51 Inspiring Tiny House Interior Design Ideas to Consider

It is undoubtedly true that managing small space is challenging enough. For a tiny house, you must maximize every single free inch you have to reach a well-managed space. Talking about how to manage your tiny space, you cannot ignore about interior design. It helps you to create your home as cozy and stylish as possible. Starting from the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even tiny house kitchen interior design have to be decorated well to make everyone at home feel comfortable.

Put the Function First

Everyone may want to have lots of furniture or ornaments to beautify their home decor. But, in a tiny house, they have to think twice since they only have a limited space that must be organized smartly. Thus, to make comfy and practical interior design, select the most functional elements that you really need and can save more space. For example, folding desk, movable kitchen island, floating shelves, up to the ceiling kitchen cabinets, and so on.

Wooden Open Shelf from homezideas

Horizontal Open Shelf from homezideas

Small Wooden Shelves from homezideas

White Hanging Cabinet from tinyliving

Wooden and Metal Open Shelves from homestratosphere

White Ceiling Cabinet from homestratosphere

Open-Faced Shelving from homestratosphere

Multifunctional dining table from tinyhousegiantjourney

Table with wheels and storage from yankodesign

Folding Work desk from yankodesign

Get Tidy with Creative Storage

Look tidy and sleek are what we want to get every day for our home. Especially for your tiny house, you have to be excellent in organizing your stuff so that they help you in creating a cozy ambiance. Therefore, it is important for you to have storage for your books, shoes, tools, children’s toys, and etc. The easiest way to make storages is by optimizing every spare space like a smart storage rack under the staircase, multifunctional bed with drawers, and maximizing the nooks as more functional space

Storage under mattres from hgtv.

Wooden Staircase from hgtv

Kitchen table with book storage from hgtv

Headboard Storage from insider

Staircase with Storage from tinyhousegiantjourney

Bed with Drawers from ana-white

Staircase with Drawer from tinyliving

White Rack from tinyliving

Sofa with Drawer from tinyliving

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Choose Items that Do Double-Duty

The next trick to maximize your small space at home is by choosing the double-duty furniture. Surely, this is an excellent idea since it will ease you to save more space and have more available space for other functions. Like this pull-down which can be placed straight behind your comfy sofa. Also, you can hide it as long as you do not use it.

Storage Under the Mattress from familideas

Refrigerator Storage Under the Stairs from familideas

Place a Simple Furniture

To manage your minimal space, you do not need to be too much, especially for the furniture. For your living room, you just need a set of sofa and some cushions to make it more comfortable. Then, get it more functional with a tv set and fire pit if it is possible. Avoid adding many big furniture like a cupboard, high cabinet, or big ornaments that need a larger space.

Blue Loveseat Sofa from homestratosphere

U-shaped Built-In Sofa and Wall-Mounted TV from homestratosphere

Gray Sofa from homestratosphere

Small Sofa and Coffe Table from homestratosphere

Chaise Lounge Sofa from homestratosphere

Red Built-in Sofa from homestratosphere

L-shaped Sofa from homestratosphere

Armchair and White Coffee Table from homestratosphere

Loft Living Room Area with Two Chair from homestratosphere

Blue Chaise Sectional Sofa from homestratosphere

Use a Bright Color Scheme

Though there is a limited space that you have in your tiny house, you should know some tricks on making it more efficient. The next simple trick is applying a fresh or bright color scheme for your small space. As we all know, white and other neutral bright colors give a larger impression for a small room. Likewise, it brings an airy ambiance that will make everyone get pleasant to stay longer.

White Wooden Wall from familideas

White Wall and Wooden Floor from familideas

White Wall and Celling from familideas

White Wooden Wall from familideas

White Wall and Wood Celling from familideas

White Nuance from familideas

All White Tiny House from familideas

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Don’t Forget the Accessories

Having a tiny house does not mean you cannot make it beautiful and incredible. There are hundreds of interior decoration ideas to apply to make a great tiny house. What makes it easy is by having some accessories or ornaments. They will enhance the look of your small room. For example, you may put a large mirror in the living room for both functional and aesthetic reasons. It creates a spacious impression as well. Moreover, for bohemian home decor, you can hang a macrame or dream catcher to complete the decor.

Wooden Sculpting Art from thestyleindex

Large Farmhouse Wall Clock from thestyleindex

Light-Colored Flooring

Dealing with a small space, you cannot forget about its flooring design. The floor has a great contribution to make a spacious impression. In this case, the bright-colored floor is the right choice for your small room. Get a larger tile size with a bright color to trick the eyes. On the other hand, if you want to keep applying wooden flooring design, you can cover it perfectly with a bright-colored rug.

Beige Rug from familideas

White Flufy Rug from familideas

White Geometric Rug from thestyleindex

White Runner Carpet from thestyleindex

Kitchen Tiny House with White Carpet from thestyleindex

Bright Wooden Floor from thestyleindex

Beige Striped Carpet from thestyleindex

Put Some Greenery

For a small room, a touch of greenery has a big deal. Since a small room has limited space, it needs something that freshens the ambiance. Some potted house plants or succulents can be the alternatives. Although you only have a small indoor plant, it will distribute in not only beautifying your tiny house but also offering an aesthetic value.

Small Corner Greenery from thestyleindex

Large Palm with Ceramic Pot from thestyleindex

Hanging Greenery from thestyleindex

Green Plants with Pots Kitchen from thestyleindex


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