How to Apply Faux Fireplace for Home Decor Needs

Although you might already have the electric heating and do not need any fireplace anymore, it is quite interesting to have the fireplace. We all know that a fireplace is not only a fireplace. It can create such a welcoming impression for your home and also can give such an aesthetic look. However, some of you might do not like the ashes, the wood, or the fire inside your home. Here, you can simply use the faux fireplace that can be proper also. In this case, the fireplace won’t be used as its natural function but to simply beautify the decoration and to get the ambiance that the fireplace has inside your home. Is it possible? Yes, for sure!

There are some ways that you can do to apply the faux fireplace to your home decoration. The common thing here is by applying the faux fireplace to the living room as a public space. You can decorate it to have a certain design concept based on the season or your home decoration style. Add some ornament there such as greenery, decorative candles, garland, wreath, and more. It is awesome how the faux fireplace can be decorated into varied appearances and added with many ornaments or home accessories. Here we have so many faux fireplace designs that you can have. The images will show you how you can apply the faux fireplace to your home decoration.

Shabby Chic Faux Fireplace from homedit

Pillars Candle Faux Fireplace from homedit

Vintage Style Faux Fireplace from homedit

Faux Fireplace with Lavender Pot from homedit

Winter Theme Faux Fireplace from homedit

DIY Mirror Faux Fireplace from homedit

Personal and Colorful Mantel from homedit

Eclectic Modern Faux Fireplace from homedit

Green Paint Faux Fireplace from homedit

Rustic Style Decor from homedit

Modern Faux Fireplace from homedit

Bedroom Faux Fireplace from homedit

Vintage Seating Faux Fireplace from homedit

Herringbone Brick Ideas from homedit

Vintage and Shabby Faux Fireplace from homedit

Wood Filled Faux Fireplace from homedit

Faux Fireplace with Gallery Art from homedit

Black and White Faux Fireplace from thespruce

DIY Brick Faux Fireplace from thespruce

Twinkle Lights from thespruce

Faux Fireplace in the Dining Room from thespruce

Built-in Faux Fireplace from thespruce

Rustic Wood Slices from thespruce

Vintage Tile Faux Fireplace from thespruce

Monochromatic Faux Fireplace from thespruce

Fireplace with Herringbone Wood from thespruce

Corner Faux Fireplace from thespruce

Shiplap Wood Material from thespruce

Shabby Chic Touch from thespruce

Chevron Wood Design from thespruce

Vintage Fake Brick Fireplace from theturquoisehome

Log with String Lights from theturquoisehome

Moveable Fake Fireplace from theturquoisehome

Distract From the TV from theturquoisehome

Shabby Chic Focal Point from theturquoisehome

Focal Point in the Living Room from theturquoisehome

Faux Fireplace and Mantel from theturquoisehome

Fall Faux Fireplace Decor from theturquoisehome

Crafty Fire Painting from theturquoisehome

Weathered Book Shelves from goodhousekeeping

Storage Wicker Basket from goodhousekeeping

Firewood Faux Fireplace from goodhousekeeping

Candles in Different Sizes from goodhousekeeping

Natural Brick Faux Fireplace from goodhousekeeping

Painting Art Faux Fireplace from goodhousekeeping

Bookshelves Faux Fireplace from goodhousekeeping

Planters Faux Fireplace from goodhousekeeping

Eclectic Mix of Vintage Style from goodhousekeeping

String Light-filled Lanterns from housebeautiful

Minimalist Faux Fireplace from housebeautiful

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