Best Living Room Curtains to Steal

There are a lot to take in deep consideration when it comes to decorating a living room. As the center of a house and the spot to chill out with family or friends, creating a beautiful, warm, and comfortable living room is important.

Among many aspects that can deliver those feelings, curtains play an important role. From the look, the color, and fabric can boost up the mood of your living room. If you wish for some inspiration, follow these simple guides.


When you purchase material for your draperies, selecting the right fabric is important. While thick fabrics are great in cool weather, sheer fabrics work amazing in hot days.

1. Silk

Whenever you search for the best curtain fabrics, silk mostly comes in the first place. Besides the best quality silk offers you, it also infuses a luxury atmosphere to your living room.

The soft blue silk curtains that decorate your living room window will provide an elegant and attractive look that can serve as inspiration. Combined with shades of pink, this British living room gives the perfect look. This framed wall decor and built bookshelf is the perfect look and will grab your guests’ attention. A classic sofa, pink footrests and a wooden coffee table will complement the décor of the room. Soft blue silk curtains from decorpad.

Try using silk curtains to enhance your living room decor. Choose curtains of a long length so they will give a charming appearance. Choosing a blue color will make your room more attractive. You can pair it with white tones to make the perfect contrast to this classic living room. Apart from offering the best quality silk, this fabric also gives a luxurious atmosphere to your living room. Blue silk curtain from decoist.

Long curtains made of silk fabric are the best choice for your living room decoration idea. So that it will give an elegant and luxurious appearance that can attract attention. You can pair a white tone and one of the navy walls for the perfect contrast. Using this black curtain makes your room more attractive. A fireplace and rattan furniture will complete the look. Black silk long curtains from realhomes.

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2. Cotton

Cotton is everyone’s sweetheart. It can ignite a warm and elegant tone in a room and comes in so many colors options and patterns. In the winter, cotton can insulate the window, while in summer, cotton own the ability to cover the room from the sunlight’s heat.

Decorating the living room using white cotton curtains will present an elegant look. Completing the curtain display with a floral pattern also creates a stunning living room appearance. You can combine it with white nuances and wooden floors to create a warm and spacious room decor. A large sofa and a rug will make a perfect room decoration. Cotton curtains with floral pattern from realhomes.

The selection of beige catton curtains for your living room decoration will combine color tones that match the wall color so that it will enhance your decor and appear more charming. This patterned tiarai also makes the room decoration even more attractive. Don’t forget to add classic furnitures and pendant lights for the perfect enrichment. Beige catton curtains from realhomes.

3. Linen

Installing linen for your screen elevates a bright and fresh vibe to your living room. Mostly used in less formal space, linen is easy to clean and dry.

Placing linen curtains on your living room window is a great idea. So that it will bring a warm relaxed nuance to your guests. Besides that, using these curtains are easy to clean and dry and will make your living room look charming. Some of the antique furniture in the form of antique sofas and tables will be a more charming decoration for your living room. The flowers in this basket make for an interesting space. Beige linen cutain from homedit.

Using linen curtains to decorate your living room is a great option. Because it is easy to clean and dry, it will make your living room look always clean. Using a combination of beige and brown on these curtains will produce an attractive living room decoration. You can also pair it with beige tones complemented by large windows and a globe chandelier for the perfect lighting idea. Beige and brown linen curtain from homedit.

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4. Sheer

Even if sheer curtains offer you less privacy for its see-through specification but they allow fresh air and sunlight to pass through your family place creating a bright and lively feeling.

Vintage sheer curtains with silk curtains will present a classic and attractive look that can inspire many. This makes for the perfect modern living room decor as using these sheer curtains will see through and allow fresh air and sunlight to enter this living room. These wooden floors and dark tones make for a warm and inviting space. Equipped with a soft sofa and a crystal chandelier giving the perfect room decoration. Vintage sheer curtains from ultimatehomeideas.

Color and Pattern

Besides selecting the best fabric that suits you the best, selecting the right color and pattern is also important. Make sure that your draperies will complete the whole look of your living room.

1. Soft/Bold Tones and Plain

Because less is more, go minimalist for your blind will create elegant and classic look. Select the screen with no pattern but choose the most suitable color. You can opt soft tones or go bold with vibrant choices.

Decorating the living room with thick curtains will enhance your living room decor so that it looks brighter and more alive. Using navy curtains will give the living room an attractive appearance. You can complete the look with patterned blue carpets throughout the room and these blue pillows have the perfect contrast and are the perfect focal point of the room. This wooden table and gray sofa complement this classic living room. Navy blue curtain from housebeautiful.

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2. Color-Rich or Maximum Pattern

Make a focal point out of your curtains by hanging energetic patterns or colorful ones. For example, patterned in red or blue shades, artistic mandala design, or check pattern in burgundy.

The curtain is one that will enhance your living room decor. Try using red floral curtains to complement your living room to make it look perfect. You can combine it with shades of beige to make your home look luxurious and elegant. Classic yellow chairs with floral patterns and rugs throughout the room complement this living room décor. Red floral curtains from bhg.

Choose the best curtains for your living room because the clothing screen can add beauty and warmth to your family space. Because there are a lot of options in market, have fun while selecting the materials or colors.

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