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8 Inspiring Interior Designs That Will Upgrade Your Home To Feel French

If you are one of French fans, designing your home like French may be one of your dreams. However, it will need more budget since you have to add some new furniture to improve your home. You can add vintage rug, gold furniture, artistic accents or other things related to French. See these following ideas to inspire you;

Choose Distressed Pieces

Choose Distressed Pieces


This writing desk simply reflects the artistic furniture of French room decoration. With vintage furniture, your home looks like in the middle era. However, this writing desk actually can be put anywhere, whether for bedroom or home office.

Add a Clawfoot Tub

Soaking in a clawfoot tub is the most favorite activity done by French people. So, having this clawfoot tub is a must. Therefore, you need to buy it soon to change your bathroom into French-inspired decoration.

Decorate with Vintage Rugs

Add vintage rug to your living room. This idea will upgrade your living room atmosphere without make it too busy. Therefore, prepare your budget to buy vintage rug and change your home decoration like French living room atmosphere.

Add a Chandelier

Gold chandelier changes your room to be more elegant and luxurious. Hang it over the mantel to wonderful view. Since French loves anything related to gold, gold chandelier may inspire you to have French living room style.

Turn Your Fireplace French

France fireplace masterpieces can be seen through the usage of stone mantel. The idea of stone mantel keep the room looks elegant. Further, you are provided by a nice looking fire place decoration without spending more budgets.

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Frame Vintage French Posters

French loves art more than anything. So, find vintage posters to complete your room and make it looks like French decoration. Hang the poster on the wall or simply just let it stand alone.

Add a Gilded Mirror

The role of mirror is to make the room larger and give space open decoration. Gold mirror looks glamour and chic for living room feature. Further, French deals with gold mirror with decorative shape. Then, it can be hanged on the wall or just stand against it.

Use an Armoire

Armoire functions to save your things. This armoire comes with detail architectural pattern like what French people love. By using this armoire, you don’t only have storage but French-inspired decoration as well.

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