Stylish Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Nicer Bathroom Look

Are you in need of some lovely bathroom decor ideas? As one of the most comfortable and relaxing rooms at home, surely you want to decorate it with methods that hit every note: calming, stylish, aesthetic, and cozy as much as possible. To grant your wish, we have compiled several top choices people make when decorating their bathroom.

1. Swap Out Hardware

If you think your drawers need a new touch—and you currently got no budget prepared to buy a new one instead, then feel free to swap out its hardware. By this, we encourage you to put new dresser knobs set for a little makeover—an effort requiring little expense yet tremendous look afterwards.

No need to buy a new vanity to replace your old vanity in the bathroom, you can simply repaint it with a light blue color so that it looks cleaner and shiny. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also replace the rusty knob with a gold knob made of hard iron and not easily porous. The combination of gold and blue is the best choice that can be applied to modern bathroom decorations. Gold knob vanity from housebeautiful.

If you have used a vanity cabinet with plain white color, then the next idea you can apply is the use of a solid black knob made of hardware so that it is easier to install and of course has a more solid surface. The two colors applied in this piece of furniture indirectly present a modern and minimalist monochromatic style. Black matte knob vanity cabinet from mydomaine.

The last option for using hardware in bathroom decoration is through iron knobs that are installed on some vanity cabinet doors which serve as towing areas that are very easy to pass when you are going to pick up any items that are placed in this cabinet. This hardware is very suitable when combined with plywood which has a more neutral and natural color. Vanity knob hardware from mydomaine.

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2. Bring in Flowers

It’s time to put a stop to a room without a floral addition. Bring some through floral wall art, or a vase filled with plenty of nice-scented blooms to increase the freshness of the room. Greeneries, in general, can also be your choice, such as a vibrant palm leaf.

Take advantage of the window area to place several ceramic pots filled with various types of different flowers so that the room becomes more colorful and exciting. These flowers will be a fresh sight when you enter the bathroom, not only that but these flowers are also a very favorite windowsill decoration this year. Flower windowsill decoration from digsdigs.

The roses that are placed in the corner of the bathroom are perfected with a hanging floral canvas painting that has a fairly large size. Present the French country style in this room by using floral curtains that are complemented by several vintage-style interiors. This bathroom decoration looks simple but very eye-catching. Combination of roses and flower painting from digsdigs.

Choose and use pink and light pink flowers to make one in a transparent glass vase that looks modern and luxurious. This flower will be the focal point in your white bathroom decor because it has a bold color that attracts attention. Not only used as a room view, but roses also produce a fragrant aroma that is never boring. Roses in a transparent glass vase from digsdigs.

3. Lay Down a Woolly Rug

Get a super gentle touch on your feet through the addition of a new modern wool carpet in the bathroom. For more perfect texture, feel free to add a woven basket, or double the carpet that matches the color and pattern of the entire room.

You can cover the dry floor in the bathroom with a small faux fur rug which has a smoother and softer surface. This rug is a warmer footwear, so many people like it. This transparent glass window which has a larger size is a source of natural lighting that greatly saves your monthly electricity expenses. Green plants become a natural decoration. Faux fur rug from digsdigs.

Place your faux fur rug right next to the bathtub to coat the bathroom tile perfectly. Choose and use a white rug so that it can be more adapted to the use of the interior that is around it. This faux fur rug is a very smart idea to get maximum bathroom comfort. Perform routine maintenance to keep it looking clean and white. White faux fur rug from digsdigs.

This rectangular faux fur rug is complemented by several rattan wicker baskets that can be used as open storage ideas that are very cheap and on budget. You can put this storage basket right under the wooden vanity so that the floor area is neater and of course makes this bathroom room more spacious and free. Rectangle faux fur rug from extraspace.

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4. Paint an Accent Wall

The accent wall painting in the bathroom prevents it from becoming too boring to look at. Don’t shy away from combining bold color combinations! Either you’re headed for a neutral or dramatic outcome; Your accent walls will be a great way to experiment with your creativity with pleasure.

Repaint some of your bathroom walls with bright colors such as yellow for room decorations that look more modern and clean, of course. This wall paint is perfect when combined with glossy white tiles. You can use part of the wall as a closed storage idea that can maximize the room to make it more tidy and organized. Yellow paint wall from apartmenttherapy.

This red wall paint becomes the focal point of the room which makes it appear more passionate. You can combine this wall paint with white tiles that are applied through some walls and floors. The shower curtain with a striped pattern in this room has a combination of black and white so that it looks more neutral and of course has a color that matches the current bathroom interior that is being used. The combination of red with white walls from apartmenttherapy.

The next bathroom paint that you can try is purple which seems to have a darker feel to the room. You can illuminate it with the use of white wood painting frames and frameless hanging mirrors. You can add a small green plant to add another color to your current bathroom decor. Purple wall paint from apartmenttherapy.

5. Paint the Ceiling

Besides painting the walls, the ceiling of the painted rooms can also change the situation for the better. Add accents of wood shades or shades of sky blue. Expand your painting journey to the roof and overhead and see how the whole room becomes more comfortable in an instant.

Match the material and color of the walls with the ceiling for a more elegant color tone harmony in the room. Pastel green is a very appropriate color choice because it makes the impression of the room brighter and more feminine. Wooden boards are the recommended material because they have a more solid surface and are certainly easier to absorb when coated with paint. Pastel green walls and ceiling from housebeautiful.

To present a monochromatic impression in your bathroom decor, try combining a jet black ceiling with white tiles on the walls and floor. You can also use a white bathtub as a cleaner, more spacious and open look. The gold color can also be applied through the use of chandeliers and faucets to give a luxurious feel that is not excessive. Black matte paint ceiling from housebeautiful.

Or if you want a coastal theme in your bathroom decor, then try using a blue ceiling which is perfected with wall tiles of the same color but brighter. Patterned wallpaper can be applied to some wall surfaces as a room decoration that is more different from the others. Coastal blue ceiling from housebeautiful.

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Are you ready to give these bedroom décor ideas a try?


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