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Inspiring Scandinavian Interior Design Hacks for Your Bedroom

From wood furniture to attractive decor ideas, jazz up your plain bedroom with these inspiring Scandinavian bedroom interior design hacks.

As the most personal area in the house, the bedroom must, of course, be arranged as attractive as possible. So, for those of you who like simple and functional designs, the Scandinavian style is certainly the most suitable choice. Then follow the guide below to find out interior design hacks for a Scandinavian bedroom.

1. Choose Light Wood Furnishings

Because the Scandinavian style is identical with natural elements, add some wooden furniture while designing your bedroom. However, it should be noted that Scandinavian design always presents an airy and spacious impression. So, avoid using wood furniture that looks too heavy. Switch to the one that has a lighter and sleeker look.

Start by using a minimalist wooden night stand to bring a Scandinavian style to your bedroom. With wooden accents, you will get a warm impression in your bedroom. Its minimalist appearance certainly won’t take up too much space. Choose a wood type and material that is not too dark, such as light brown. Light brown minimalist furniture from home-designing.

You can also use a small, multifunctional wooden stool as a night stand. In addition to placing items on top of the wooden bench, it is also able to store valuables such as jewelry and other important documents, because it is equipped with a pull-out drawer as a multifunctional addition. Re-paint all wood furniture white for a cleaner look. Repaint wooden furniture from home-designing.

2. Play with Soft Colours

Although Scandinavian style often uses neutral colors like white for walls. And then you can still build this atmosphere by adding some soft colors like light blue, beige, brown, and pastel.

In a bedroom, you can use several colors so that your bedroom is not boring. In order to still get a calm and comfortable impression you need soft colors, for example by using a light blue and white combination so that there is still a Scandinavian style in it. You can divide using painting tape to create neat lines and borders so that it is comfortable to look at. Combination of blue with white wall paint from home-designing.

You can also use easy and simple ways to be able to present a color combination that is suitable for a Scandinavian style bedroom. Use a color blocking method on one part of the wall, for example, to combine your all-white bedroom with Tosca green. Select one side that you want to color this Tosca green and use white on the rest of the wall. Combination of white wall paint with Tosca green from home-designing.

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3. Add Decorative Mirror as Accent

Scandinavian style is also synonymous with the use of a mirror as an accent. Aside from having a functional side, a mirror can also make a small bedroom look more spacious. You can use a wall mirror or free-standing mirror to enhance your bedroom look. Also, consider the shape of the mirror you want to use. For example, the one with a round or rectangular shape.

To make your Scandinavian bedroom look more spacious, you can try using a large mirror mounted on the wall with a touch of gold on the frame. The illusion obtained from the mirror will make your bedroom look spacious and will make the room brighter because the light is perfectly reflected throughout the room. Some of the lights in this room complement the room at night. Hanging mirror with gold frame from homedit.

Not always by installing it on the wall or rather beside the fireplace, you can also use a mirror that is only propped against one of the walls of your room. An all-white room will look more elegant if you apply a large mirror that uses a black wooden frame. Its large shape will make the room look brighter because of the light reflection from this mirror. Standing mirror beside the fireplace from homedit.

4. Use Natural Lighting

If you have some extra budget to remodel your bedroom, try to increase the size of your windows. That’s because the Scandinavian style emphasizes natural lighting to make the room look airier and more spacious.

To get maximum light for your Scandinavian room, try to use a large window. Feel free to use multiple windows in one bedroom. Also use windows that can be opened or closed according to your needs so that not only get natural lighting, you can also get fresh air at any time. Large glass window from homedit.

You can also install transparent glass windows that face the garden so that you will always get the natural freshness of the greenery outside the room. The room is completely white, if you add a large window, it will make your bedroom look spacious and bright. In order to get a natural impression, you can also add wooden furniture, besides that wood furniture will make the bedroom not boring. Transparent glass windows from homedit.

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5. Place Some Indoor Plants

To build a strong Scandinavian statement, put some indoor plants in your bedroom. Also, choose houseplants that need very minimal care such.

This all-white room in a Scandinavian style will look boring if it is not combined with other ornaments. Add green accents that are placed in several different places such as in the cabinet area and as windowsill. in the room for a quiet and comfortable combination. For that, try using green plants in pots so that you always get natural freshness. Put some green plants in pots to make it more leverage. Greenery windowsill from homedit.

Put green plants in pots into the bedroom so that you always get natural freshness at all times. You can use plants that are easy to care for, for example with ivory betel that does not require large media and complicated care. Just place it in front of the bedroom window so that you always get an adequate supply of sunlight at all times. Indoor betel ivory from homedit.

Finally, here are 5 Scandinavian bedroom hacks that you should not miss, especially for those who are beginners. 

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