Simple Spring Kitchen Decoration for Your Home

Spring, the beautiful season when flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and bright colors are everywhere. You can add some simple spring decorations to your kitchen to have this vibe right in your kitchen!

Colors and Patterns

With bright shades like sunny yellow and green as the popular spring color, these shades will make your kitchen more cheerful. If you like pastels color, such as pink, blue, lilac, you can also try this sweet vintage touch. Have some floral patterns and stripes to add the modern feel or even polka dots for a nice vintage touch.

The pink color of the cabinets provides a welcome decoration for spring in this kitchen space. Moreover, this pink wall art gives a more special touch of spring decoration. You can combine it with a black backsplash and stainless steel for a neat kitchen look. To add a fresh impression you can put blooming flowers in a vase for the perfect kitchen design. Pink color cabinet from homebunch.

Featuring a green cabinet for kitchen decor, this is perfect for welcoming spring. Best of all, the vase greens also give off a fresh feel and create an interesting space. This matching chandelier also provides a beautiful light and creates the illusion of a spacious room. Combined with all-white nuances, this is an interesting room decoration idea for you to try. Green cabinet for spring kitchen from thespruce.

Display Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers will instantly bring the spring garden to your kitchen. Cut some flowers from your own garden and put them in a white vase. Tulip can be the perfect pop-out color, and it lasts for a week. Mix the tulip with some freesia for additional color.

Tulips are symbols of spring. You can put some tulips in a vase to make your kitchen look pretty and attractive. As a result, the pink color of the tulips gives a pop of color to the decor of this kitchen space. Tulips make the perfect pop-out color, and last for a week. Combined with a white cabinet with gold handles, it will make the room look elegant. Pink color tulips from digsdigs.

Combine yellow tulips with other yellow flowers to combine different types of flowers in the same harmony. These simple floral touches can be a great way to decorate a white themed kitchen too. You can add some cooking utensils that are hanging over the kitchen island for the perfect kitchen idea. This tulip color gives this room a pop of color. Yellow tulip on vases from digsdigs.

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Add a Colorful Kitchen Towel

You can buy some colorful kitchen towels that you can replace everyday. Patterned and colorful towels look so refreshing and pretty when they are hung in the kitchen, adding some nice spring colors. Besides, they are also functional.

Checkered kitchen towels in green and white. These simple kitchen towel decorations can convey a sense of spring. However, you can still put some flowers such as blooming flowers and greenery in a vase for stylish home design ideas that will steal the attention of many people. Adding a wire egg basket will also make a spring kitchen décor even more appealing. Checkered kitchen towels from digsdigs.

Large floral kitchen towels make your kitchen look decorative. Especially in this spring. Colorful decorations can be the best way to look cheerful. You can mix it with three stacked baking trays to complete your decor and you can add a few other ornaments for a stylish look. The pile of lemons in this kernajang also makes the perfect room decoration and will grab the attention of a large crowd. Large floral kitchen towel from digsdigs.

Add a Multi-level Tray and Greenery Pot

You can decorate your table or countertops with a multi-level tray filled with a vase of flowers and a pot of fresh greenery. The blooming branches of the plant and fresh flowers will bring the spring vibes to the room.

These decorative trays make some of the ultimate spring decoration spots in this kitchen. Moreover, some ornaments and sign writing make perfect decorations. Using this tray wood material, it has the perfect room decoration for you to try because it has a unique and inviting appearance. The greenery will give a fresh impression and bring a spring atmosphere into the room. Wooden tray from digsdigs.

Two terraced trays for decorating spring in the kitchen area with greenery and a flower. You can add ornaments and green plants to make it look cool. Blooming plant branches and fresh flowers will bring the atmosphere of spring into the room. You can place this tray on your countertop for an eye-catching kitchen decorating idea. Two terraced trays from digsdigs.

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Create a Seasonal Beverage Tray

As winter is identical with Christmas, Santa Claus, and spice latte, then spring is identical with Easter bunny. Put a bunny jar or ornaments with some hot chocolate powder, sugar, and mini chocolate in egg shape to bring fun around this tray.

The essence of decor in this kitchen can be simple with a tiered tray. You can arrange some greenery in ceramic cups and an easter bunny to decorate the trays. You can also add a spring themed text to complete the appearance of this tray. Having this design brings joy to your spring kitchen and will be the perfect focal point. Easter bunny on tray from digsdigs.

Beautiful multi-level tray with a hint of greenery and easter bunny. Not only that but it has a few other trappings and the “menu” inscription makes it look amazing. Using this stainless steel tray will create a unique room decor for you to try. Placing on this kitchen table is an interesting kitchen decorating idea and becomes the focus of the kitchen. stainless steel tray with easter bunny from digsdigs.

As spring is a beautiful and colorful season, there are tons of ideas to bring the season to your kitchen. You can choose whatever that fits your taste and even add your own ideas to enjoy this beautiful season.


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