How to Transform a Property into Your Dream Place- Things to do!

Your home interior depicts your style and personality. Do you want to make it classy and welcoming? Obviously, yes! But it’s not only about aesthetics alone. You need to add a comfort factor as well. 

To transform it completely, it needs creativity and dedication. However, hiring a professional sometimes costs you a lot of money. So, what is the other way round? We have come up with the guide to transform your place into a house that you always dreamt about. 

Let’s begin to make your dream a reality!

First things first, let’s talk about sprucing the aesthetics.

Conceal the design flaws – It is not news that some construction or design glitches are in the house. If you find that these flaws have no solution, then you can decorate them. For example – some superficial cracks are not structurally significant. Still, you don’t want it to diminish the value of your property. In this case, you can use things like painting or covering them up with the wallpaper. This will cover the cracks and other similar flaws.

Keep wooden furniture shiny – Wooden furniture needs cleaning regularly. To maintain its luster, wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Ensure that the fabric is not overly soaked. Otherwise, the wood will get saturated. A gentle solution of water and mild dishwashing soap will do the needful. 

Change fixtures – Change the doorknobs, cabinet handles, faucets to align the style with your room aesthetics. It is a fruitful yet straightforward method to give new life to your abode. This upgrade will indeed have a significant impact on the visitors. 

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Reuse the old jewelry – Do you often throw away the old jewelry or broken brooches? Now you can reuse them and turn them into stylish home decor. How to do that? Firstly, remove a clasp from the back of it. Then, stick a magnet on the back of the brooches or jewelry. In this way, you can use them by sticking them on the refrigerator. This will add a touch of class to the fridge.

Accessorize it: You can add vases and shiny trinkets. You can add as many things according to your budget or as the season changes. The options are plenty, ranging from houseplants, artful displays to rugs and mirrors. Just opt for the options that are in line with your home design. 

Add fragrance – What is better than the feeling of good fragrance coming from your house? You can add new scents or essential oils. Lavender, lemon, these are the scents, to name a few. Eucalyptus leaves can also do wonders in spreading the fragrance. They emit pleasant smells. So, you can put some eucalyptus leaves in the vase. 

Moreover, aroma candles or candle jars are yet another aesthetically pleasing choice and help you freshen up your home with the touch of these fragrances. 

Time for some drama: Why not create drama and intrigue along with the designing? Confused, what are we talking about? Here it goes! If you want a dramatic and glamorous look for your place, you can stick the dark wallpapers. You can follow the boho style or monochrome style. The styles are never-ending. Therefore, select the glamorous one and appeal to the visitors with the drama.

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Make it bloom with flowers: It is time for the finishing touch now.

This is a simple strategy yet effective one. Whenever you come across the pictures on the websites, you will notice that each one has many colorful flowers on display. Because these floral arrangements make a great finishing touch, so don’t forget to create an impeccable floral arrangement in your house. This will add instant charm and make your property more inviting. 

Sprucing up your abode with these things helps in increasing and maintaining its value. You don’t want your property to lose its value over time, right? Hence, spruce it up in the best way you can!

But hang on! 

You spruced up the aesthetics, but what about the comfort factor. So the next step here is to make your house comfortable. Let us begin!

HVAC system – The heating, cooling, and ventilation system regulates the temperature of the whole house. Good quality air conditioning inside ensures that you lead a comfortable life even when there is scorching heat outside.

Also, you might be well aware that to keep a comfortable space, proper cooling is necessary. But how to maintain it? That’s where air compressors come into the picture. Not only do they have a part to play in the cooling process, but they also ensure that your unit is working effectively without any hindrances. In other words, when it moves the refrigerant between evaporator and condenser coil, you get the sense of cool air around your abode.

Now coming to the heating part, you can install a boiler or furnace in the central location of the furnace room. All in all, a good HVAC system in a home is a must to ensure the best indoor air quality. 

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Comfort with the fireplace – Fireplace adds more to the comfort factor. It is not wrong to say that a fireplace is the heart of the home. You can sip your coffee around it, read a book, and ultimately enjoy a peaceful time. Additionally, you can adorn the fireplace with different ideas and make it a focal point of your home. Your guests will love gathering around it and have some chit-chat.

To sum it all up

Now that you know the tricks and hacks to transform your property, it is time to execute the tips mentioned above. With these, you can definitely take the decorations to the next level. There is no hurry, so put in your best efforts. You can take the help of different magazines and articles to get tips for transforming your home the way you desire. In the end, you can call it proudly that you have transformed it in your way. 

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus.

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