21 Futuristic Interior Designs in this Article Will Blow Your Mind

Time has changed, and the future is now here. One of the telltales that you are living in the future is the interior design choices. Gone are the Renaissance-inspired houses and buildings, replaced by functional and minimalistic skyscrapers with mind-blowing concepts.

Surprisingly, when done right, futuristic interior design will make the building easier to use and live in. So, what are the elements of futuristic interior design?

The futuristic interior design draws inspiration from science fiction and adds elements that seemingly won’t “add up”. But interestingly, it still look pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, futuristic interior emphasized comfort and usability. So, most of the time it’s the case of form over function.

Want to see how futuristic interior design is in action? Read on to find out more.

1. The combination of bold and subdued colors made the difference

A bright orange is paired with calm gray can make a big statement and adds an identity to the house. Strangely, the colors don’t clash or look messy when paired together; instead, with this bold arrangement, the colors look bound together.

The fireplace design and the striped pattern on the wall paint in this living room have an orange color that can be combined with bright colors such as white and gray as a counterweight to the room’s color scheme so that it doesn’t look contrast and easily boring. The use of glass windows with thin curtains makes this room feel brighter during the day. Combination of orange, gray and white color from casaclaudia.abril.

Green is one of the bold colors that can be applied to the interior of your bedroom. Start using this color on the wallpaper and rugs lining this brightly colored wooden floor. Don’t forget to use futuristic furniture for a more modern look, for example using a side table made of ceramic with a splash of orange color. Green wallpaper with ceramic side table from home-designing.

Repaint your walls and ceiling using yellow to instantly brighten up the room during the day or night. Balance the use of yellow with some interiors made of wood without being repainted. White butterfly wall decorations are the best choice that can be applied in this room to give the room a more pleasant effect, you can try this room decoration idea right now. Yellow wall and ceiling paint from home-designing.

Take advantage of a little wall area in your workspace as a storage idea by installing an open shelf that has an unusual shape. You can repaint this shelf in yellow so that it can be used as the focal point of the room that can be used according to the storage needs of the room. This shelf can be used to put books neatly and orderly. Yellow open shelf with futuristic shape from home-designing.

The selection of this orange wall paint is very appropriate to be used as a bold color in a room with a limited size, now you can use several futuristic lamps as lighting that is able to spread light throughout the room evenly. These lamps are metallic chandeliers and table lamps with two bulbs that are unique and modern. Colorful rugs with geometric patterns add texture and color to the room. Bold orange wall paint with futuristic lights from home-designing.

There’s nothing wrong with using a bold color in the bedroom decor which is dominated by white as the focal point of a room that looks modern and beautiful. This bold color is mauve which can be applied to beds, small chairs and chandeliers above the work table. Glass windows that are large enough to be a source of natural light that can be utilized to the maximum. A touch of mauve color bedroom interior from home-designing.

This wardrobe design that is dominated by neutral colors is equipped with white LEDs that can make the room feel brighter. In this room, you can also add a small velvet chair in dark blue as a bold color for the room that can be used as a sitting area when needed in this room. This wardrobe design looks very luxurious and modern. Modern LED wardrobe with small dark blue chair from home-designing.

This futuristic chair that has a unique shape complements the room decoration as a sitting area that can be used according to your comfort. The 3D wall with a splash of green becomes one of the focal points of the room because it has such a striking color from some of the white interiors on the curtains and some of the wall colors. Try this idea to bring a modern and contemporary feel. Futuristic chair with green 3D wall paint from home-designing.

An easy way to bring a more modern look to your bathroom decor is to use a red cabinet sink which is equipped with an iron side table with an unusual futuristic shape. Round mirrors are interior reflections of room light that can spread lighting throughout the room evenly. Bold color cabinet sink bathroom from home-designing.

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2. Surreal interior borrows elements from steampunk fiction

As mentioned before in this article, futuristic interior borrows a lot of elements from science fictions. So, it is no surprise if designers come up with an interior design that looks straight out of a storybook. The combination of strong colors and futuristic furniture choices made a statement in this interior design.

