25 Brilliant Hacks to Keep your Bathroom Neat

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home. Not only a place to clean yourself but sometimes also to relax. Thus, it is important for us to always keep the bathroom clean and neat. However, when we discuss neatness we will go to the storage room. So we need an idea about adding storage without reducing space for activities. Moreover, if we have a bathroom with limited space. Then we will rethink how to get a very neatly organized bathroom. Having a large or small bathroom size, you will need lots of ideas for this one. With so many stuff and clusters in the bathroom, it will require a lot of storage space.

Well, this is the best time for saving space, by looking at some of the more popular DIY storage ideas. What about the idea of an affordable small bathroom, then a useful wall space, and a large bathroom with a vanity. Now, we have prepared some affordable DIY storage ideas. That will help you in the process of a fireplace in your bathroom. A brilliant idea about storage space and organization hacks to create a comfortable and space-saving bathroom. No less important is that the idea of hacks is easy and affordable for all types of bathrooms.

Adding a wooden wardrobe to the wall will create an attractive appearance. You can keep some toiletries there to make your bathroom more organized. Wooden wardrobe fromm architecturendesign.

A simple idea for bathroom storage is to attach a magnet to hold a few hair clips. In this way, your bathroom decor will be more organized. Magnet storage from architecturendesign.

You can add hair accessories in the form of a hairdrayer and flat iron to the basket next to the sink. This way it will be easier for you to organize a tidier bathroom. Iron basket from architecturendesign.

Using a PVC pipe connector to store a hairdryer and flat iron is a bathroom hack worth trying. This way your bathroom will be neatly organized. PVC pipe connector from architecturendesign.

Using a basket as a storage medium for bathroom fixtures is highly recommended. Not only able to accommodate many of your items, but also decorative. Black hanging basket from architecturendesign.

If you have a small bathroom, using vertical storage is a great idea. The open shelf above the toilet with a wicker basket you can use for storage ideas in your tiny bathroom to make it look more practical. Vertical storage from architecturendesign.

Add hooks to the shower rod to hang toiletries to save storage space. Hooks storage from architecturendesign.

The DIY pouch organizer behind the door makes your bathroom look tidy. You can arrange bathroom fixtures according to the type, making it easier for you to find them. Storage behind the door from architecturendesign.

Coat hangers instead of towel bars are a great choice for storage ideas in your small bathroom thus saving more space. You can use it to store towels for easier access. Coat hangers from architecturendesign.

Hanging wicker baskets on the wall will provide practical storage that doesn’t take up much space. Can be used as a towel to make it look neater. Hanging wicker baskets from architecturendesign.

Mason jar storage makes a brilliant storage idea in this farmhouse bathroom. Adding a wooden plank to hang the jar will make your bedroom tidier and cleaner. Mason jar storage from architecturendesign.

Installing a few towel bars behind the bathroom door will make it easier for you to hang the towels thus providing practical storage that doesn’t take up much space. Towel bar behind the door from architecturendesign.

The DIY mason jar beside the sink will give your bathroom an interesting look, making it easier for you to store things. DIY mason jar from architecturendesign.

Choosing a hanging basket bathroom storage will make your bathroom stand out from the rest. Using a metal basket as a storage area is a great idea to maximize the space of your bathroom. Hanging basket bathroom storage from architecturendesign.

Using an open shelf behind the door will make your tiny bathroom look more organized. So that it will enhance your farmhouse bathroom decor to make it look perfect and neat. Open shelf behind the door from architecturendesign.

Hanging iron baskets on the bathroom wall is a brilliant idea for you to try, so that it will create a spacious room decoration. Hanging iron baskets from architecturendesign.

Wall storage ideas with crate shelves add a vintage feel to the space. Besides that, it will provide a spacious room decoration. Crate shelves from architecturendesign.

Wooden storage box above the sink for a small bathroom storage design. There you will easily put various kinds of toiletries to beauty tools. Wooden storage box from makespace.

Building built-in storage on the wall provides the perfect decoration for you to try. This way you can put down shampoo and soap easily. Built-in wall from makespace.

Install your drawers vertically for extra storage. Attach this simple storage rack into your bathroom wall space. Drawers vertically storage from makespace.

Very creative idea by adding simple hacks and staying organized. Adds a pouch for securely storing shampoo and conditioner bottles in your small bathroom. Pouch storage from makespace.

Recycled old tins that you can use to store some of your towels. Install it on an empty bathroom wall for a minimalist room design. Recycled old tins from makespace.

Repurpose wooden hangers that functions as a towel hanger and is easy to reach, so you can try it now. Repurpose wooden hangers from makespace.

Using cloth paper towels is a great storage idea in your bathroom. It will also bring an attractive decorative look to your bathroom. Cloth paper towels from makespace.

Attach a retro doorknob to the wall to use as a storage area for towels so that it will add more storage space in your bathroom. Retro doorknob from makespace.

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We have presented various ideas on how to organize bathrooms. Ranging from adding storage space to making DIY hacks that are popular. Hacks are the most budget-friendly way to get fabulous bathroom decorations. Various inspiration in the addition of storage racks, the idea of utilizing the space under the sink, or using new materials that are more affordable. Whatever your idea of hacks the aim is to increase storage space in the bathroom. So the bathroom becomes neat and free of clusters.

Sometimes, many DIY hacks make use of material that is not useful initially to be very unique and creative. The results are also very enjoyable. No wonder this idea became popular. Although it looks simple, the idea of ​​making these hacks really helps you in maintaining the neatness and comfort of the bathroom space. Given the lot of equipment and clusters that exist. However, with this hacks idea you don’t need to worry anymore. Your creativity in designing, decorating, and installing hacks is very influential on the appearance of your small bathroom. turning pallets into unique floating shelves, utilizing pipes to become cute hair dryers, to a variety of adorable tissue holders. Now, it’s time you make a choice about the idea of ​​hacks that inspire.


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