How to Provide Practical Storage for Your Small Kitchen

Having a small space kitchen is causing trouble sometimes. With all of the appliances, herbs, food stock, and cutlery, you are definitely needing more space to store. However, when we are limited with the space, we should find a way how to maximize the space so that everything could be stored well without looking crowded. Here, we do recommend you provide practical storage. What is meant by practical here is that the storage that is installed by using any possible space and by adapting the space adjustment so that the room won’t be seen as crowded. Is that possible? Sure! Look at the following images for the ideas.

Make the walls more useful in a good decoration of your small kitchen. Do small efficient storage, for example, you can make a wooden shelf that is used to apply plates and cups together in one place. This allows you to separate and store plates vertically. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also take out and take out plates easily without having to remove other kitchen utensils which will take a lot of time. You can try DIY this shelf easily and cheaply. Hanging small storage from realhomes.

Floating cabinets are an option that you can work on to organize a small kitchen because they offer ample storage without taking up a lot of space. You can choose and use a floating cabinet that is perfected with a built-in shelf in the middle. With these cabinets and shelves, you can do open or closed storage according to the needs of your kitchen space. With this, all your glassware will be neatly and orderly arranged. Hanging pastel cabinet from realhomes.

It’s a good idea to use the empty wall as an area to hang storage boxes which have proven to be a smart storage idea for small kitchen decor. The existence of these storage boxes minimizes the occurrence of chaos in the room. These floating boxes come with two different materials and shapes, you can choose both to be applied together in one room. Open or closed storage will work well in this room because you can use both at the same time. Floating box kitchen storage from realhomes.

Another alternative storage that you can try is to add a wooden shelf in the empty cabinet door. You can use this shelf as a pantry kitchen storage area that can be arranged easily and practically. The existence of this shelf makes the cabinet neater and makes it easier for you to find what you need in a faster time. Choose and use a shelf made of teak wood so that it is not easily porous when used for a long period of time, no need to paint for a more natural look. Small pantry kitchen storage from realhomes.

Storage is one of the things you should pay attention to for any decorating ideas, including kitchen decorations. There are many storage ideas that you can use for your kitchen decorating ideas. Using hidden wall shelves for storage ideas in your kitchen will provide several advantages. Besides being easy to access and being a practical storage idea, hidden shelves will keep your kitchen neat and free from a cluttered look. Hide wall shelves from realhomes.

Don’t let a small kitchen stop you from storing all the kitchen utensils you have. Invest in a multifunctional kitchen island as one of the furniture that can be used as storage and can also be used as an area to store daily dishes. To create easy-to-reach storage, you can add a stainless steel hook to hang your cups and glasses. Baskets are additional storage that you can use right now. Multifunctional kitchen island from realhomes.

Are you looking for storage ideas for your kitchen and decor? If so, here is some inspiration that you can try. If you have a kitchen that is quite narrow, choosing to use a back door for storage ideas is the perfect idea so that it will provide double benefits for you. Besides being very easy to access, back door storage is also very suitable for small kitchens because it will save space. You can use it for pot lid storage ideas so that it will keep it looking neat and very comfortable to look at. Back door extra storage from realhomes.

Two long shelves arranged vertically on this wall are a small kitchen storage idea that is highly recommended to try. You can choose this shelf with wood which has a thick surface so that it is more sturdy when used to store some of the glassware you have. Don’t forget to repaint this floating shelf with a color that matches the wall so that it blends in perfectly. White is the best color choice that can make your kitchen room more open and look spacious. Long wooden shelves from realhomes.

Look at the tile backsplash which is equipped with this storage hook, doesn’t it look beautiful and elegant? Yes, you can try it easily, how to install this hook is also very easy and does not require a professional to install it. What you can do is drill the backsplash and then hang a hook. You can use this hook to hang cutting boards that have a variety of different shapes, not only cutting boards, you can also hang other different kitchen utensils. Hang cutting boards from housebeautiful.

Another unexpected kitchen storage is the pull-out pantry that blends into your kitchen cabinets. This storage can be done by anyone easily. Use more than one so that all of your food or beverage stocks can be stored safely without being exposed to dirt or dust. Push the pantry back after using it so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and certainly doesn’t interfere with the kitchen activities that are often done. The choice of wood material is very appropriate because it has a fairly sturdy surface and is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Pull-out pantry from housebeautiful.

Think about storing your glassware in the right area to prevent it from breaking. Alternatively, try putting plates and bowls into pull-out drawers that are easily accessible to anyone who needs them. The advantage of storing glassware in the pull-out drawer is that you can reach all the plates easily because it has a fairly low height. The combination of black and white in this kitchen room presents a monochromatic theme instantly and is able to provide a modern touch that is not easily boring. Store dinnerware in drawers from housebeautiful.

These DIY floating shelves offer unique kitchen storage that can be adapted to your evolving needs. The layout of this storage is also very important to bring a different atmosphere, you can apply it right in front of the window so that it is perfected with a beautiful outdoor view. Besides being used to put kitchen utensils, this shelf also functions as an area to show off some small green plant pots. That way the existence of floating shelves can be used as the focal point of the room. Floating shelves with view from hgtv.

Have the perfect free wall space for a DIY pegboard storage? If you want to use this area of the wall as storage, opt for a medium-sized pegboard that is very easy to install using fewer nails. The use of this storage does not take up much space or floor area, you can do it yourself. The existence of this pegboard is also enhanced with floating shelves that can be used as an area to put fresh green plants. DIY pegboard storage from hgtv.

Another practical storage that you can apply in small kitchen decorations is the built-in storage rack that is applied to the door frame. This shelf has a U-shape that you can use to store several small kitchen utensils vertically. Repaint this storage section to make it look more modern and suitable when applied to a contemporary kitchen decor. With this, your frame door will function more optimally and you can try it easily and practically. Frame storage the door from hgtv.

Do you want other storage besides kitchen cabinets? If so, then you can use floating cubbies with more than one number and of course they have different sizes and lengths too. You can use this cubbies storage to put only small kitchen utensils in order to get a smooth look and blend with your kitchen space. Do the painting with gray color for a more neutral look and easy to match with other interiors around it. This cubbies rack will be very useful for decorating a small kitchen. Wall-mounted cubby from hgtv.

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