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9 Vintage Garden Ideas That Will Improve Your Outdoor View

Garden becomes one of the most favorite places for everyone who wants to get fresh air and wonderfu…

Garden becomes one of the most favorite places for everyone who wants to get fresh air and wonderful scenery at their own house. Designing garden may not hard. When you love vintage thing, you can design your garden with classic elements.

Nowadays or years later, vintage garden is still applicable. Further, it is neither requires more budgets nor certain skill. See these vintage garden designs that may inspire you;

Vintage Garden With Plates

If you have many vintage plates that are not used anymore, you may take them as garden décor. Hang them on the garden fence. It will give different view for your garden but with no money to spend.

Design with Galvanized Pots

You may have old galvanized pot at your ware house or just buy it at the nearest store to design vintage garden. It only needs a bench made for old wood palette and arrange some galvanized pots there. you may add some bird houses as well.

Garden With Old Chair

Two dark wood old chairs are there to make you have warm conversation with your spouse. A vintage side table made form old bucket adds classic tone very well. Then, a wire basket that filled with some stones also gives another focal interest.

Garden With Old Ladder

Just put a ladder against the wall and arrange your flowers at it vertically. The use of old galvanized teapots as vases already tells more about vintage-inspired style. Both of these vintage elements give us classic garden tone perfectly.

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Old Bed Planter

If you wonder where you will put old industrial bed, you use it to decorate outdoor garden. Fill the bed with soils and fertilizer as much as needed and plant your favorite flower. Someone who loves flower will adore this idea.

Old Cart as Planter

Using old art as planter may look as common idea, but it will applicable for all season. Further, you are free to plant any kinds of flowers as you like.

Outstanding With Bike

Vintage garden with old bike will also become outstanding outdoor decor. Paint the bike with your most favorite color to have it more inviting. Then put a planter box whether at front or back part.

Vintage Garden with Birdcage

Old birdcage can be functions as flower planter as well. You may also plant herbs, cactus, or succulents. Hang this planter anywhere as you like.

Repurpose Old Window

This may looked as the easiest way to create vintage garden. You only need an old window and paint it with white color. Put against the wall and hang some pots vertically.

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