How to Make Not Boring Wall Gallery  Arrangements

Decorating your wall can be confusing sometimes since there are so many choices that you can have. Let’s say that you can have the wall mural, patterned painting, wall hanging ornament, collection display, and more including the wall gallery. In this case, the wall gallery can be proper to beautify your home decoration in case you do such a good wall gallery arrangement. It won’t only be about the frames that are arranged vertically or horizontally but it is also possible for you to have the uncommon gallery arrangement. The more unique wall gallery arrangement you provide, the more aesthetic design you have. Anyway, talking about the wall gallery itself, there will be divided into the painting collection gallery and the photo collection gallery.

Painting Gallery

It is great if you have a painting collection so that you can display it to beautify your wall decoration with something artistic yet fancy painting. If it is possible, you can adjust the painting concept with your home decoration style. However, it will also be great to display your own painting or your kids’ painting. You don’t need to be worried about the painting value because your own artwork or your kids’ artwork means so much and has a high-value way more than the fancy ones. Here are examples of the painting gallery arrangements.

Nooks Painting Gallery from thespruce

Antique Style Hanging Painting from thespruce

Floor to Ceiling Painting Wall from thespruce

Staircase Wall Decoration from thespruce

Black Frames Painting Gallery from thespruce

Home Office Wall Decor from thespruce

Contemporary Frame Gallery from homedit

Various Sizes of Gallery Wall from homedit

Rustic Vibe Gallery Wall from homedit

Kids Art Gallery Wall from homedit

Contemporary Painting Entryway from hgtv

Bohemian Kids Painting Style from hgtv

Clipped Painting Gallery from hgtv

Colorful Frame Painting from hgtv

Eclectic Mix of Wall Art from tinyme

Children’s Animal Painting from tinyme

Corner Statement Ideas from tinyme

Abstract Painting Wall Decor from tinyme

Mixed Media Gallery Wall from tinyme

Pom-Pom Frame Gallery Art Wall from designimprovised

Monochromatic Painting Gallery from elledecor

Modern Style Painting Gallery from elledecor

Industrial Frame Gallery Wall from elledecor

Staircase Wall Gallery Ideas from elledecor

Fun Abstract Painting Gallery from digsdigs

Hanging Painting Wall Decor from digsdigs

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Photo Collection Gallery

Displaying your photo collection will be great. It could be for the scenery and any of your aesthetic photos or you can have your family member’s photo collection to be displayed. Well, we all know that photos bring memories that remind us of our special moments in the past. That is why it is recommended for you to have the photo gallery arrangement as a part of your wall home decoration. Don’t forget that you should play with the frames so that the photos can be seen as aesthetic. Or, you can focus on the arrangement that must be special and ant mainstream. Get the arrangement references below!

Living Room Family Photo Layout from elledecor

B/W Wall Photos Collection from elledecor

Square Shape Photo Galley from artifactuprising

Photos Collection on the Console Table from artifactuprising

Black and White Photos Gallery from artifactuprising

Entryway Photos Collection from artifactuprising

Family Photos Gallery from artifactuprising

Photo Collection Above the Fireplace from artifactuprising

Photo of Child on Floating Rack from artifactuprising

Flower Photo Background from artifactuprising

Small Wall Photos from artifactuprising

Transparent Frame Photo from artifactuprising

Multi-Layer Wall Shelf Photos from artifactuprising

Wedding Photo Wall Decor from artifactuprising

Baby Photo Wall Decoration from artifactuprising

Maternity Gallery Photo from artifactuprising

Hanging Big Kids Photo from artifactuprising

Square Shaped Photos Gallery from artifactuprising

Layer Family Photos from artifactuprising

Monochrome Hue Wall Photos from homebnc

Designed Gallery Photos from homebnc

Family Tree Gallery from homebnc

Square Photos on the Wall from homebnc

Farmhouse Style Photos from homebnc

Monogram and Photos Collection from homebnc

Hallway Frame Photos from homebnc

Pastel Frame Photos from homebnc

Various Frame with Square Shape from homebnc

Stairway Frame Galleries from homebnc

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