Get More Bedroom Storage: 15 Tips to Start

Is your bedroom small? Yet, do you still need more bedroom storage? Perhaps you think it’s impossible, but there are doable tips and tricks to win this mission. We’ve rounded up the most-picked ideas that’ll hopefully help you organize as well as finding unexpected ways to get the most of your bedroom space.

1. Take Advantage of Under-Bed Baskets

If your current bed has empty spaces, placing several under-bed storage drawers and boxes can make for a pretty functional solution in a tiny room. Go for cute woven baskets, for instance, to accommodate your extension cords, old textbooks, shoes, or winter essentials.

If you have a bedroom decoration with limited space, then you can use the space under the bed as an extra storage idea that is more effective and efficient. You can use a rattan wicker basket as a storage container that looks more DIY and natural. This container can be used to put some small items so they can be found easily when needed. DIY wicker basket under the bed from homebnc.

Multifunctional beds are loved by many people because they really save your floor space while decorating the bedroom. Under this bed there are some empty cubbies that you can complete with a wicker basket. In the cubbies section that is not filled with a basket, you can use it to store some of your favorite books. Multifunctional bed with storage underneath from hative.

Do you have a bed decoration with a limited floor area? If so, then you can use a wooden bed that is equipped with built-in storage underneath. Woven baskets are the best storage helper option that you can try. With this storage basket, your bedroom will be neater and avoid clutter. Floral bedding makes the texture of the room more beautiful and feminine. Built-in storage with wicker basket from hative.

2. Place Oversized Mirrors

Everyone must have known how a mirror enhances the look and breadth of a particular room in an instant. An oversized bedroom mirror can cheat your vision impressively, but you can also go for small mirrors above each nightstand instead.

Mirrors are one of the accents that must be in your bedroom decor to check your appearance before leaving the room. The sliding barn door mirror in this room will seem more multifunctional and of course very suitable for decorating a limited room. Let this wooden door appear more natural without being repainted. Sliding barn door mirror from homebnc.

You can place this standing mirror which is enhanced with a silver frame behind the nightstand so it doesn’t interfere with your movement while in this room. This standing mirror will be an important interior that will reflect sunlight or light throughout the room evenly and thoroughly so that it looks brighter throughout the day. Standing mirror with silver frame from homebnc.

Take advantage of the top surface of the wooden nightstand as an idea to show off some ornaments and decorations that beautify the bedroom decor to the maximum. For example, flower vases, small statues, and mirrors with beautiful and classic carved frames. This nightstand is also equipped with storage underneath so that it becomes more multifunctional furniture. Small mirror with carved frame from hgtv.

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3. Take in the Power of a Murphy bed

Speaking of bed, by the way, you can try changing or installing a murphy bed that’ll work fantastically to contribute extra room once flipped up during the day. After you’ve done your activities, simply pull it down to sleep, and a night of comfy sleep is finally underway.

To free up more of your floor space in the bedroom decoration, then you can use a single murphy bed that is equipped with wall hangings when this bed is going to be used. Murphy bed is very suitable for decorating bedrooms with limited space, combine blue with white to dominate the room so that it presents a beautiful coastal feel. Single murphy bed from homedesignlover.

The murphy bed design which is equipped with open vertical shelves on the right and left sides is a smart furniture idea that you can use in a minimalist bedroom. This Murphy bed becomes more effective and efficient multifunctional furniture. Shutter window becomes a source of sunlight that you can use automatically to help to light in the room. Murphy bed with built-in storage from homedesignlover.

Your space in the bedroom will be more comfortable and functional when you use the right furniture, for example, you can use a twin murphy bed without taking up a lot of floor space. You can fold this murphy bed design to the top after you are done using it to sleep at night. In the middle of this twin murphy bed, there is a wardrobe that you can use as well as possible. Twin murphy bed from homedesignlover.

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4. Consider a Utilitarian Headboard

Consider upgrading your headboard into a utilitarian headboard that’ll do double duty as a headboard and storage at the same time. Most of them are designed in a sophisticated structure and suit any bedroom space.

So that your headboard design is more useful, then you can choose this headboard with built-in vertical storage shelves that look more multifunctional and useful as a whole. Use this open shelf to store some of your favorite books that often accompany your night when you go to bed. This bed as well as the headboard is made of melamine wood so it is more modern and shiny. Built-in vertical storage rack from realhomes.

This single bed equipped with open storage in the headboard is one of the bedroom furniture that is multifunctional and seems more effective and efficient. You can use this bed in decorating a child’s bed to make it seem more minimalist and modern. Storage in the headboard area can be applied to the side and front. Multifunctional headboard storage from realhomes.

Choose and use double useful furniture in your bed decoration by starting from a bed equipped with a wooden slate headboard equipped with a storage area in it. This storage is also equipped with a sliding door that has a size that is not too large. The top surface of this headboard can be used as a storage idea for several frames and table lamps. Wooden slate headboard storage from realhomes.

5. Have a Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelf

Satisfy your love for books and read every night before sleep by a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf stood nearby your headboard. It’s time to sleep next to a giant collection of pieces of literature.

Take advantage of the walls of your bedroom as a built-in bookshelf which is highly recommended for minimalist room decor. You can install this bookshelf in the wall area near the window so that the books you store are not easily damp because they get enough sunlight during the day. Choose and use melamine wood for a smoother and shiny surface. Built-in bookshelf beside the window from onekindesign.

Match the color of the wooden bookshelf installed in the bedroom decor with the wall paint color to harmonize the color tone of the room which is so elegant, white is one of the colors of choice for the final result of a room that looks wider and cleaner. You can try installing this shelf right next to the bed to make it easier for you when taking or storing books that will be read at night. Wooden bookshelf beside the bed from decoist.

Standing wooden bookshelf that is installed right behind the bed is a beautiful sight that can be used as a multifunctional headboard that will be of better use. Install this bookshelf from floor to ceiling to store more books you have. Use the iron ladder to pick up the book on the top shelf. In addition to storing books, this open shelf can also be used to put some room decorations that beautify the bedroom decor perfectly. Standing wooden bookshelves from decoist.

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Hopefully, the five tips to get more bedroom storage above can help you achieve the mission!


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