10 Stunning Scandinavian Living Room Inspirations for your Home

Want Scandinavian interior design for your living room? That’s brilliant! Such design will give you a touch of minimalist interior design combined with elegant urban style—very modern and cozy! The Nordic living room design is also popular nowadays, so it only takes a blink of an eye to find some ideas. Here are some stunning Scandinavian living room inspirations for your home.

Go Natural with Wood Element

Scandinavian interior design always brings a natural vibe. It mainly comes from the use of wood element on furniture, walls, and floors. The wood element in Scandinavian living room doesn’t have to be dominating—it can be a combination with other materials. Cover your floor or some of the walls of your living room with wood and find the elegance in them. 

Scandinavian decoration usually uses furniture made from natural materials such as wood. Yes, you can try this wooden furniture by using a coffee table that has a unique and eye-catching design. Here you can use a wooden coffee table with an oval shape which is dominated by the use of wood without re-painting so that it is more environmentally friendly and makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Complement the coffee table section with two lighting candles and a blooming arrangement applied to a little vase. Other wooden furniture that you can use in this Scandinavian living room is a dresser design as a closed storage idea. Natural Wood Furniture Living Room from @casahjartlie

When you want a Scandinavian theme in your living room decoration, the use of wood which dominates is one of the characteristics that you need to pay attention to. Look at this wooden floor that has a pattern and two different colors, doesn’t it look more attractive and different from the others? The use of this wooden floor can be perfected by using a rattan chair and an industrial look coffee table made of a combination of solid wood and iron that has been repainted in a deep black color. All the interiors in this room will work well together for this Scandinavian theme. Next, you can use a melamine wood cabinet with white paint that looks elegant. Also cover the floor with a rug in a neutral color, which is also white. Dominant Wooden Furniture Material from @happywifenewlife

Take a look at the design of the wooden pallet coffee table in this Scandinavian living room. Its simple appearance can be repainted in plain white, making it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Apart from that, one of the advantages that you can get from using this furniture is that it saves more on your spending budget. You can arrange it yourself using materials that are already around your house. The design of this coffee table can also be used as an open storage idea and you can use it for a large number of book storage areas. DIY Wooden Pallet Table with White Paint from from @interior_specter

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Find the Beauty in Rustic Furniture

Opposite to being minimalist and modern, Scandinavian living room design is surprisingly also about going traditional. You should try a rustic Scandinavian living room design to experience the countryside touch of the Nordic interior design. 

There’s nothing wrong with combining a Scandinavian theme with a rustic touch in the same room. In this Scandinavian living room you can use a solid wood coffee table with iron legs that have been repainted in a deep black color. These two materials will work well together to become a sturdy and strong piece of furniture. Not only focusing on the coffee table, but you can also enhance this part of the living room with a jute rug and rattan woven ottoman placed right next to the bamboo swing complete with seat cushions and throw blankets. In this living room you can gather with your family more comfortably and quietly. Shabby Chic Look Wooden Furniture from @cleanbohodecor

An easy way that you can do to bring a rustic touch to the Scandinavian living room decor is to use a coffee table made of woven rattan which is dominated by brown. In the same room you can use a layer of rugs with geometric patterns with a mix of white and black. Another interior that you can place in this room is a DIY wooden ladder which can be placed right in the corner of the room to be used as an area to display your ornaments. After everything is installed neatly and precisely, then just use it to gather with family or guests who visit your home. DIY Rattan Wicker Coffee Table from @podaj.mlotek

Furniture or interior that is dominated by a Scandinavian theme is perfected with a coffee table made of wood that looks rustic and vintage because it uses reclaimed wood without repainting. In this way, Scandinavian and rustic themes can be applied simultaneously in one living room. A rattan pendant lamp, white linen sofa, textured rug, and brown paint work well together. Also present string light lighting in this room for a more dramatic final look of the room. The geometric pattern on the use of throw blankets and throw pillows is also a clever idea that you can use. Rustic Vibes Scandinavian Living Room from @interior_specter

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Add Textured and Geometrical Themed

Scandinavian living room design usually offers more textured surfaces of furniture, such as on sofas and chairs. The texture is usually obtained from the materials they are made with, like fabric, woven straw, rattan, or metal. Therefore, a two-seated sofa made of linen is the most suitable one for a Scandinavian living room. 

To add texture and pattern to the Scandinavian living room, you can cover the wooden floor with a rug made of faux fur. This is not enough, you can also use rugs with geometric patterns dominated by black and white. This section of the rug is also enhanced with tassel accents which make the foot surface warmer and more comfortable all day long. Just combine the existence of this rug with a gray linen sofa and a side table made of natural solid wood. The presence of green plants in the room also adds color to the room by instantly bringing natural nuances into the room. Geometric Pattern Furry Rug from @livingroomidea

This coffee table design with marble material which is dominated by white can be combined directly with furniture made from natural wood so that it can present a Scandinavian theme. Now you can try it to decorate the living room that is often visited by your family. Complement the marble tabletop with a textured vase with towering flower arrangements. The chairs made of wood in this room do not require repainting so that they save more on the spending budget. Finish by painting the walls white to make it look more elegant. Square Shaped Marble Coffee Table from @malathi

This curved chair design is ready to be used in a room in your home. Its soft and warm shoulders make anyone who uses it feel like lingering in your Scandinavian living room decoration. Just choose and use interiors with neutral colors so that the room looks brighter and more open. The furry material used in the design of this chair is complemented by four wooden legs which are quite sturdy. Combine the existence of this chair with a rug made of furry as well and with a choice of matching colors. The white linen sofa is the main sitting area. Furry Curved Chair from @emskipihla

One of the geometric patterns that you can apply to a Scandinavian living room decor is a striped rug that will cover the floor so that it becomes a warmer and more comfortable footwear when stepped on. Just choose and use a rug with a mix of black and white that has a monochrome combination that will never fail. A wooden table, a brown sofa and a unique fireplace design make a room statement that can provide instant warmth. The living room is also equipped with a glass window which is able to provide natural brightness to the room. Striped Rug Design Ideas from @modernfolkstaging

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