Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse style has been a trend for the past few years. The rustic warm feeling combined with the minimal yet functional items found in this design has been many people’s favorite. The style is for those who aspire to embrace a casual yet productive lifestyle. 

The warm vibe this style radiates is perfect for rooms where family, friends, or guests gather like a living room or kitchen. Not to mention, farmhouse design itself can be combined with a wide variety of styles. As a starter, try these modern farmhouse kitchen ideas!

1. Utilize Neutral Colors

Commonly, kitchens with farmhouse style are light and airy. Thus, the kitchens are usually designed to let the natural light sneak easily inside the kitchen. However, not every kitchen needs to have this model. Using a neutral palette as the base colors of your kitchen will give the same feelings you would get with natural lights. Therefore, opt for lighter hues of whites or gray. You could also pick gray or navy. 

Avoid using flashy colors in farmhouse kitchen decorations to display a room that looks more neutral and natural, white being one of the best color choices that you can apply in your current kitchen decor. Paint the entire kitchen room with a splash of white, leaving the wooden countertop made of shabby wood as a blend of room color tones that can blend easily and perfectly. White farmhouse kitchen with shabby wooden countertop from shelterness.

White with gray is a perfect color combination when decorating a modern farmhouse-style room. You can try light gray in the kitchen cabinet area, while white can be tried on the countertop and tile backsplash which have a cleaner and shiny surface. Cover a little part of the wooden floor with a runner rug with a splash of color that matches the color tone of the kitchen you are currently decorating. White with gray farmhouse kitchen from shelterness.

The next color choice that you can apply in the farmhouse kitchen is pastel green which has a softer color impression and is certainly very suitable when combined with wood accents on the floor and countertop. To add another color to the farmhouse kitchen decoration, place a small green plant using a transparent glass vase that is placed near the glass window so that it can grow and develop well and fertile. Pastel green color farmhouse kitchen from shelterness.

If you have a kitchen with limited space, then the use of an interior that is dominated by white is the best decoration idea that you can easily apply. In addition, the white color is also very suitable when applied to a modern farmhouse kitchen which is perfected with a shiny gold cabinet holder. Wooden accents on kitchen poles and floating shelves are the best interiors that you can try without having to spend a lot of money. Farmhouse kitchen interior in white from shelterness.

If you have used kitchen cabinets in gray, then the next splash of color that you can combine is a splash of white that is tried on the backsplash, floating shelves and glass window frames with a size large enough. Both of these colors have neutral color tones so they don’t damage the elegance of the modern farmhouse kitchen decor. The pendant lamp is the right lighting that can be hung in an empty ceiling area. Gray kitchen cabinet with white interior from shelterness.

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2. Use Natural Materials

Natural materials are essential elements in farmhouse design. Woods are typically used too. In your kitchen, opt for woods countertops or cabinets. Other materials like laminate will make your kitchen looks too modern and lose its warm touch. Soapstone would be an ideal option if you have a white cabinet. It is invulnerable of stains, hot kitchen utensils are not a problem for this material, and more importantly, it is smooth and just beautiful.

A modern farmhouse kitchen will look natural if you use natural materials on some of the interiors in it, including the use of furniture. The natural material that is easily available is wood. Wood will give a warm atmosphere to your modern kitchen so that the feel of a farmhouse will be more pronounced. Not only on the furniture, you can also give a touch of wood on the floor which will add to the warmth of your modern farmhouse kitchen. Wooden kitchen furniture and interiors from onekindesign.

Use wooden cabinets that are given a white paint finish to create a maximum modern farmhouse kitchen atmosphere, you can apply this idea easily without having to spend a lot of money. An all-white room will never go out of style, because the color is neutral and very easy to mix and match with other interiors around it. If your kitchen cabinets are white, then the use of natural wood floors is the perfect combination that you can try. Wooden kitchen cabinets repainted in white from onekindesign.

To include elements of a farmhouse in your modern kitchen, try using wood accents on some of the furniture that is used. For example, giving a transparent shiny finish to the kitchen island, so your modern kitchen will get a new focal point. In addition, using a transparent finish also gives a touch of art from wood fibers that look natural. Wooden kitchen island with glossy finish from onekindesign.

Wood accents will indeed remain the choice for many people, a natural impression will radiate when you use wood elements for modern farmhouse kitchen decorations. Glossy laminated wood floors will make it easier for you to take care of them. To produce a spacious look in a modern farmhouse kitchen, it is enough to coat it with white paint on the interior, such as the kitchen island, kitchen cabinets, walls and ceiling. Wooden floor with furniture painted white from onekindesign.

Wood is not always used for outdoor furniture, but you can also use a wooden kitchen pantry with teak wood without re-polishing. This kitchen pantry will look more farmhouse when opened. You can apply other wood materials through the use of a kitchen island and kitchen doors that have been repainted using neutral colors of choice. Wooden kitchen pantry storage from onekindesign.

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3. Add Vintage Accents

With vintage accents, you can add your personality to the farmhouse kitchen. Items like galvanized metals, farmhouse vignettes, white dishes, or your favorite vintage apron front can make your kitchen more personal and unique. 

There is nothing wrong with using a hanging galvanized metal pendant lamp in your modern farmhouse kitchen decoration, this lamp besides being lighting also adds a vintage impression that can blend with your current kitchen style. The appearance of the glossy outer surface makes it look more luxurious without being excessive, you can try it now with more than one number to maximize the lighting in this kitchen. Hanging galvanized metal pendant lamp from decorpad.

A weathered galvanized lamp that hangs just above the kitchen island is a smart lighting idea and is perfect when combined with a modern farmhouse kitchen style. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also enhance the existence of this chandelier with a glass terrarium under the lamp as a room decorative item that both has a vintage feel and style. You can try it easily without having to spend a lot of money. Combination of weathered galvanized lamp with glass terrarium from thespruce.

Take advantage of some of the empty kitchen walls to put some white plates of different sizes to serve as vintage accents that can complete the modern farmhouse kitchen decor. You can use open shelving to place these plates so that they can be seen more clearly, add a barrier in this area of ​​the shelf to minimize plates falling to the floor and causing them to break. White plate decorative items from thespruce.

If you have several floating wooden shelves in your kitchen decor, then you can use them as an area to put some white plates that are stacked and vertically arranged. Not only plates, but a few glasses and bowls also complete the look of your plain wall. Some of these ceramic cutlery can be used as room decorations that seem vintage and easy to get at kitchen supply stores. Stacked white plates on a floating rack from thespruce.

This modern kitchen, dominated by white and wood accents, gives a farmhouse vignettes vibe that never fails and doesn’t go out of style. You can sprinkle this white color starting from the ceiling, walls and some other furniture such as a kitchen island and a dining table surrounded by iron chairs painted in dark colors. The transparent glass window makes this kitchen decoration more open so that it seems wider and free. Kitchen farmhouse vignettes dominated in white from thespruce.

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There are some other things that can be added to modern farmhouse kitchens such as white brick backsplash, wood flooring, or lantern pendant lights. However, these three ideas above would already make your modern kitchen fantastic!


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