Stylish Design Themes for Small Apartments

A small apartment should not be limited just because of its tiny space. Special themes for small space décor will make any apartment pop. From specific colors to unique designs, themes give your small apartment a character, making it more attractive.

What themes can you apply to a small apartment? Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Industrial Theme

Industrial design stays as one of the most popular small apartment themes. The contrast between modern elements and rustic materials make this theme a favorite among apartment owners. You can adopt industrial elements in a sleeker interior for a fresh look.

Industrial designs are a popular design to use in your apartment. Especially for designing this living room. With a design like this, your room will look modern and perfect. Choosing a brick wall and a white nuance will add a natural balance to your room. An industrial touch also comes to the metal coffee table which you can mix with the soft sofa and ottoman. Brick wall and metal coffee table from decoist.

An apartment with an industrial theme is the right choice. With this theme, your room will look fresher and masculine. Exposed concrete walls give the industry’s best look, complemented by colorful abstract paintings that will give this decoration a pop of color. This wood and metal scheme will adhere to the living room, making for the perfect decor. Industrial theme small apartment from decoist.

2. Dark Theme

Dark colors create a deep, intense look in a small apartment. Don’t be afraid to use black and gray as the main color schemes. The key is to provide a proper light source for your apartment, such as large windows or several lighting fixtures on strategic spots.

One of the colors that is suitable for use in your apartment room is a dark color. As in the picture above, using black for the living room will look attractive. It is equipped with a heringbone wood floor which will give this apartment a bright color. The large window will send pouring sunlight into the room which will give this room a spacious and bright impression. Black color small apartment from home-designing.

One other dark color that suits your apartment is gray. With gray combined with black, your modern bedroom will look elegant. Equipped with black furniture and potted green plants, it will give the room a fresh and natural impression. The large windows in this room will create a bright room decoration and will create the illusion of a spacious room. Gray color scheme bedroom from home-designing.

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3. Artsy Theme

Turn your apartment into an “art gallery” by creating an artsy theme. Provide a special spot to showcase artworks, from framed illustrations to plate mosaics. You can play with colors and patterns on the pillows, cushions, rugs, and other soft surfaces.

Using paintings to decorate the walls of the apartment is the right choice. With this wall decoration, your room will look attractive. You can place several paintings of different sizes framed to make the perfect room decoration. You can complement with a gray sofa and some patterned cushions to create a warm decoration for the room. This tree-cut coffee table will make an attractive room decor. Flower painting above sofa from housebeautiful.

One way to beautify your apartment space, you can put some art decorations on the wall above your sofa. With this decoration your room will look attractive. You can combine it with a yellow sofa and some patterned cushions for the perfect room decoration idea. Equipped with a metal wall lamp, it will provide perfect lighting. Wall art above your sofa from bhg.

4. White Theme

White theme is still a favorite among apartment owners, thanks to the popularity of trends like decluttering and Scandinavian design. You can stick with smart furniture to save extra space in the apartment. Break the whiteness a little bit with splashes of colors but let the white dominates the space.

Using a white living room design is a great choice for your apartment. Combine it with black accents for some furniture. With this design and theme it will make your room bright and perfect. This unique pendant lamp and large windows provide the right lighting and will give a bright and spacious room. This white ottoman, coffee table and white sofa make for the perfect decoration of the room. White living room with black accents from home-designing.

Using white wall paint and a black sofa for a small apartment is the right choice. Apart from that, this storage rack provides the best view for this living room. You can also add a nesting coffee table to complement the perfect room decor. A few potted weed plants will provide a seamless eclectic environment and have a natural feel. White wall and black sofa from roohome.

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5. Nature Theme

There are several ways you can create a nature theme in an apartment. You can install potted plants (or attach vertical gardens on the wall). Install an artwork with nature as the main object.

A minimalist vertical garden is very suitable for use in your apartment room. A vertical garden will make your room natural and fresh. You can add a vertical garden on one of the dining room walls to give it a pretty look. You can also add orchids in a vase on the table to give the room a fresh and natural feel. Vertical garden and orchid on vases from decoist.

If you want to have a nature-themed room in the apartment, you can install a minimalist vertical garden. As in the picture above, installing a vertical garden in a small living room will make your room attractive. You can place this plant on the fireplace for a fresh and natural-looking room decor. You can complete the room decoration with storage to make your room tidier. Vertical garden on small living room from decoist.

Picking a specific theme for small space décor will give your apartment a standout look. Turn a humble studio apartment into a beautiful residence with a themed decoration.

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