56 Kid-Friendly Living Room Design Update that Suits Your Need

Whatever the shape of your house, home is the most comfortable place you will always miss. And with so many rooms in the house, the living room is an important room there. The main function of the living room is a gathering place for the whole family. That’s why you have to design the living room properly. Arranging a living room is not just about how you place the sofa and table there. But also about how you can give touches that are able to create comfort and warmth in this room.

If you have children, usually they will play in the living room. Therefore, you must design a kid-friendly living room appropriately with pay attention to comfort and safety for kids. And to create a friendly room, you must think about the concept, the arrangement of the room, and also the accents selection to give a warm impression there. And then, to give you inspiration we present pictures below that you can copy in your living room.

Wicker Storage from homestoriesatoz

Cream Beige Living Room from blog.modsy

Giraffe Character Game from blog.modsy

Children Study Desk Set from blog.modsy

Geometric Rug from blog.modsy

Kids’ Toys from blog.modsy

Rattan Storage and Soft Carpets from blog.modsy

Checkered Kids Tend from blog.modsy

Hanging Rattan Storage from onecrazyhouse

Colorful Child Chair from onecrazyhouse

White Box Storage from onecrazyhouse

Plastic Storage Containers from onecrazyhouse

Chalkboard Paint from onecrazyhouse

Rounded Coffee Table and White Bookshelves from onecrazyhouse

Framed Gallery Walls from homedit

Wooden Storage from homedit

Gray Tend from homedit

White Wall Storage from laybabylay

Toy Car Games from lushome

Dark Wood Storage from crateandbarrel

Striped Tend and Gray Storage from crateandbarrel

Basket Storage from formandfunctiondesign

Similar Storage from formandfunctiondesign

Colorful Rug from homemydesign

Miniature Walk on Coffee Table from homemydesign

Animal Head Wall Decoration from homemydesign

White Tent with Pompoms from homemydesign

Geometric Rug from homemydesign

Red Domino Game from homemydesign

Colorful Geometric Rug from homemydesign

Animal pattern wallpaper from homemydesign

Colorful Geometric Wallpaper from homemydesign

Reading Nook and Bookshelv from homemydesign

Pink Sofa from homemydesign

Minimalist Living Room with Tent from homemydesign

Wall Climbing on Living Room from homemydesign

House Shape Blackboard from homemydesign

Colorful Block Game from homemydesign

Black and White Living Room from homemydesign

White Tent and Striped Basket from homemydesign

White Bookshelf from homemydesign

Iron Basket Storage from homemydesign

White Cabinet Storage from homemydesign

Kid Friendly Living Room from homemydesign

Retro-Modern Bookshelf from decoist

Wooden Block Furniture from decoist

Child’s Table from decoist

Child-Friendly Living Room with Storage Baskets from decoist

DIY Coffee Table with Game from homedit

DIY Framed Wall Decor from housebeautiful

Wooden Wall Climbing from housebeautiful

Pink Stool from sassymamahk

Blue Checkered Carpet from sassymamahk

Blue Geometric Rug from sassymamahk

Storage with Wicker Basket from sassymamahk

Playhouse Rug from hgtv

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From the pictures above, you can see that a small size living room can also be a friendly living room if you arrange it properly. Because kids will also play in the living room, furniture selection must also be considered. You can choose furniture that is safe and not harmful to kids. Then the selection of an open concept design will also provide a more comfortable area for children. And to give a warm impression, you can place a comfortable carpet there.

So, for those of you who have kids, designing a living room to be more comfortable and safe is something you should do. With a friendly living room, it will also make you less anxious when your kids are playing in the living room. And, don’t forget to also prepare storage that can be used by kids to store their toys there. So, make the pictures we present above as your inspiration and good luck trying to make a friendly living room in your home.


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