The nuances of the living room, which is dominated by white, will look more colorful and bright when you use a bright yellow linen sofa. It’s not enough to get here, you can also combine it with a transparent glass coffee table with a blunt side so it’s safer for those of you who have children at home. A faux fur rug lining makes for a luxurious finish. Yellow sofa and coffee table transparent glass from decoist.

Do you want to bring a luxurious feel to your living room? If so, then you can use sofas and chairs with velvet and bold colors which have a softer and smoother surface. Finish by using a shiny coffee table with a splash of gold color which is perfected by placing a flower vase on it. Velvet sofa and chairs in bold color from decoist.

No need to worry when you have a small living room decoration, now you can use a red sectional sofa as an interesting furniture idea that can be used as the focal point of the room. This series of wires arranged into a coffee table steals the attention because it has a futuristic shape that not many others have. The combination of a red sofa with a wire coffee table from decoist.

The green velvet sofa is one of the furniture that is suitable for use in decorating an open living room with wall paint and white curtains so that it can be used as the focal point of the room as well as a very comfortable sitting area. This hanging mirror with a glossy frame is one of the futuristic interiors that can be applied in any style room. Green velvet sofa with futuristic mirror from decoist.

There is nothing wrong with using a red tufted sofa in your living room decoration as a sitting area that can be used anytime according to your needs. In the same room you can also use a black dresser with a glossy outer surface when exposed to the reflection of sunlight that comes through your glass window. All the furniture in this room is very neatly arranged. Combination of red tufted sofa with shiny dresser from decoist.

This L sofa with a splash of light blue brings a beach feel, plus the indoor use of a palm tree behind this sofa. Try to combine the existence of this sofa with a glass coffee table which is equipped with large wooden legs that have been painted and re-polished so that it looks cleaner and shiny. Blue L sofa design from decoist.

This modern and contemporary living room decoration, which is equipped with a green sofa, will look more perfect when you complete it with a geometric rug that has a combination of black and white. Hanging canvas paintings that have a size large enough to become wall decorations that never go out of style. Modern living room decoration with green sofa from decoist.

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3. Bright room and walls are family-friendly, even in a small space

Of course, futuristic interior design is not always about flashy design. Usability of the house is also well-thought, including in this featured design. With bright colors the designer designed the house to be a hub for family activity.

The feel of the living room which is dominated by white will appear brighter and more colorful when you use some furniture that has a more striking color, for example, you try a futuristic sofa and green chairs as a combination of furniture that can be used to relax with your family or guests. who came to the house. Paintings that are quite large add artistic value that never goes out of style. Living room in white with a bold color sofa from home-designing.

The family room is one of the most frequently visited rooms in your home, now you can arrange all the furniture properly and neatly. In addition, you can also use some furniture with different colors as a more interesting living room decoration idea. choose and use a velvet blue sofa, a gold coffee table and a futuristic frameless mirror that has a unique shape. Frameless futuristic mirror design from thespruce.

Make your living room design more colorful by using some furniture with different colors. Start with the use of blue chairs, a pink fireplace, a yellow dresser and a red sofa, balanced by the use of clean white wall paint and ceiling tiles. You can also add other colors through the use of green plants that are applied in a white ceramic pot. Colorful furniture living room from thespruce.

An easy way to bring a modern and minimalist feel to your living room decor is to use futuristic furniture that is dominated by black and white. This color selection is also highly recommended for those of you who want to present a monochromatic style and feel instantly. The large glass window makes this living room feel more open. The use of futuristic furniture in a monochrome style from thespruce.

The blue sofa and wooden side table painted in yellow are a very contrasting color combination, it’s a good idea to try these two colors into a modern living room decoration for a more attractive appearance. Also pay attention to the use of interior patterns to get a very precise texture and certainly not tacky. The wall paintings on both sides of the glass windows serve as decorations as well as an interesting focal point of art. The combination of contrasting colored furniture from thespruce.

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For those of you who are interested to the future and all about the future, these futuristic interior designs , hope will inspire you.


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