Adorable Kitchen Tiles with Herringbone Pattern

Since the kitchen is the room in your home that commonly will only have a small space, then sometimes it is hard for you to place the ornament. That is why some people choose to play with the tiles to beautify their kitchen. It could be from the tiles’ pattern or the tiles’ arrangement installation. In case you love something simple and do not want something festive, then you can try to use the tiles’ arrangement. Here, we do recommend the herringbone pattern as it is really unique and quite easy to make.

Backsplash Tile

Your backsplash is also needed to be decorated well. Even more, it will be the most effective spot in case you want to utilize the tiles to beautify your kitchen. Since there will be the storage that installed near the backsplash, then it will be great if you can matching the color of the tiles with the cabinet so that it could be harmonious. Hence, you can also manage the use of the tiles’ size to be adjusted with your kitchen space. See more at best kitchen backsplash tiles for more ideas!

The kitchen is a room that gets dirty easily, but you can get around this by using a dark herringbone backsplash. Choose marble material so you can make it easier to clean it. And last but not least, the marble on the backsplash gives a luxurious and modern impression to your small kitchen. Dark color herringbone backsplash from homedit.

Give your all-white kitchen another color by applying a herringbone patterned backsplash that is so eye-catching. This herringbone pattern gives an interesting and distinct motif to your kitchen. The choice of color on the backsplash is equally important. Adjust the backsplash color with other furniture colors so that it doesn’t look confused, for example gold. Both of these colors will work well in a room. White kitchen with gold herringbone backsplash from homedit.

The ceramic herringbone backsplash will work perfectly against brown wood cabinets. You can choose this herringbone backsplash with a larger size. Do not forget to keep using neutral colors so that it is easy to fit with other furniture around it. This ceramic motif creates the impression of a flawless and elegant space. Ceramic herringbone backsplash from homedit.

Another choice of backsplash decoration for your kitchen, which has a space that is not too large, you should use a herringbone backsplash with a shiny white color. This white ceramic backsplash can reflect light when exposed to sunlight or lighting. In addition, the ceramic material is very sturdy and not easily porous for a long time. White ceramic herringbone backsplash from homedit.

With the line pattern on the herringbone backsplash, your kitchen decor will give you an atmosphere that is less boring and more energetic. This herringbone motif will look lighter and airy when using the main material of marble with a clean and shiny white color. White marble herringbone backsplash from homedit.

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Flooring Tile

For the floor, you might need to concern on the tiles’ scale more than the backsplash. It is because of the floor tiles that can give such an effect to create a wide or narrow space impression. In case you have the small kitchen area, then choosing the wide-scale or those that do not have any pattern at all is the right choice for you. Then, if you have such a spacious kitchen space, you just can do anything you want with your kitchen tiles. Check out the following variation of the herringbone tiles flooring application.

Herringbone patterned floor tiles are suitable to be installed in a modern farmhouse-style kitchen. This floor tile has a dark and natural color, the advantages of using this black herringbone floor will be easier to match with the various kitchen sets around it. You can choose a wooden kitchen cabinet to enhance the appearance of your current kitchen decor. Black matte herringbone floor tiles from nextluxury.

Your modern all-white kitchen will look harmonious when combined with the herringbone floor made of wood. This wood floor provides a natural effect that is more beautiful and more natural. Varnish the surface of the floor for a smoother and more comfortable footwear. You can try this floor idea to decorate your kitchen. Herringbone wood flooring from nextluxury.

An easy way to bring an energetic atmosphere to your small kitchen is to apply a colorful herringbone floor. Perfect your kitchen decor with a kichen set that looks shiny, for this cabinet color you should use one of the colors on your kitchen floor, which is yellow. This colorful kitchen will make everyone more excited when they enter this kitchen. Colorful herringbone tile flooring from homedit.

An easy way to bring an energetic atmosphere to your small kitchen is to apply a colorful herringbone floor. Perfect your kitchen decor with a kitchen set that looks shiny, for this cabinet color you should use one of the colors on your kitchen floor, which is yellow. This colorful kitchen will make everyone more excited when they enter this kitchen. Colorful herringbone floor tile from homedit.

The color and pattern of the floor will certainly affect the details of your minimalist kitchen decoration. Applying concrete herringbone flooring tile with dark gradations is a must-try. This ceramic will look soft and natural, increase the color of this floor with the use of an all-white kitchen nuance. Herringbone concrete flooring tile from homedit.

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Well, when talking about the application of the herringbone tiles for your kitchen, basically you can’t apply it both for the backsplash and the flooring at once. It seems to be too much if you do that. It will be great if you choose the application into one spot only for your kitchen. Whether it will be for the backsplash or the flooring, both are great. However, if you think that applying both together is awesome, then just do it as long as you can find the right color and variation application so that your kitchen won’t be seen crowded.

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