Most Stunning Vintage Garden Decoration Ideas

Antique garden design is a developing trend for open-air living spaces. Involving fun vintage pieces from inside the house into your yard gives it an interesting look nobody else on the blocks will have.

If you want to get a stunning vintage garden, look at these vintage garden decoration ideas that will inspire you. Steal one of these lovely ideas!

Vintage Chair

Use painted metal chairs—simply like the chairs in your grandmother’s home—to create interesting additions to your garden. Rather than tossing them out, change them into a grower seater. Besides, you can put a pot or medium. This combination will add a charming and unique look to your vintage garden.

Place a metal chair with green paint in your garden decoration to place a clay flower pot that is large enough. This metal chair brings a vintage garden feel with a classic touch that never goes out of style, place this chair right in front of the fence which is decorated with old plates and neatly hanging trays. Metal chairs are green color from homebnc.

Change the main function of your old reclaimed wooden chair into a container for planting media that creates an instant vintage style. In the sitting area, this chair is converted into a pot of various types of flowers in bloom so that it becomes a beautiful garden focal point and of course you can move it anywhere you want. Reclaimed wooden chairs turned into flower pots from deavita.

Antique Piano Garden

One decorative and intriguing garden decoration is a vintage piano garden, an ideal way to enrich your garden. Planting bloom bushes on the piano will make the greatest vintage garden ever! Antique seat and little wooden stepping stool for a vine plant improve the vintage vibe.

Take advantage of the broken piano as a flower pot that will be a beautiful decoration for garden decoration, unique and different from the others. In addition, this piano is also made of reclaimed wood so that it presents a vintage feel that is environmentally friendly and can blend well in a garden environment. Place this piano pot on the side of the garden so as not to disturb your space because it has a large enough size. Wooden piano pot made of reclaimed wood from architectureartdesigns.

Not only as a container for planting media, this white wooden piano can also be equipped with water accents that will appear more luxurious and of course become a unique and unusual focal point. This fountain accent will produce the splashing sound of water which will make your garden decoration more relaxed when you listen to it. Bounce this shower into the lower area with stone accents for a louder sound. White pianos turned into pots and fountains from architectureartdesigns.

A broken and unused piano can be turned into a unique and unusual garden decoration. You can repaint the exterior of this piano surface with deep black for a cleaner and more modern look. Choose several types of flowers to plant in this piano as a refresher accent, the combination of colors between flowers and the piano produces a beautiful color contrast and can blend well. Repaint piano turned into a garden pot from architectureartdesigns.

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Vintage Planter from Bicycle

Create a vintage garden using your old bicycle. It is a fantastic vintage themed garden design that you can easily apply. Put the bike against a tree trunk, and don’t forget to label the plants on the bicycle.

No need to worry when your damaged or unused bicycle becomes waste, turn it into a garden decoration that looks antique and unique. You can try turning it into a pot by applying flowers in the front basket and back basket. Let this antique bicycle stand firmly on the side of the garden so as not to disturb your space, as well as to prevent the bicycle from rolling over due to being touched by humans or animals. Antique bicycles turn into flower pots from balconygardenweb.

This old bicycle made of metal is perfect for changing its function into decorative items that will enhance your garden decoration. Apply various types of flowers to hang on the bicycle area which is considered to give a more beautiful appearance. For example, on the front and back of the bicycle, use the fiber pot type to make it easier to lay out because it has an elastic material and is not too stiff. This metal bicycle will withstand all weather changes in the outdoor because it has a sturdy material and is not easily porous. Metal bicycle with string flower pot from balconygardenweb.

Re-paint your old bike white for a newer and shiny look, the bike is repainted so you can plant any colored flowers for a more colorful garden look. Don’t just use one type of plant on this bike, you can use several types with different colors. When everything is neatly and properly arranged, place this potted bike in the garden area that is often visited or in the area around the seat as an antique sight that is rarely encountered. Repaint bike pots in garden decorations from balconygardenweb.

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Antique Teacup

A blooming garden is always great to see and makes everyone happy. Keep in mind that the degree of attractiveness relies on the sort of blossoms and how they are ordered. Get rid a couple of components that appear they “don’t have a place” in your garden.

Do you have some former teacups? Hang them on a particular area of your garden to make a surprising impact.

Turn all of the furniture as well as unused cutlery into a decorative garden decoration that saves money. For example, hanging teacup tiles on a tree branch that is often visited as an unusual sight. Choose teacup with a flower pattern to make it look more colorful and can be a focal point in this garden even though it is quite small in size. Hanging floral teacup from shabbyfufu.

Not only can teacup be used as a decorative item in your garden decoration, but also a few spoons that are hung not too far away. Hang this spoon in the area under the teacup to produce a sound when they are hit by the wind, this sound is one of the characteristics that is rarely used in some garden decorations so that your garden will have a more cheerful atmosphere and of course different from others. Garden decoration with teacup and spoon hanger from balconygardenweb.

Vintage garden decoration ideas can be your great solutions for the decoration of your garden. They will improve your garden and help you to make it even more stunning. So, which one of those ideas is your favorite?

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