pattern from bangordailynews

Red Tribal Rug from aero.dreamsscapes

Flower Runner Rug from aero.dreamsscapes

White Rug from aero.dreamsscapes

Striped Pillow from thegoodtrade

Patterned Pillows from homestratosphere

Colorful Pillow from homestratosphere

Tribal Patterned Pillow from itinyhouses

Several Patterned Pillows from loveproperty

Brown Geometric Patterned Rug from loveproperty

Runner Rug from livinginashoebox

Tribal Patterned Rug from easyhometips

Tribal Patterned Pillow from sumcoco

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Well, those are some examples of farmhouse interior designs that may inspire you. Know you will see how this style keeps your tiny house cozy, elegant, and warm. Then, put some decorative or seasonal ornaments like pumpkins, wreath, and bloom flowers to enhance the look of your rooms.


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