Ignite the Spark of your Paradise Installing an Electric Fireplace

Are you thinking of your wood-burning, gas hearth replacement with a modern electric unit? Well, if that’s the thing on your mind, then what’s stopping you? I know, you might be worried about its installation. Well, that’s causing a hassle to you, then you’re at the right place. We say this because the good news is that installing a fireplace insert is a pretty simple process, whether it is a firebox or a log insert. 

Yes, so easy that you don’t require many tools and aren’t too time-consuming. Well, if you’re still worried about running the fireplace errands, then this installation guide will help you dwell in tranquillity. However, the experts suggest hiring a licensed electrician to help you install the power outlet in the existing opening.

Before embarking upon a shopping journey, ensure checking out the best sellers’ reviews. Also, if you’re wondering if you can install an electric fireplace insert in the existent, then it’s entirely possible. All you need is some elementary carpentry knowledge and an electrical outlet fitted inside your fireplace. Now that you’re thinking of installing a hearth on your own, we recommend following some steps to make the best out of your time with your family. Let’s get going:

  • The first step includes getting rid of all the hearth installations such as grates, doors, screens, etc. Consider removing all the accessories of the old fireplace like blowers and ensuring that your appliance is entirely bare to secure the inserts’ good fitting. Clear out all the debris by using a stiff brush. 
  • Note that water and electricity never go together. Make sure to dry your appliance, in case rainwater paves in its way through the chimney. We say so because even a little water seepage can work wonders in damaging your electric fireplace and is capable of creating a fire hazard. You can also consider hiring a pro for easy installation of a rain cap, which you can call a chimney top. 
  • You can also seal the opening of the chimney by using a damper. The usage forms added importance if you’re making use of a gas or wood fireplace. You can also consider sealing it in a way that it’s airtight and there’s no room for heat to escape. There are maxims for doing such things. You can either use a dedicated sealer for the hearth, use plywood or inflatable pillow, or install a foam pipe. 
  • Before installing your insert, it becomes vital to decide the place you’re most likely to draw some power from. Most of the log inserts run on the electrical outlets or the standard ones. Thus, all you’ve to do is run a cord to the nearest wall outlet. Also, consider calling an electrician for grounding the power outlet on the insides in an appropriate manner. 
  • Now that you have everything just ready install the insert directly. Power the same up and test the equipment, including the features and functions that come along. Ensure getting a bright flame and check the remote control as well. You can also check the troubleshooting guide, in case you face any discrepancies. Now attach the trim as a final step. Note that the frame comes in diverse finishes and materials. You can also have your custom trim made by employing a composition of many materials. 
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Installation- a Breeze

Whatever insert you chose, ensure getting the benefits you’ve bought the insert for in the first place. These are comfort and warmth. Also, follow the instructions and safety procedures while installing the same. After all, what better way to reap the benefits of a hearth than the fantastic family time during chilly winds. 

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