15 Simple DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Space

Having a small kitchen makes any types of storage solutions necessary. Simple DIY kitchen storage ideas can work wonder in organizing the space, giving you more room to cook, prepare food, and walk around.  Here are several simple ideas you can execute on the weekend to organize a small kitchen.

Floating Cans/Jars

Placing utensils in used cans or jars is a common simple solution, but you can improve this idea. Use metal brackets to stick several jars or cans to a wooden panel. Nail the wood to the wall. Now, you get a wall storage space that saves space on your counter.

Include in your kitchen, where the jar would look great filled with spoons, forks, cooking utensils and some flowers to brighten up the mood.
This shelf of cans and a piece of wood will give your kitchen a nice rustic vibe while freeing up some drawers or cabinet space.
These DIY utensil tins are very similar to tin racks. The only difference is that this can is hung from a metal rod which acts as a hand towel rack.
While this looks complicated, it’s actually a pretty simple setup. Just screw the Mason jar lid onto the bottom of the cabinet and voila.

Storage on Unused Spaces

You may have unused spaces in your kitchen, such as the side of the fridge or behind the cabinet door. Use them by attaching simple metal racks with nails or screws and drills. They can hold simple objects like utensils, spice bottles, or dish towels. You can also use them to store kitchen goods that you often need to grab fast.

No matter the size of your kitchen, every little inch counts when it comes to storage. A simple shelf above the window adds display space for plates, bowls and artwork.
The prettiest items are on display on wall-to-wall reclaimed wood shelves and booths so that less attractive essentials can be stored in the cupboards. Color coding also adds a soothing sense of rhythm to the space.
Hang cooking utensils and cutting boards on the stove for easy access but to remove when not in use.
A dish rack and pot rack showcase your collection while also keeping these items out of the way.

Boxes with Labels

Maximize the storage capacity of your cabinets by using a row of cheap, plastic boxes. Stick labels on them to give a quick clue of their contents. These boxes help you to store knick-knacks, small items that would otherwise fall over or hidden, and canned foods.

These jars now stand proudly on the shelves. You now have a slightly more organized wardrobe with labeled kitchen storage containers.
Decorate your kitchen and keep baked goods fresh for longer by tucking them in stylish glass cake jars.
The aluminum beverage tub is gaining a second life as a smart container for snacks. The open wall space in the pantry serves as the perfect place for this metal trash can.
Charming wicker baskets keep less beautiful packaged foods neatly tucked away, yet still affordable when you need them.
Wooden boxes with press labels are great for storing multiple jars of herbs, spices, and even a separate package of oatmeal.
Organizers also take the frustration out of creating a grocery list. When you can see what you have, you know immediately what you need and avoid duplicating pantry items.
Grab-n-go wire baskets keep cans perfect while wicker baskets of various shapes and sizes hide everything from boxes to bags to drinks.

These simple DIY kitchen storage ideas will make your small space more convenient. Try them and see the result when you use the kitchen the next time.

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