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9 Appealing Terraced Designs For Planters To Gain Sophisticated Outdoor View

Front yard or back yard is the best place to plant your favorite flowers, greenery, succulent, or e…

Front yard or back yard is the best place to plant your favorite flowers, greenery, succulent, or even cacti. Terraced design may become one of the most common planters that look attractive, net, and appealing.  It allows you to have more plants without make your outdoor look crowded. See these following ideas;

Sunken Outdoor Dining

Sunken Outdoor Dining


Terraced wooden planters will upgrade your porch beautifully. With outdoor dining seating that combined with bench and terraced planter is wonderful combination. Green plants look great but you may add flowers, succulents, or others.

Beautiful Contemporary Garden

Dreamy terraced planters that consist of combination of wood and concrete. The seating area above let the owner of this house enjoy the plants. Bamboo plants define your yard perfectly. More green plants will be much better.

Homes Curb Appeal

Define your curb appeal by applying terraced planters at your front yard. Plant some green plants to look fresh and natural. However, it is up to you to add other plants such as rose, lily, succulent, cacti, or more.

Gorgeous Garden With Terraced Planters

Design back yard with terraced planters looked as something excited. With the combination of wood and stone, this garden appears wonderful. See the flowers, outdoor sofa, even, red seating are in harmony to show comfy outdoor.

With Anchor Meadow Stone

If you are lucky with large outdoor area, terraced planters like the picture may look interesting. Feel free to add seating to enjoy evening. More plants will make this yard look awesome. How about you? Will you copy this style?

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More Natural Look

You need plenty of stones to build this super amazing terraced planter. Even, it seems like in heaven porch. Water, stones, and plants create great harmony. This is the best place to get more relaxing time and get back your mood.

Beautiful Traditional Patio

Backyard with traditional patio looks tremendous with terraced planters. Enjoy every time you like with your family at this area. Even the lounge comes to upgrade this backyard view.

Terraced Planters With Bricks

Here is again traditional garden with terraced planters that made form bricks. A seating area with wooden furniture also improves this garden look. Add more plants with flowers, cacti, and trees will look more adorable.

Balcony Terraced Planters

Do you live in a big city which doesn’t provide your more land? You can use the balcony. With wooden terraced planters you may create balcony garden with more green plants. Then, feel free to add seating area.







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