Multi-Functional Furniture Ideas to Complete Your Small Apartment Decoration

Choosing to live in an apartment is the right choice in this modern era. There are many advantages to living in an apartment. Apart from its location in the city, the apartment also provides various public facilities that you can use there. The cost to rent or to buy an apartment depends on the size and facilities offered. However, many people choose to rent a small apartment for a more minimalist reason and not tired when cleaning. So, for those of you who choose to live in an apartment, then you have to do a small apartment decoration of course. And one easy way to decorate a small apartment is by placing multi-functional furniture that has many advantages that you can feel.

Multi-Functional Bed

With limited room size in the apartment, then you can choose multi-functional beds there. You can choose a bed that can be folded to the wall to save space. Then, you can also use the bed as a hidden storage area that will make the apartment look neater. That’s because the items you have are stored in the bed. And you can also choose a bed that is equipped with a table that is on the headboard. In the presence of multi-functional beds, you don’t need to buy a lot of furniture to be placed in the apartment.

If you live in a small apartment, then choosing functional furniture is an idea that you must try and must have, for example, a minimalist bed equipped with storage underneath. When going to storage you can lift this bed upwards, keep a few pillows under this mattress so that the appearance of your bed is not messy and remains minimalist. Minimalist bed with storage underneath from fantasticviewpoint.

This plywood bed is one of the smartest pieces of furniture because it is equipped with open shelves at the bottom and the headboard. For storage below you can add several baskets to organize items according to their functions and needs. This bed has a set of furniture with a nightstand and a dresser so that it creates a neutral color tone room. Plywood bed with open shelf storage from fantasticviewpoint.

Choose and use functional furniture when you live in a small apartment, to complement the interior of your bedroom you can use a dark wood bed which is equipped with a pull-out drawer at the bottom. In addition, this bed is also more unique and can store more of your things because the headboard is also equipped with an open shelf and partly closed with a glass door. Dark wood bed with pullout drawer from fantasticviewpoint.

You can have this minimalist, functional and attention-grabbing wooden bed in the bedroom decor of an apartment which has narrow and limited space. This melamine wood bed is equipped with a headboard equipped with vertical storage which you can use for your favorite bookshelf. In addition, wood is also more sturdy and durable because it is not easily porous. Melamine wood bed with storage headboard from fantasticviewpoint.

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Multi-Functional Rack

Racks are multi-functional furniture that has always been an idol. Especially in a small apartment, this rack will be the right choice to be placed there. You can choose a rack that can be used as a table too. In addition, you can place a rather large rack for storage in the apartment, which you can also use as a divider. Because it is used as a divider, you can place books or beautiful flowers there. So, besides being used for storage and dividers, you can also use a rack to beautify the appearance of the room.

Standing racks made of iron will be more sturdy to use for a long time so it is highly recommended for one of your interiors. Place this shelf in the middle of the room as a functional divider which is very useful for decorating your small apartment. Use this shelf as a storage for some of the books that you have so that they are more organized and neat. Standing iron rack from contemporist.

When you need a functional room divider, using a wooden shelf is a room decoration idea that you can try. You can use this shelf to show off some of the ornaments that can make the room more beautiful. No need to repaint this shelf, leave it in the original color to make it appear more natural and environmentally friendly. Wooden shelf as well as room divider from contemporist.

Hang some of these green plant pots on a black iron shelf located between the living room and the bedroom apartment. This shelf can be used as a room divider that refreshes the atmosphere of the apartment to be cooler, the advantage of using this shelf is that it is strong and is not easily porous so there is no need to buy or replace it at another year. Black iron shelf for hanging plant pots from contemporist.

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Multi-Functional Table

Besides the bed and racks, the table is also multi-functional furniture that must be available in small apartments. You can choose a table completed with storage there. For example, you can choose a table that has 2 functions, as a place to put things and also a desk for work. Or you can also choose a table that you can also use to play something. That will be a truly amazing multi-functional table if you place it in your apartment.

Keep the small apartment living room decor minimal by using enough furniture without overdoing it. A wheeled pallet coffee table that is used as a storage for books on the side will save more space. Leave this pallet table with its original color to make it more natural and of course save money. Wheel pallet table with storage on the side from loveproperty.

This hardwood coffee table is designed as functional and attractive as possible to be used as a multipurpose furniture. How could this table not be equipped with ample storage. Lift the table upward to store small items that are easy to lose, such as a remote. In addition, this table can also be used to put a laptop for a comfortable work table. Hardwood coffee table with storage from loveproperty.

Minimalist style makes this coffee table seem more modern and unique. In addition, this table is also equipped with storage drawers that you can use to store books or other small items that cause the room to be chaotic if placed in an inappropriate area. Complete the functionality of this table with a vase of greenery that thrives and is fresh. Minimalist coffee table with storage drawers from article.

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Bed, rack, and table are the best multi-functional furniture that you can place in your small apartment. With a design that has many functions, and then you don’t need to put a lot of furniture there. In addition to saving space, the budget you spend on decorating your small apartment is also not too much. Choose a multi-functional furniture design that is nice and unique. Because it can also be an amazing small apartment decoration. So, people who come to visit your small apartment will feel impressed by the simple decoration by using multi-functional furniture there.


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